MC435: Web Design                                                             Learning outcomes
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MC435: Web Design


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MC435: Web Design

  1. 1. MC435: Web Design Learning outcomes Module Leader At the end of this module students should be able to: Paul Bradshaw ( 0121 331 5367 1. Plan, research and propose a website for a particular client; Delivery: Scott Keegan 2. Manage, design and author a website for a particular client; 3. Critically assess a website with reference to issues of accessibility and web standards Module Synopsis This module aims to familiarise students with the web design process from planning and pitching to design and post-production, as well as Syllabus considering accessibility and usability issues. The weekly pattern for the module looks like this: You will learn what elements to consider when planning a website, how to design a site using Dreamweaver, principles of screen design, and the Workshops: Group A: Tuesdays 2pm – 5pm B225 3 hrs importance of World Wide Web standards. You will be introduced to basic Group B: Wednesdays 2pm – 5pm B225 3 hrs HTML, XHTML and CSS for solving bugs and improving accessibility. Directed Study: 5 hrs Assessment is based on, firstly, exploration of web design and a proposal for a website. Secondly, based on this exploration you will learn to design and produce your own website. Week by week outline Week 1 Intro to Web Design/ Writing a Website Proposal Teaching and learning will be based on lectures introducing key concepts, Workshop: Knowing your audience supported by workshops exploring those in practical exercises. Directed Directed Study: Research for proposal independent study will develop knowledge and skills further. You should spend around five hours on Directed Study each week, and 80 hours in total including production time in weeks 6, 12, 13 and 14. Week 2 Mockups – Fireworks introduction Workshop: Create mock up of site This module is compulsory for Web & New Media and Music Directed Study: Create mock up of site and site map Industry students. It will also be of particular relevance to PR, Radio, Photography, TV and broad media students looking for jobs in any Week 3 HTML industries where knowledge of web production is useful (i.e. most jobs!). Workshop: HTML and introduction to Dreamweaver Directed Study: More HTML and Dreamweaver The basic software and planning skills learned here will be needed for modules in subsequent levels that use interactive media, including DVD, Week 4 Dreamweaver CDROM, Interactive Promotion and Music Online. Workshop: Dreamweaver – formatting text; tables; links Directed Study: Exploring Dreamweaver Week 5 Images Workshop: Optimising and inserting images
  2. 2. Directed Study: Finishing Assignment 1 Briefs for each assignment will be issued when the assignment is set. Deadline extensions will only be granted in accordance with Week 6 departmental policy (see student handbook) Directed Study – No Classes. Continued research and design (10 hours) MC435 Web Design : Resources Essential Learning Resources Week 7 Everything you knew is wrong Lecture notes, workshop and directed study briefs, available on Moodle Workshop: From tables to CSS and student server Directed Study: Assignment 2 Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Fireworks, Photoshop or other image optimisation software Week 8 Accessibility Internet access Workshop: Making your site accessible Directed Study: Making your site accessible Recommended Reading You can find an online reading list at Week 9 Usability and templates Workshop: Style sheets, library and templates listID=4541&s=4541 (also on Moodle) Directed Study: Create a template Week 10 Going Live World Wide Web Workshop: Uploading site Directed Study: Assignment 2 Week 11 Production Week: no classes Week 12 Advanced skills Workshop: Critical evaluation/Advanced skills Directed Study: Assignment 2 Weeks 13 – 14 Final Assignment. Live Website (30 hours) Assessment Moodle There are two elements of assessment for this module All materials for the module are available on Moodle (, including Assessment Deadline Contribution to assignment briefs and materials, reading list, tutorials, presentations, final mark workshops and directed study briefs. There is no password. Proposal and research 9th March 3pm (wk5) 50% Please make use of the discussion forum to exchange ideas, links, Website 1st June 3pm (wk14) 50% and inspiration, and ask for advice.