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Community_Partners - PBworks: Online Collaboration

  1. 1. Watauga County Community Partners ADOLESCENT HEALTH COMMITTEE OF WATAUGA COUNTY HEALTHY CAROLINIANS           Address:                         155 Furman Rd. Suite 7                                                  Boone, NC 28607          Phone:                            828-268-8961          Email:                             Contact:                          Gillian Baker          Hours of Service:          9:00am-5:00pm          Services:                         Public awareness campaigns on teen pregnancy                                                  prevention and communication in May & October;                                                   sponsor educators/counselors to sexuality education courses;  present educational and public awareness programs to parent groups, civic organizations, students etc.; approximately 25-30 videos and books available to check out at Watauga County Library          Eligibility:                      Watauga County Residents          Payment:                        No charge for services          Area Served:                  Watauga County ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS And AL-ANON           Phone:                           828-264-1212          Hours of Service:         Call for meeting times and places          Services:                       Support group for alcoholics          Eligibility:                    Those affected by alcoholism          Area Served:                 High Country Area          In Case of Crisis Call: 828-264-0319 (New River Behavioral HealthCare)          Website:                                                               AL-ANON(for family members of alcoholics)          Phone:                           828 297-6362          Website:                  ALCOHOL/DRUG COUNCIL OF WATAUGA COUNTY            Address:                       130 Poplar Grove Connector, Suite G.                                                Boone, NC 28607          Phone:                           828-262-5051            Email:                           Contact:                        Lucyna Sonek          Hours of Service:         Office hours vary within the hours of Monday-Friday,  9-5.  Please call for specific times or an appointment.          Services:                       Prevention/education programs for                                                community relating to alcohol and                                                drug issues; presentations to civic,                                                church and other interested groups;                                                maintaining a list of available services                                                 and self-help groups; collecting and                                                distributing literature and information                                                to individuals, businesses, etc.;                                                  parenting programs as part of                                                prevention.          Eligibility:                    Anyone who wants information or                                                help; individuals who are addicted;                                                family members & friends who are                                                 affected by a loved one's addiction          Payment:                      No charge for information; charge for                                                 some literature          Area served:                 Watauga County and High Country area. ALZHEIMER'S ASSOCIATION OF WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA                     Address:                       31 College Place, Suite D-320                                                Asheville, N.C. 28801                                               Phone:                           828-254-7363 or 1-800-522-2451                                                24 hr. help line 800-888-6671          Fax:                               828 255-0948          Email:                            Contact:                        Pat Hilgendorf                    Hours of Service:         Monday-Friday,                                                8:30am - 5:00pm                    Services:                       Provide caregiver support, education, and training to families affected by Alzheimer’s disease.                                                                       Eligibility:                    Anyone affected by Alzheimer's                    Area Served:                 The 49 western-most counties of                                                 North Carolina          Website:               CANCER SOCIETY            Address:           No local office                    Phone:               800-227-2345 (nation-wide)          Local Phone:   336-834-0844 (Greensboro)                                    336-651-8947 (Charlotte)          Email:                 Contact:            Troy Thee (Greensboro) or Jamie Lakey (Charlotte)                    Services:           Provide public and professional                                    education,  loaning of  home care                                     equipment, setting up visitation                                    programs, establishing support                                     groups.                    Eligibility:        Anyone requesting services                    Payment:          Donations welcome                     Area Served:     Watauga County                                                               Website:    AMERICAN RED CROSS - WATAUGA COUNTY CHAPTER                     Address:                       331 Queen St., Suite B                                                            Boone, NC 28607                    Phone:                           828-264-8226          Fax:                               828 264-8226          Email:                            Contact:                        Sonny Sweet                    Hours of Service:         Monday-Friday,                                                9:00am - 4:00pm                    Services:                       Blood services; disaster relief (natural                                                or man-made); emergency                                                communications for families with                                                 members in the Armed Forces;health                                                safety classes (CPR, First Aid &                                                Safety, Swimming, Lifeguard                                                 training).                    Eligibility:                    Residents (permanent, seasonal/                                                college students) of Watauga County                    Payment:                      All services are provided by                                                 donations of our citizens except                                                classes (nominal fees)                    Area Served:                 Watauga County                                                 Avery for emergencies  APPALACHIAN BRIAN ESTATES Rental Retirement Community                     Address:                       163 Shadowline Dr.                                                 Boone, NC 28607                    Phone:                           828 264-1006/ 800 333-3432          Fax:                               828 265-4738                    Contact:                        Pat Taylor, Marketing/Sales Director                                                  Rick Looper, Executive Director                     Services:                       Seasonal and annual leases available for studio,                                                and 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, furnished and                                                 unfurnished.  Available services include full service                                                 dining, activity director, housekeeping, scheduled                                                transportation.  Catered living program with additional                                                 support services available.  Pets allowed.                                                                         Web Site:              APPALACHIAN HEALTHCARE PROJECT            Address:                       155 Furman Road, Suite 7                                                Boone, NC 28607          Phone:                           828-268-8956          Fax:                               828-264-7916          Email:                           Contact:                        Gillian Baker          Hours of Service:         9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.          Services:                        A voluntary local initiative that provides healthcare to the low income, uninsured population of Watauga County           Eligibility:                    Watauga County residents with no access to Medicaid, Medicare, private health insurance; total household gross income at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level; active, chronic health condition          Payment:                      No charge to enter program. $5 payment for each visit                                             to a doctor and for each prescription.           Area Served:                 Watauga County  APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY STUDENT WELLNESS CENTER            Address:                         Annas Student Services Building                                                  Appalachian State University                                                  Boone, NC  28608                    Phone:                            828-262-3148          Fax:                                828-262-3182          Email:                                                                                                               or visit and click on “Ask Uncle Sigmond”          Contact:                           Kit Olson or Dale Kirkley                    Hours of Service:           Monday-Friday,                                                    8:00am - 5:00pm                    Services:                          Stress counseling (classes & individual                                                   counseling), biofeedback counseling,                                                   prevention education and outreach,                                                   alcohol and drug abuse education.                    Eligibility:                       ASU students                    Payment:                         No charge for services          APPALCART                     Address:                         PO Box 2357                                                   274 Winklers Creek Road                                                  Boone, NC 28607                    Phone:                            828-264-2278          Email:                    .                   Website:                                    Contact:                          Chris Turner                    Hours of Service:         Monday-Friday,                                                   6:00am - 11:00pm                                                  Saturday, 8:00am - 8:30pm                    Services:                          Fixed route bus service in the Boone                                                   area, van service throughout Watauga                                                   County, and ski shuttles to Ski Beech                                                   and Sugar Mountain. Route extensions available                                                      in some circumstances.                     Eligibility:                       Anyone in Watauga County                    Payment:                         Cash fares, checks from agencies                                                   or businesses, or student ID’s                    Area Served:                   Watauga County     BABY LOVE: MATERNITY CARE COORDINATION WATAUGA COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT            Address:                         126 Poplar Grove Connector                                                  Boone, NC 28607          Phone:                            828-264-4995          Fax:                                 828-264-4997          Email:                           Contact:                          Debbie Garrett          Hours of Service:        Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 4:45 pm                        Services:                        Maternity Care Coordination offers trained health professionals who assist pregnant women in obtaining medical benefits and other services they may need during pregnancy.  Medical, nutritional, psychosocial and a variety of resource needs are addressed.             Eligibility:                    Pregnant women who receive, or who are eligible to                                                receive Baby Love Medicaid          Payment:                    Baby Love Medicaid          Area Served:              Watauga County  BLAZING SADDLES THERAPEUTIC RIDING PROGRAM            Address:                         Blazing Saddles, Inc.                                                  P.O. Box 3082                                                  Boone, NC 28607                    Phone:                            828-295-3335          Website:                               Contact:                          Shelley Dewey                    Hours of Service:          Varies; seasonal April-October                    Services:                         Therapeutic horseback riding offered for children                                                  and adults with differing abilities – i.e. physical,                                                   mental or emotional needs, medically challenged,                                                       visual , hearing or speech impaired, learning disabled.                    Eligibility:                      Adults and children                    Payment:                        Self, scholarships or group rates, season or individual rates.                    Area Served:                  Watauga, Avery and Ashe County BLOWING ROCK PARKS & RECREATION            Address:                         PO Box 47                                                   Blowing Rock, NC 28605          Phone:                            828-295-5222          Fax:                                 828-295-5223          Contact:                          Jennifer Gore          Hours of Service:          Monday-Friday                                                  8:00am - 5:00pm          Services:                         Inter-generational programming including sports,                                                  arts & crafts, summer day camps; youth, adult & senior programs.          Eligibility:                      General Public          Payment:                        Call for fees; some free recreational services          Area Served:                  High Country Area BLUE RIDGE DISPUTE SETTLEMENT CENTER, INC.            