Julie Acker, M.S.W., CMHA Lambton Julie Acker holds a Masters ...


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Julie Acker, M.S.W., CMHA Lambton Julie Acker holds a Masters ...

  1. 1. Julie Acker, M.S.W., CMHA Lambton<br />Julie Acker holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from McGill University in Montreal. She has been with the Canadian Mental Health Association, Lambton County Branch as a Mental Health Promotion Specialist, since 1999.  Julie facilitates a variety of workshops and presentations including Mental Illness Awareness, Suicide Awareness, and Mental Health Promotion / Stress Management with area businesses, social service organizations, community groups and schools.  Julie also co-ordinates and manages a group of volunteers to deliver an extensive, six week self esteem program to students grades 5 through 8, in area elementary schools.  <br />julie_acker@cmha.sarnia.net<br />Kim Bell, CMHA, Peel<br />Kim is the manager of Early Intervention Programs, including the Resource Centre and the Early Intervention in Psychosis Program, for CMHA/Peel. She has provided front-line and educational services for CMHA/Peel since 1989.<br />With a bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Kim began working in direct service, as a counsellor for those with a history of mental illness. She eventually developed and implemented what is now the education program, wanting to address the many myths and misconceptions about mental health problems, which act as the number one barrier to people seeking help.<br />Kim has now offered educational training and presentations, regarding mental health issues, to over 15,000 adult learners. Kim is not only a certified Mental Health Works Trainer, she is also trained in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills, and Non-violent Crisis Intervention. Kim currently trains community members as well as corporate clients in managing mental health in the workplace.<br />bellk@cmhapeel.ca <br />Amy Davis, MSW, CMHA, Lambton <br />Amy has been with CMHA since 1997.   For the last 7 years she has been the Manager of the Crisis & Short Term Services department at the Branch, which includes a wide range of  mental health services including Intake ,  24-hour Crisis Intervention team; social work services: Court Diversion and release from custody services. She holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from Wayne State University in Michigan. She joined the Mental Health Works team in 2004 and has enjoyed providing the series at Lambton College through their Continuing Education Department.<br />amy@cmha.sarnia.net<br />Elaine Edmiston, CMHA, Niagara <br />Elaine has over 20 years experience in business and education. She is self employed as a Partner in The Learning Forum which designs and delivers seminars to businesses on employment and labour law and human resource planning issues. <br />Elaine has a BA from McMaster and an honours degree in Business Administration from Brock University. Her first career was teaching math and science in secondary school. From there she moved into Mortgage Administration at Royal Trust and her most recent formal employment was with The Niagara Institute as Director of Human Resources and Administration.<br />Elaine.edmiston@sympatico.ca <br />Andrew Fainer, CMHA, Ottawa<br />afainer@cmhaottawa.ca <br />Cecilia Marie Flynn, CMHA, Halton <br />Cecilia Marie Flynn is the Manager of Mental Health Education and Marketing for the Canadian Mental Health Association Halton Region Branch. In her role with CMHA Halton she is responsible for the development and implementation of a variety of Mental Health Education programs as well as her role as a Mental Health Works Trainer. Cecilia Marie has a wide range of both corporate and not for profit experience in sales, marketing and communication. <br />Cmflynn.cmha@haltonhealthworks.ca <br />Karen Gignac, CMHA, Windsor <br />Karen has been working in the field of Adult Mental Health for 20 years. She is certified as an instructor by the Crisis Prevention Institute in Non Violent Crisis Intervention and received NOVA (National Organization for Victim Assistance) Advanced Community Crisis Response Team Training in 2006. <br />For the past ten years she has managed a variety of programs offered at the Windsor branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association including Community, Hospital and Court Outreach programs, and Case Management programs for people with Serious Mental Illnesses, as well as Prevention Programs like Public Education, Gerontology Education, Adult and Children’s Bereavement and Coping with Stress of Unemployment. These programs address mental health issues impacting the community at large. Karen currently manages Education programs and Volunteer Services at CMHA in addition to assisting with community and staff education and training.<br />kgignac@cmha-wecb.ca <br />George Goldie, CMHA, Thunder Bay<br />George Goldie graduated from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in 1967 and worked in the field of Child Welfare until becoming a Community Consultant with the Addiction Research Foundation(Now Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 1971.<br />From 1976 until 1988 he was the co-ordinator of a 25 bed in-patient alcohol and drug and treatment facility at Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital in Thunder Bay. During this time he was instrumental in developing Employee Assistance Programs for employers in Northwestern Ontario as well as being active in community activities related to addiction treatment and prevention.<br />In 1988 he accepted a position as Employee Assistance Program Administrator for a major Northwestern Ontario Forest Product Company and stayed in that position until retirement in 2002.