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South African Butler Academy

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Butler Training Brochure

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  2. 2. A Butler is trained for Private Households, Estates, Hotels,Cruise Liners, Jets, and Luxury Establishments whereattention to detail; intelligently executed, anticipatory, andalmost invisible service are expected and appreciated:The South African Butlers Academy Training essentiallyencompasses superb butler theory in conjunction witheach practical session.Our Trainers - certified by the SA Butlers Guild - arerecognized by Leading Resorts, Hotels , Private Airlines andSuperior Private Homes across the world!More recently by British Petroleum South Africa as a Butlertraining institute who is one of the leading ButlerAcademies worldwide.The Butler Academy travels the world - training Resorts andHotels establishing the best relationship between SABA andthe international hospitality.
  3. 3. At the South African Butler Academy we pride ourselvesin combining traditional butler etiquette with moderntraining methods.This of course depends on your position, but being aButler nowadays is very much a managerial, almostexecutive occupation.After all, the Butler is responsible for just about everythingthat is happening (or not happening) in and around thehouse.You could be hiring, training and instructing personnel.Strictly speaking the Butler is not responsible for thegardener(s) and the chauffeur(s), but more often thannot, they are also his responsibility.Usually the Butler is not in charge of nannies. Most Butlersconsider this a perk.The Butler manages and administers the householdbudget. He or she takes care of any house guests andalso might prepare the guest room with flowers, towels,fruit, drinks or whatever.The Butler deals with contractors or any other outsidepersonnel, supervising their work.
  4. 4. The South African Butler Academy provides some of the worldsgrandest employment opportunities to our Butlers. Our successdepends on gaining a thorough understanding of the culture,needs and goals of the household.We then tailor job – descriptions with our clients that are true,honest effective and marketable. Our goal is to attract thecream of the private employment market.Training is just as important as Employment; we at the SouthAfrican Butler Academy strive for the highest placement rates inorder to offer an all inclusive package to you as our new SABAStudent.Once training is completed and you are employed we offerand open door policy at the Butler Academy we become yournew “Butler Family”.Our commitment is to help clients and candidates navigatesuccessfully through periods of employment and training.The Butler Academy sits on the board of executive companiesin South Africa making decisions on ways to better thehospitality industry for guests travelling to South Africa.The South African Butler Academy hosts a course dedicated tothe “True Art of Service” In South Africa we can offer more andgive “Excellent Service” to all our students and clients.
  5. 5. SABA welcomes students of all ages, from 18 – 60+,both Locally & Internationally, all Cultures, Religions& Nationalities. SABA is a member of FEDHASA andan Internationally Affiliation for Butler Training.Matric Certificate or equivalentNo Criminal RecordMedically fitPassion for “service excellence”The South African Butler Academy credential is anABTI, Advance Butler Training InternationalCertificate. Excellent Training awaits you with aassurance of success!The SABA team comprises of the world’s mostexperienced and exceptional Butlers. Whothemselves have received the highest level ofinternational training, have lived extraordinaryButling lives and who are now more than capableof handing down their extensive knowledge andexpertise to a diverse group of Butler Trainees.The Butler Academy Team comprises ofinternational trainers and real working Butlers whoshare their expertise with you! Training isconducted both at the Academy and propertiesacross South Africa as well as Yachts and LuxuryJets.
  6. 6. The Butler Academy provides a customized Butler Training Program for Resorts, Lodges & Hotels.Recently the Butler Academy trained the prestigious Regent Bali, Kempinsky Saudi Arabia, The One & OnlyMaldives, Fancourt South Africa and Table Bay Hotel Cape Town.
  7. 7. All subjects are related to Butler Training & Resort ButlersInternationally affiliated and Member of FEDHASAUpon completion you will receive International recognition as a Qualified Butler
  8. 8. Newton CrossFounding member and Principal; SABA Trainer andInternational Hotel Butler Trainer. With his extensive resumeNewton Cross has travelled the world obtaining internationalButler experience and trained in England as a professionalButler.As the esteemed Principal of the South African ButlerAcademy, Newton Cross is the model exemplary of graceand style, with a wholehearted passion for serviceexcellence.Being a Butler is not only what he is… it is WHO he is! As ahighly qualified, widely travelled and vastly experiencedCelebrity Butler, Newton has only the best of personal andprofessional attributes to contribute and instill in his traineeButlers. Newton’s enthusiastic manner with students, staff,exclusive establishment and elite clients alike have earnedhim renowned acclaim and respect both locally andinternationally.He is most certainly a proud ambassador for service whopromotes and celebrates the world of Butling in all that hedoes and to all whom he encounters.Newton was the Butlerto Ms. Uma Thurman, President Clinton, Carly Simon, JohnCleese, Oprah Winfrey, Shania Twain, Michael Schumacher,Nelson Mandela , Thabo Mbeki and President Bush Sr.among others.
  9. 9. In order to maintain modern standards the latest technology and softwaretraining is provided and updated continuously.The Art of Butler ServiceThe multifaceted role of the Butler, both traditional and modernHotel ButlerBush ButlerHousehold ManagementStaff ManagementInterviewing skillsEtiquette and International ProtocolPersonal presentationAttention to detailAnticipation / Arrival /DepartureValet skills including packing of suitcases, concierge and the worldof travelEvent planningThe Dining Room and the laying of tables, The Art of Table Service,The Ballet of Service, Setting the Stage, Event Planning, Tray Service,Dining Diplomats & Important guests.Silver ServiceWine and Champagne ServicePlating / Garnishing / Napkin FoldsPurchasing, storage and inventories of WinesCooking – Chef’s night offFood and Beverage Service, preparing Meals and beveragesFlowers and Table arrangementsCigars, Cognacs and Expensive WinesTechnical / electronic expertiseHousekeeping skills, laundry careInventory and stock controlCleaning of silver, glass and fine artifactsChauffeuringThe above is only but a few as we keep our training methods a trade secret!
  10. 10. For further information on the South African Butler Academy on thenext courses please contact the Academy for more details andassistance.Join us at any of our ‘open evenings’ (TBA)0027 21 551 3272Sable Square outlet shopping Village (Block C)Corner of Ratanga Road and Bosmansdam Road, Milnerton 7441info@butleracademy.co.zawww.thebutlerschool.comButler Academy Featured on E News Central Africa, Kwela DST and Expresso Morning ShowYou can find our YouTube Channel on our website