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Download a Web Design Proposal Form

  1. 1. PHONE: 919.302.7641 FAX: 610.673.3674 Durham ♦ North Carolina ♦ 27703 DESIGN PROPOSAL FORM (No obligation) PLEASE COMPLETE AND SIGN THIS FORM: You may print and complete this form and then fax it to the fax number above or complete it by computer and send it by e-mail. If completing the form on your computer, where options are indicated, please indicate your selections by using Word’s highlighting feature to highlight your choice. Don’t forget to save your changes before e-mailing. Thanks! Full Name: Address: E-mail address: Phone number: Company’s name: Type of Business: TYPE OF WEB SITE: Select which type of site you would like and indicate approximate number of pages. o Business web site o Personal web site o Non-profit web site Approximate # of pages _________ (A Standard Web Site is up to 5 pages. Additional pages beyond the specified 5 pages are $10.00 per page.) STANDARD WEB SITE PACKAGE: Price of the Standard Web Site is $250.00. This includes up to 5 pages, words of text (supplied by the client, 200 words per page approximate maximum), up to 15 graphics/photos (client provides), colorful bullets and lines, link to your e-mail, links to external pages, 1 simple form (up to 12 fields) with results sent to your e-mail account, and submission to search engines (no guarantee of placement). A $125.00 deposit is required to begin the web design and the balance is due upon completion. Failure to pay the balance results in forfeiture of your deposit. Additional web pages beyond the specified 5 pages will be at a cost of $10.00 for each additional page. Additional graphics beyond the 15 graphics/photos specified will be at a cost of $4.00 for each additional graphic/photo. Additional simple forms beyond the 1 form specified will be at a cost of $10.00 for each additional form, plus $10.00 for an additional page, if an additional page is required. • Web Hosting: (Additional charge) In order to publish a web site online, you need a web host. A web host stores all the pages of your web site and makes them available to computers connected to the Internet. Through WEB DESIGN by Kimberly’s preferred web hosting service provider, the cost is $86.00/yr. This fee is required to begin the web design project. Yes No
  2. 2. • Domain Name Registration: (Additional charge) Reserving a unique address to be used to refer to your web site. Through WEB DESIGN by Kimberly’s preferred domain service provider, the cost is $10.00/yr. This fee is required to begin the web design project. If yes, please give names for domain name in order of preference, i.e., Yes No 1) 2) 3) Note: Web design prices do not include the cost of web hosting or the cost of domain name registration. These services are contracted through a separate company. The prices reflected above are through WEB DESIGN by Kimberly’s preferred hosting and domain service provider. WEB DESIGN by Kimberly can set both of these services up for you for the above-listed fees. These fees are required to begin the web design project. If you choose to select your own domain name service provider and hosting service provider, your completed web site will be delivered to you on diskette. ~ OPTIONAL EXTRAS ~ • Forms: One (1) simple form (up to 12 fields) is included in the Standard Web Site, so if you would like a form, please use the space below to describe the type of form and the information you want collected in the form, e.g., name, address, e-mail, etc. Any additional forms will cost $10.00 ea. plus $10.00 for an additional page if an additional page is needed. Please indicate type of form and information to be collected for any additional forms. Yes No • Site Updates without Yearly Agreement: (Additional charge, calculated for actual time spent at a rate of $10.00/hour) If yes, in the space provided please indicate the type of changes or updates that will be need and approximately how often they will be needed. Yes No • Site Updates under Yearly Maintenance Agreement: (Additional charge of $40.00 per year) Two (2) changes per month to existing content including updating links and making minor changes to sentences and paragraphs. It does not include change to design, adding pages, or removing nearly the entire text and replacing it with new text. Charges for web site updates and changes beyond those limits and without the yearly maintenance agreement will be calculated for actual time spent at a rate of $10.00 per hour, as specified above. Yes No • Shopping Cart Configuration: (Additional charge of $50.00 for configuration, plus $5.00 per item added to shopping cart) Do you have an item or a few items (no more that 5, please) to sell? PayPal offers a FREE shopping cart which accepts online payments for your web store. I can configure PayPal Shopping Cart and have your customers returned to your site after making a purchase. Adding items to PayPal cart is an additional $5.00 per item. Yes No
  3. 3. WEB SITE SPECIFICS: Please indicate by filling in the following: Web Site Name: Color Preference: Navigation: Do you prefer the navigation buttons at the top of the pages or in the left column? Top Left Page Titles: Fill in the page titles you would like in the order that you would like them to appear. Page 1: Page 2: Page 3: Page 4: Page 5: Page 6: Page 7: Page 8: Page 9: Page 10: • May I include a link at the bottom of the welcome page, which reads “Web site designed by WEB DESIGN by Kimberly”? Yes No • Use the space provided for further comments or instructions: PHOTOS/GRAPHICS: Please submit any pictures or special graphics via e-mail that you want included on the site (a maximum of 15 pictures/graphics, additional pictures may be included for a charge of $4.00 for each additional picture). Please do not submit any graphics that are copyrighted. Please make sure all pictures are saved in jpg format. Logos or graphics may be submitted in either jpg or gif format. Please submit any other additional information or content you would like included, such as a mission statement, products, price lists, services, and hours of operation, etc. WEB DESIGN by Kimberly reserves the right to decline the designing and publishing of any material it deems to be inappropriate or contrary to the image it wishes to portray. Pornographic materials will not be published. Note: Design of your web site will only begin once you have signed the “Web Design Contract” and an agreed upon start date is set. Please allow at least 30 days from the start date agreed upon in the signed contract for completion of your web site. ~ Please save your changes to this document before e-mailing. Thank you! ~ e-mail: * PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE *