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Sierra butler theory


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Sierra butler theory

  1. 1. Behaviorism Author: Sierra B.
  2. 2.  What is Behaviorism? Albert Bandura How is behavior implemented? In my classroom?Menu The end
  3. 3.  A theory that defines behavior as a response to a stimuliWhat is Behaviorism?
  4. 4.  Clean Slate ◦ Learners begin as passive ◦ Behavior is formed through positive or negative reinforcementWhat is Behaviorism?
  5. 5. • Observational Learning (Modeling) • Albert Bandura also believed that behavior influences the environment as well  Learners recreate what they previously observed  Famous for Bobo Doll StudyAlbert Bandura
  6. 6.  Observational Learning (Modeling) ◦ Bobo Doll Study  Some children observed a woman hitting and kicking the bobo doll and some did not  Later, children were placed in a room with the same doll  Those who observed the violent acts recreated the actions, while the others did notAlbert Bandura
  7. 7.  Teachers and Behaviorism ◦ Under Behaviorism teachers act as the model ◦ They demonstrate and teach what is to be learned by the students ◦ Teachers also use behaviorism to reinforce desired behaviorHow is Behaviorism implemented?
  8. 8.  Students and Behaviorism ◦ Students act as the learners (observers) ◦ The students behavior is shaped by the positive or negative reinforcement from the teacherHow is Behaviorism implemented?
  9. 9. • Technology • Behaviorism can be applied to teaching students the use of technology and learning • They will be able to implement technology into their assignments more efficientlyIn my classroom
  10. 10.  Discipline ◦ I will demonstrate what is good behavior and follow up with positive reinforcement such as adding extra activities they are interested in ◦ For negative reinforcement bad behavior will not be acknowledgedIn my classroom
  11. 11.  Sources ◦ 18 ◦ ◦ http://www.learning- End