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Its Your Sex Life! By: Jennifer Butterfield


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Its Your Sex Life! By: Jennifer Butterfield

  1. 1. Website: Founders: Kaiser Family Foundation and MTVOnline website since 2010Campaign since 1997
  2. 2.  Started with HIV/AIDS awareness Lead to awareness about teen pregnancy and getting checked for STI’s Website gives teens information about safe sex and how to have conversations with partners Opens teenagers’ eyes to what all is involved with sex Using Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant as shows to inform teens about the responsibilities that go along with being a teen mom and having sex at a young age
  3. 3. Gives teens an opportunity to learn about theconsequences of sexAids in helping teens with the tough conversationsVery unbiased because it is there to give teensinformation and help in a non-discriminatory wayVery informative for people that need information aboutsex, getting tested, and relationship conversationsStays up to date with the way that society is moving intoa lot of teen pregnanciesHelps to reduce STI’s and teen pregnancy by makingpeople aware
  4. 4.  The founders of the group seem to be very reliable since they have a lot of information backing up the campaign They are just trying to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and other STI’s They have been doing PSAs (public service announcements) since 1997 MTV helped to bring it more mainstream and that way people are more aware of the campaign and what all is involved
  5. 5. It gives statistics about teen pregnancies, STIs, andrelationshipsIt gives cues to help teens start a conversationabout sex and condomsIt gives information about where to go and whatquestions you should ask at a clinicIt has a discussion board about different topics forteens to write onIt gives a ton of information about getting testedand being safe
  6. 6.  One discussion board post: “Okay, I like having sex. My current boyfriend HATES wearing condoms. I dont like them either... but im not on birth control or anything. We use the "pull out" technique. I really dont know what to do because my dad doesnt know im having sex, so i cant really talk to him about birth control without it being very awkward. He already hates my boyfriend, if he knew we were having sex, he would never trust me around him again. Can someone help me?” People wrote in and gave advice and helped this person through their problem.
  7. 7. Statistics about STI’s 1 in 2 sexually active young people will get an STI by age 25 and won’t know itGives cues about how to talk to your partnerabout safe sex
  8. 8.  Now with MTV, IYSL has become more public and during commercial breaks for Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant there is a PSA There is more awareness of this campaign and has impacted a lot of people They are gaining more informational resources for teens to view Get music artists like Boys Like Girls to stand behind the campaign Schools are bringing it in to give teens more information
  9. 9. I believe that this is a very useful site for teens to getinformation and gain knowledgeI think that it would be useful for anyone that issexually active because people don’t always know thefacts or have a hard time talking about thingsFor people my age I think that it could be useful if theyare just going through sex or are gaining new/differentsex partnersThis site has so much knowledge and information thatit is very useful for people of any ageParents could use this to give statistics and informationto their teens
  10. 10.  I gained a lot of new information from IYSL that I did not know before I realized how important it is for teens to know the facts after reading some of them It also supports my belief that sex education should not be abstinence based since there is so much information out there that teens are missing out on
  11. 11. Gives facts about STIs which were alarming: Gave a chart about each STI and what will happen and what it is like The discussion board was really nice because teensthat are too scared to talk to friends, parents, or otherscan ask everyone for some advice anonymouslyThere is a very detailed chart about different birthcontrol methods and if it works or does not work andwhat it is 
  12. 12.  IYSL » Its Your Sex Life. MTV. Web. 18 Feb. 2011. <>.