Software Extensions to an Open Source           <br />   Web Conferencing Platform<br />Team Members:<br /><ul><li>Tan...
Osama Ayyad - 100610104
Zhaocheng Fan - 100707035
Sean Smithwick – 100682001</li></ul>Supervisors:<br /><ul><li>Prof. Steven Muegge
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  1. 1. Software Extensions to an Open Source <br /> Web Conferencing Platform<br />Team Members:<br /><ul><li>Tanimul Amin - 100701588
  2. 2. Osama Ayyad - 100610104
  3. 3. Zhaocheng Fan - 100707035
  4. 4. Sean Smithwick – 100682001</li></ul>Supervisors:<br /><ul><li>Prof. Steven Muegge
  5. 5. Prof. Michael Weiss</li></ul>23rd September 2009<br />Introduction:<br />This is a proposal for a fourth year engineering project in the course SYSC 4907 at Carleton University. The proposed project is entitled “Extensions to an Open Source Web Conferencing Platform”. This project will span the dates 23rd September 2009 to April 7th 2010. The four group members are Sean Smithwick 100682001, Tanimul Amin 100701588, Zhaocheng Fan 100707035 and Osama Ayyad 100610104. We will be working under the supervision of Professor Steven Muegge and Professor Michael Weiss. <br />The following parts of the proposal will consist of the objective of the project, a brief background about the BigBlueButton, a brief description of our plans and a timetable for completion of the project including major intermediate milestones.<br />Objective:<br />The objective of this project is to improve the current functionality of BigBlueButton as well as to add new features by using existing open source tools.<br />Background:<br />BigBlueButton is a web conferencing system aimed at long distance education. It is based on the open sourced flash server Red5. Users can easily join web conferences that include voice, textual and graphical communication by simply logging into a website. BigBlueButton is an open source project that is built using over fourteen open source components to create an integrated web conferencing system.[3] The main focus of this system is to give Universities the ability to hold online courses while delivering high quality slides, voice and video. It is also a great tool for collaboration such that it can be used in industry as well. Improving the functionalities of BigBlueButton will enable better long distance learning for university students and business individuals as well.<br />Plan:<br />The proposed project will include improvement of the user interface, support for viewing different formats beyond PDF’s, a file downloading and file submission (uploading by students) module, and the ability to create and display whiteboard style markings on the slide and desktop viewer. These extensions of the current project will enable better long distance learning for students and business individuals at a fraction of the cost of commercial software. This project will also give us a chance to practice building modules for an open source software.<br />An initial requirement analysis will need to be conducted in order to get feedback on the functionality of the current version of BigBlueButton. We will then need to get an overview of all the underlying open source tools, such as the Red5 Server, MySQL, ActiveMQ, Asterisk, Adobe Flex, etc.[2] and seek out any additional open sourced software that may help us to reach our objectives. <br />Team members have joined the BigBlueButton development community and signed up for the mailing list to actively participate in the already existing community. Discussions on bugs, improvements, guides and a wiki are all available on BigBlueButton’s Google Code project page. Our team will be creating and maintaining our own Google Code project to host our own work.<br />There is a plan of reducing the four ideas into two in the coming weeks. The group of four will be divided into teams of two each of which will be working to implement a single component on the Big Blue Button system. <br />Resources:<br />In order to proceed with the proposed project we will require the source code and documentation for the current version of Big Blue Button and development machines with all the necessary development software. We will also require a host machine to run the Big Blue Button server and a couple of client machines with webcams and microphones. We also plan to extend the whiteboard style markings to be created with a writing tablet, touchscreen laptop or an actual white board. <br />Timetable:<br /><ul><li>TasksStart DateEnd DateRequirement AnalysisInstall BBB ServerRead discussion posts from BBB communityAttend an online BBB lecture to analyse a scenario 16/09/200930/09/2009Research on OpenSource componentsLearn about different components of BBBFind out which components are useful for the project01/10/200908/10/2009Study Existing source code of required components09/10/200916/10/2009Design of proposed componentsAgile development method divided up into multiple two week iterationsUsed cases and UML drawings17/10/200924/10/2009Series of Iterations Each iteration includes the design, implementation and testing of a certain part of a component25/10/200925/03/2010Written Progress Report01/12/200908/12/2009Oral Presentation11/01/201018/01/2010Request for special demo items28/02/201001/03/2010Poster Fair12/03/201019/03/2010Final Report draft10/03/201024/03/2010Final Report31/03/201007/04/2010</li></ul>References<br />[1]<br />[2]<br />[3]<br />