<ul><li>Executive Summary</li></ul>Hare Chevrolet is a General Motors dealership located in Noblesville, Indiana.  They fu...
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Executive Summary Hare Chevrolet is a General Motors dealership ...


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Executive Summary Hare Chevrolet is a General Motors dealership ...

  1. 1. <ul><li>Executive Summary</li></ul>Hare Chevrolet is a General Motors dealership located in Noblesville, Indiana. They fully participate in several social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. They have successfully created a positive image surrounding their brand using these social media platforms which allows them to enjoy great success. They have been able to do this by making a significant time investment into their online presences. Direct advertisement is only an ancillary function of their online presences and is rarely employed. Moreover, they use their online presences to participate in online discussions and interact directly with their community and customers. By interacting directly with their customers, they are able to create a buzz around their business that is enviable. Other brands can learn from their social media strategies how to make a successful online presence that will lead to a captive audience that is willing to hear what the brand has to say.<br />Brands and businesses should use their online presences in order to create an online personality for themselves. While traditional advertisement is cold and not personable, social media should be warm and have an obvious person behind it. There should be unique personality expressed that allows customers to feel like they are interacting with a friend and not a business entity. Brands should also actively participate in their social media by posting something regularly. Active participation is crucial to foster a feeling of personality rather than advertisement. This personal feeling and active participation is what allows businesses to be widely adopted by customers and invited into their social media feeds and timelines.<br /><ul><li>Contents
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  10. 10. Introduction</li></ul>Hare Chevrolet (Hare) is a family-owned General Motors dealership located in Noblesville, Indiana. Hare traces its origins to 1847 when Wesley Hare started building wagons, carriages and buggies out of his home in Noblesville. Since then, they have innovated in order to stay in business and have earned the title of the nation’s oldest transportation company. With this spirit of innovation and being an early adopter, Hare has rapidly expanded its presence into social media. This early adoption of social media has allowed them to stay ahead of their competitors and on the cutting edge of the latest technology. <br />Hare’s social media presence alone is not what keeps them on the cutting edge of technology. It is how the firm uses social technology that allows them to stay successful. Hare uses YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in a way that makes the companies pseudo-advertisements desirable for consumers to read. This analysis will break down what Hare does on its social media presences in order to determine what it is that makes the company successful. <br /><ul><li>Findings</li></ul>Hare Chevrolet uses its social media in a way that makes consumers want to see what they have to say. By using social media in a way that is friendly in personable, it makes the company appear to be more of a friend than a corporate entity. Hare allows the personality behind the company and the person managing the online presence to show through to the postings online which makes the company appear to not be directly advertising. They also specifically respond to people which create the feeling in individual consumers that they matter to the company. They use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to portray these images.<br />Twitter is the online presence where Hare has the most success in creating a personable environment. They use the account to personally respond to customer questions that are sent to them. They also regularly monitor several keyword searches and respond to people nearby. For instance, if someone says they are looking for a car, even without mentioning Hare Chevrolet, Hare will respond to the person and personally invite them to come and look at their inventory. They also use the account to relay messages about local and community events. Since the account has over 1,100 followers, this makes the free advertisement great for the local community. Finally, they use their account to occasionally do direct advertisement when they have a great deal. The fact that Hare does not use their account solely for advertisement is what makes it attractive to follow and is the reason why their account enjoys success.<br />Hare uses Facebook as well. Customer can become fans of the dealership on their own profiles. Once they become a fan of the dealership, they invite the dealerships postings to become part of their news feed. Hare uses the news feed to post some of the same things they do to their Twitter account, but the posting become more of a discussion board. Fans are free to comment on individual postings and this discussion creates a buzz around their page. They also use their Facebook to host contests. These contests allow users to win fun prizes, such as driving a Corvette for a couple days. They successfully use their Facebook page to create a buzz around their business.<br />Finally, Hare uses YouTube in more of a traditional advertisement sense. Hare posts videos of new products on their YouTube page so customers can see videos of their new products narrated by Hare staff. Since this is more of a traditional advertisement medium, it’s a little more difficult to create the same level of buzz around the videos. They link to the videos through their Facebook and Twitter pages though, which creates some good traffic to the videos.<br /><ul><li>Conclusions</li></ul>Hare Chevrolet enjoys success with their online media presences by not using it to obviously advertise. They create a fun and lively community around their brand which makes Hare seem more like a friend than a business. Hare uses Twitter to interact directly with their community which allows them to be an excellent corporate citizen. By interacting directly with customers in their community, they become more of an actual citizen instead of a faceless corporate entity. They use Facebook to create a buzz around their business and facilitate discussions and fun contests. Finally, they use YouTube in more of a traditional advertisement sense by creating videos showing and selling new and used cars.<br /><ul><li>Recommendations</li></ul>Other businesses and brands should use the same model Hare Chevrolet uses to manage their online social media. They should create an online personality that does not feel detached from human involvement and that has a personal touch. They should use online social media in order to create discussions and buzz around their brand that does not involve blatant selling. They should actively monitor and participate in their online presence in order to make it relevant, timely and highly exposed. While this requires a great investment of time and resources from brand staff, the payback should more than cover the costs when executed correctly.<br />References<br /> BIBLIOGRAPHY Cruise-IN.Com. (n.d.). Hare Chevrolet the nation's oldest transportation company. 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