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Teacher Guide


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Teacher Guide

  1. 1. Creating a web page Lesson Software: Microsoft FrontPage 97 Information: WHAT TO DO:If you are using Microsoft FrontPage 97 to Grade / Age Level manage your class or school web site, you can import the Publisher Middle School folder you just created (or any folder of HTML files) into a new or (11-14 yrs) existing FrontPage web site. The steps below tell you how to High School import into an existing FrontPage web site. (14-18 yrs) Class Time 9-14 hours Products Used In This Lesson: Applications FrontPage Internet Explorer Publisher Word Find More Lessons For: Learning Area Arts Language Arts FrontPage 97 Import Wizard Technology Thinking and • Open your existing FrontPage web site (or use the Corporate Presence or Reasoning Personal Home Page Wizard to create a new site). Work Skills • In the FrontPage Explorer view, choose New from the File menu, then choose FrontPage Web. Themes • Choose Import Web Wizard; then click the Add to Current Web check box. Business • In the Import Web Wizard dialog box, click Browse, then locate your Careers Publisher created Web site (unless you specified otherwise, it should be located in c:/Program Files/MicrosoftPublisher/ Publish/<your file name> • To learn more about Microsoft FrontPage, visit /frontpage/