<br />In 2004 he accepted a position with the Canadian Mental Health Association, Thunder Bay Branch as a Mental Health Works Trainer- a program for employers, managers and union executives concerned about mental health issues in the workplace.<br />Mr. Goldie has taught at Northern College, Confederation College and lectured at Lakehead University in the area of addictions and mental health as well as presenting at many Health and Safety and related Workshops over the years.<br />mhworks@cmha-tb.on.ca <br />Donna Hardaker, CMHA, York Region<br />To her animated delivery of Mental Health Works presentations and workshops, Donna Hardaker brings a balanced understanding of the complex challenges faced by managers and employees when mental health issues affect workplace behaviour.<br /> Donna co-developed many of the Mental Health Works training workshops and presentations. Her reflections on her personal experience of depression contributed significantly to the development of the tone and messaging of the award-winning “Complex Issues. Clear Solutions” flagship workshop. <br />Donna’s work experience includes developing and delivering communication skills training in medical education; managing over a hundred casual employees; and writing and researching on issues related to mental health, as a policy analyst for CMHA, Ontario.<br />Donna has a Certificate in Human Resources Management from Ryerson University and co-wrote an evidence-based research paper on management training, published in the Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health. Her writing has also appeared in Canadian Healthcare Manager, Moods Magazine and Network. <br />dhardaker@cmha-yr.on.ca <br />Hilary Henley CMHA, Chatham-Kent <br />Hilary brings many years of community based nursing experience to her work at CMHA. She has firsthand knowledge of the challenges facing individuals with serious mental illness through her experience managing the Homelessness Initiative and other housing programs for the organization. One of her passions is working toward normalizing mental illnesses by reducing the stigma against which the vast majority of individuals with mental health problems have to fight on a daily basis. Her work with the Mental Health Works program and as an ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills) Trainer are two of tools she uses to achieve this goal. <br />hhenley@cmhakent.com <br />Neil Howard, CMHA, York Region<br />Neil Howard has worked in the community mental health field for 25 years. His extent of experience in this field is extensive and includes working in variety of programs that include: case management, mental health court support, recovery, housing, vocational, early psychosis, community development and recreation. He is passionate and experienced in building strong team environments where all staff are valued for their abilities, and active support between team members is the norm. He understands the importance of managers and staff “walking the talk” as a necessity for lasting success. <br />During the last couple of years Neil has, working in collaboration with two other organizations, delivered a series of workshops to 400 York Region staff to educate and reduce stigma on metal illness. Recently he has formed a Speaker’s Bureau, comprised of individuals who have mental illness that is now booking public speaking engagements. He is currently a Program Manager at the Canadian Mental Health Association – York Region Branch. <br />nhoward@cmha-yr.on.ca <br />Joanne Ledoux-Moshonas, CMHA Champlain East<br />Joanne Ledoux-Moshonas has been an employee of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Champlain East for 20 years and is currently the Manager of Mental Health Promotion & Volunteers. She is a graduate of the Social Service Worker program; the Teacher of Adults program and the Ontario Management Development Program of the St. Lawrence College in Cornwall ON. <br />Joanne is a Master Trainer for LivingWorks Inc. which certifies her to deliver a two day Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training to professionals and other caregivers on how to recognize and intervene with persons at risk of suicide. She has 19 years experience in a management / supervisory role and she has a very good understanding of the challenges and demands of today’s managers. She has experience working with local employers to implement workplace promotion activities to address workplace issues related to mental health. <br />She has developed and delivered numerous presentations /workshops on mental health and mental illness and has offered these to community agencies/groups, industries, schools and the general public.<br />moshonasj@cmha-east.on.ca <br />Charlotte MacFarlane, CMHA, Cochrane Timiskaming <br />Charlotte has a B.A.H., Political Studies (Queen’s), Master of Public Administration (Queen’s). Charlotte studied at universities in Nova Scotia, Ontario and France. Along with academic development, she acquired presentation and public speaking experience in national and international university competitions. She went on to work at local and provincial levels representing municipal governments in administration, program development and delivery, advocacy and policy analysis. A change in career resulted in Charlotte moving to the health care field as a health planner and then as Acting Executive Director of a District Health Council in Northern Ontario. <br />As a Mental Health Works Certified Trainer, Charlotte brings an understanding of the challenges of providing services in the north, as well as deep interest in sharing the information that is available to support employees struggling to work while experiencing a mental illness, their employers and their co-workers. <br />cmacfarl@ontera.net<br />Marjorie Orr, CMHA Sault Ste. Marie<br />Marjorie Orr, married, mother and stepmother of four who spends her leisure hours, depending on the weather, enjoying her many interests