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  1. 1. Steven A. Moye | Web Designer WEBSITE: Jixu Studios URL: OBJECTIVE: Web Design position in the entertainment industry that requires knowledge of media development programs and a focus on interactive design. SUMMARY: • 4th year Multimedia major at Duquesne University • 15 months Graphic Designer for Logoco Media • Digital Media internship with Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild TECHNICAL SUMMARY: • Experience with Flash, XHTML, CSS and Javascript in creating interactive user interfaces. • Extensive experience with Adobe Photoshop and proficient with the Adobe CS3 Design Suite as well as a working knowledge of Adobe Premier, Audition, and After Effects EDUCATION: 4th Year Multimedia Major at Duquesne University, May 2008 Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA Graduated from Taylor Allderdice High School 2004 OFFICE EXPERIENCE: Public Affairs Office Aide, September 2005 to August 2006 Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA • Coordinated with other designers to create the most appropriate design for various products. Digital Media Intern, Summer 2005 & 2006 Manchester Craftsmen's Guild, Pittsburgh, PA • Co-Conceptualized and developed the structure and design of the newly organized MCG website • Tutored 16 students in the functional operation of Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, and Adobe Premier.
  2. 2. WEB EXPERIENCE: • Comprehensive development and maintenance of 2006-2008 • Regular maintenance updates for Jackson/Clark Partners' 2006-2007 • Redesign of with Search Engine Optimization 2007 • Graphic redesign of 2007 • Design and Development of 2007 • Development of successful campaign mailers for Betty Boyd (CO Senator) 2006 *References available upon request.