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  1. 1. WHO WE ARE Mankato Web Design was founded in 2005 by Matthew Peschong. Since this time, our company has been dedicated to providing the best service possible for our clients. Each website we create is uniquely tailored and designed to suite your company’s needs. We also provide personal meetings and continued customer service to insure your business’s complete satisfaction. We promise your organization’s website will be created in a professional and timely manner, and that your business will be represented with a quality website. Below is a list of services we provide as well as their cost estimates. We have also included information about the importance of having a properly designed website and descriptions of upgrades and other services that are available to our clients. If you have any questions regarding the information below, or would like a more personalized quote please call us at 612-558-1020 or visit our own personal website at SERVICES WEB SITES: Web Site Creation – Our website start price is $1,500 with a 5 page minimum. The price of the initial website purchase includes custom website design, one year of hosting, one domain name for one year, one email address for one year, basic search engine optimization, email contact and/or request forms (up to 2). The number of pages, information, and other specialized features can affect this price. Domain Name Cost – Our domain name rate is $10 per year. Additional Pages – We develop a custom price based on the total number of pages you need. Stock Photography – Stock photography is included in our websites FREE of charge. These are royalty free & restriction free photographs. Logo Design – Customized logo and graphic design starts at $200. Logo design can be used for corporate logos, letterheads, business cards, brochure design, envelopes, magazine and newspaper ads, poster size design, and trade show booths. See below for our full list of print services.
  2. 2. Flash Animations – Flash animations can be added to your site at the cost of $75 per hour with a $400 minimum. Copywriting – Our copywriting services are available at $60 an hour with a $400 minimum. Viral Video Marketing – Our video marketing services include uploading your videos to the most popular video sharing websites and optimizing these videos for search engines so that possible clients can find your website when browsing the internet. The cost of these services starts at $1,500. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – We offer Search Engine Optimization for $500 per website. This includes SEO for one complete website. More information about Search Engine Optimization is listed below. Ecommerce Websites – The creation of an Ecommerce Website starts at $2,500. More information about Ecommerce Websites is listed below. Web Site Hosting – After the first year of free hosting, we offer web site hosting starting at $99.99 per year. Web Site Updates – We provide website updates at the rate of $65 per hour after a website has been completed. Additional Revision Rounds – Revision rounds are available for the cost of $100 each. Programming Revisions – Programming revisions may be made at the cost of $85 per hour. PRINT/COPY SERVICES Business Cards – Business card design starts at $199 for 1,000 cards plus design when you purchase a website. Single and double sided card options are available. Brochure Design – Brochure design and printing starts at $899 for 1,000 brochures. Our standard folds are 4 page, 6 page, 6 page accordion, and 8 page. Vehicle Advertising – Vehicle advertising services are available and costs vary depending on the size of the vehicle and design of the advertisement. Vehicle advertising includes car, van, and truck wrap designs. For more information on this product, call for a quote. Additional Design – Additional design concepts are available at $150 per round.
  3. 3. Copywriting – Copywriting for our print services is available at $65 per hour with a $300 minimum. Copy Editing – Copy Editing is available at $60 per hour with a $300 minimum. Additional Design Revisions – Additional design revisions are available for $100 each. ADDITIONAL SERVICES Listed below is additional information about the services that we provide. This includes information about Search Engine Optimization and Ecommerce Web Sites. Search Engine Optimization - Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is used for business websites to increase the amount of traffic a website receives. This technique involves optimizing a site with keywords and phrases to increase the likelihood of its appearance on popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN. By including SEO in a website its search engine ranking is increased. The higher a website’s ranking, the more commonly it will be visited and the more business it will provide you. Mankato Web Design has over 11 years of experience with Search Engine Optimization technology. We have an extensive list of internet marketing software and technology which we use to move websites to the top of internet queries. The adaptation of SEO to your business’s website will allow it to gain popularity and inform potential customers about your business’s products and other information. Once your site is optimized, it will begin to work its way to the top of internet queries. This also means its rank is increasing and more people will be informed about your business. In this way, Search Engine Optimization provides your website added advertising benefits. Unlike conventional advertising methods, having a SEO website will allow your business to be viewed by people around the world. Ecommerce Web Sites - Mankato Web Design specializes in the creation of Ecommerce Websites. These are websites which allow purchases to be made directly from the website. We provide basic and deluxe custom ecommerce shopping cart system. This includes basic PayPal ecommerce websites as well as database driven with full
  4. 4. content management websites. Our shopping cart services also include the ability to build and brand your entire storefront with your own colors and logos. This gives online stores a professional and clean appearance. The check out process for our Ecommerce sites is also very streamlined and aesthetically pleasing. Mankato Web Design’s Ecommerce websites also come equipped with “Buy Now” capabilities to allow you to start selling online immediately. Our shopping cart feature also includes a rich-featured online administration console for tracking orders, products, and affiliates. This includes a specialized Affiliate program which will allow you to track any sales generated as a result of links to your site from an affiliate site. Along with ease of management and processing, we feature the acceptance of multiple payment methods. Customers can purchase items (many at one time) and check out using secured online payment options. Our Ecommerce websites will provide you a quick and efficient way to expand your business with the option of online purchases, or create a new internet based business. CONTACT INFORMATION For more information regarding any of our products or services, or for a quote, please feel free to contact us at any time! Address: Mankato Web Design 107 Parkway Avenue, Suite 203 Mankato, MN 56001 Phone: (612) 558-1020 Email: This document is © Copyright 2007 Mankato Web Design LLC. Reproduction or viewing of this document by anyone other than you is restricted and doing so will result in a breach of confidential information and is subject to persecution to the fullest extent of the law.