which include: riding her snow machine or her motorcycle, 4-wheeling, bow hunting or out in her boat attempting to catch a fish or two. <br />Prior to coming to work for Canadian Mental Health Association in November of 2004, Marjorie spent the majority of her career working with injured and medically restricted workers at Algoma Steel until her retirement in 2003. Marjorie’s job was to try and find suitable, productive work for medically restricted employees, as well as the ongoing development of Injury Management policies. The education of all employees with regard to the rights and responsibilities of both the employer and the employee was an essential component. It became apparent during her career working with the medically restricted, the magnitude your mental health can have in you remaining a productive employee. <br />Marjorie has been the employee. She has been an elected union executive. She has been the supervisor. When Marjorie speaks about Mental Health in the Workplace whether it be to management, a Union or to the employees she is able to relate to the unique challenges they face. Knowing the need exists in our community to have a better understanding about mental illness, and how having that knowledge can help reduce the suffering some are experiencing, is a key part of why Marjorie came to work for Canadian Mental Health.<br />Marjorieorr22@hotmail.com (705) 248-2442<br />Renée Ouimet, CMHA, Ottawa<br />Renée is the Director of the Capacity Building and Education Division at Canadian Mental health Association, Ottawa Branch. <br />She is a registered social worker in Ontario and obtained her master’s degree in social work from Dalhousie University School of Social Work.<br />As a certified trainer with Mental Health Works, she delivers presentations in both English and French to employees to assist them in becoming aware of mental health issues in the workplace and to employers to assists then in acquiring knowledge and skills to more effectively deal with employee mental health issues and create workplace agreements or accommodation plan that work. <br />Renée has over twenty years experience in working within the mental health system as well as with employee accommodation. <br />rouimet@cmhaottawa.ca <br />Lill Petrella, CMHA, Brant County<br />In addition to her duties as Mental Health Promotion Coordinator, her position for the past five years, Lill also acts as a Team Leader and supervises the “Alternatives” Social Recreation Program. Lill provides education and training in the community, on varied topics related to mental health and mental illness. Lill is an ASIST Master Trainer, and a Certified Mental Health Works Trainer.<br />Before coming to the Canadian Mental Health Association, Lill was Executive Director of Immigrant Settlement and Counselling Services of Brant. Lill worked at I.S.C.S. for 18 years, working several summers as a student and then securing a position as Case Manager, before eventually being promoted to Executive Director.<br />Lill has a BA in Psychology and is a Registered Social Worker.<br />lill@cmhabrant.on.ca <br />Lindsay Salm Dube, CMHA Waterloo Region and Wellington Dufferin<br />Lindsay Salm Dube is a dynamic presenter. She brings with her vast experience as a presenter, manager, teacher, and mental health practitioner within the community. <br />Lindsay has over twenty years of experience in mental health includes work with Dual Diagnosis, Forensics, Court Diversion, Emergency Assessment, Crisis Intervention and Planning as well as Short term Out patient Therapy. <br />Lindsay’s management experience includes, managing a Distress Centre, Centre for Mental Health and a Community Employment Service for people with mental health issues. For seventeen years, Lindsay was employed on a part time basis by Conestoga College teaching, creating and writing mental health curriculum for Post Diploma Nursing Programs and Multidisciplinary Mental Health Programs. She also worked as Program Coordinator for 2 years. She received a Conestoga College award for excellence, acknowledging the contributions she made to mental health programming at Conestoga College after a community college in Alberta purchased a program Lindsay had developed.<br />Living her life from a values-based perspective, Lindsay continues to challenge people to be true to their belief systems in each workshop. She presents information in a unique manner, supporting participants to access the information that will assist them in their workplace.<br />Lindsay.mentalhealthworks@yahoo.ca <br />Karen Shipman, CMHA, Ottawa<br />kshipman@cmhaottawa.ca <br />Jeff Suchak, CMHA, Grey Bruce <br />Jeff brings 30 years of direct experience working in mental health, adult education, vocational rehabilitation and program development. <br />jsuchack@cmhagb.org <br />Yvonne VanDeBovenkamp, MSW, RSW, CMHA, Windsor Essex County Branch<br />Yvonne is a Registered Clinical Social Worker and has been working in the field of human services since 1985. Currently Yvonne manages an Employee Assistance Program housed at the Windsor Branch of the CMHA. She has extensive experience in mental health and employment issues and believes very strongly that people with mental health issues deserve respect and understanding as it comes to their recovery. Work plays an important role in the lives of all people and Yvonne is a strong advocate for health and balance in all areas of life. Yvonne is an accomplished workshop presenter who specializes in workplace health issues. She is frequently heard on CBC and local radio in Windsor Ontario. Yvonne was the recipient of Social Worker of the Year Award in 1999 for her work with Canadian employees and assisting them with workplace stress and corporate change. She is humorous and upbeat in her delivery and passionate about her work in human services. <br />yvandeb@cmha-wecb.on.ca 519-255-1749<br />