Address:                         133 N. Water St.                                                  Boone, NC 28607          Phone:                            828-264-3040          Fax:                                 828-265-3041          Email:                              Contact:                          Melissa G. Johnson, Executive Director                                                            Hours of Service:          Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm; Please call ahead.           Services:                         Conflict resolution services including mediation, negotiation, training, and meeting facilitation.  Mediation referrals accepted from 1)  general public for community, neighborhood, landlord-tenant, consumer-merchant, workplace, and divorce/custody disputes; 2) the court system for civil and criminal misdemeanor cases; 3) law enforcement officers and magistrates for pre-warrant cases, and 4) Juvenile Court Counselors, DSS, schools, and parents for truancy & undisciplined or delinquency cases, and family conflict skills training.          Eligibility:                      Any person, family, or group needing these services.          Payment:                        No charge for community, court-referred, or juvenile mediations; $25-100/hour for divorce mediation, business disputes, meeting facilitation, and training.           Area Served:                  Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Madison, Mitchell,                                                   Watauga, Wilkes, Yadkin, Yancey counties.BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA; OLD HICKORY COUNCIL            Address:                         6600 Silas Creek Pkwy.                                                  Winston Salem, N.C.  28106          Phone:                            336-760-2900; 888-760-2035          Fax:                                 336-760-4222          Contact:                          Derek Young           e-mail:                             Services:                         Youth development, stressing character and                                                   development utilizing outdoor activities.          Eligibility:                      Boys, ages 6 - 21; Venturing & Explorers ages 14 - 21                                                  K-12 in school learning for life girls and boys          Area Served:                  Numerous scouting units in Watauga and Ashe Counties CALDWELL COMMUNITY COLLEGE & TECHNICAL INSTITUTE - WATAUGA CAMPUS            Address:                         P.O. Box 3318                                                   Boone, NC 28607                    Phone:                            828-297-3811          Fax:                                 828-297-4174          Contact:                          Dr. Sandra Anderson                    Hours of Service:          Monday-Thursday,                                                   8:00am - 9:30pm                                                  Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm                    Services:                         College transfer and technical programs                    Eligibility:                      Anyone 18 years of age or older                    Payment:                        Cash, checks & credit cards          Web Site:                        Area Served:                  Watauga County CAMP SKY RANCH            Address:                         634 Sky Ranch Road                                                   Blowing Rock, NC 28605                    Phone:                            828-264-8600          Fax:                                 828-265-2339                    Contact:                          Michael Barbie, Director                    Hours of Service:          Three 2 week sessions                    Services:                         Private, residential camp for children and adults                                                   with mental handicaps (since 1948)                    Eligibility:                      Mentally handicapped people (mild & moderate)                    Payment:                        Cash or check; $1,000 per two week session                    Area Served:                  USA  CAR SEAT PROGRAM            Address:                         Watauga Healthy Carolinians                                                  155 Furman Road, Suite 7                                                  Boone, NC 28607                    Phone:                            828-268-8961                    Contact:                          Gretchen Sommerville                                                             Hours of Service:          Monday-Friday,                                                  9:00am - 5:00pm                    Services:                         To provide car safety seats, coordinate training on proper installation and use.  Medicaid eligible children receive free seat, others receive coupons for 10% discount at Wal Mart or K-Mart.                     Eligible:                         All families with children who need safety seats           Payment:                        Safety seat training is free to all.  A parent/guardian must attend the training to receive a free seat or a discount coupon.                     Area Served:                  Watauga County  CARE-LINE - OFFICE OF CITIZEN SERVICES - INFORMATION AND REFERRAL            Address:                         2012 Mail Service Center                                                   Raleigh, NC 27699-2012          Phone:                            919-855-4401 Administration                                                  1-800-662-7030 (TDD/Voice/Spanish)                                                   CARE - LINE - Information & Referral          Fax:                                 919-715-8174          Email:                              Contact:                          Melody Stokes          Hours of Service:          Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm, except holidays          Services:                         Information and referral on human service                                                   agencies in government, non-profit agencies                                                  and support groups; specialists answer questions                                                  and make appropriate referrals to persons                                                   seeking assistance or information on available                                                  human service programs - a wide spectrum of                                                   services can be accessed by calling the CARE-LINE.                                                   Information is available in Spanish.          Eligibility:                      All citizens of North Carolina          Payment:                        No charge for services          Area Served:                  Statewide                                                  CAROLINA FRIENDSHIP HOUSE            Address:                         347 Oak Street                                                   Boone, NC 28607                    Phone:                            828-264-7480          Fax:                                 828-264-8491           Email:                              Contact:                          Kathy Ward          Hours of Service:          Monday-Friday,                                                   8:00am – 4:00pm          Services:                         Psycho-social rehabilitation, which includes group                                                   therapies, recreational activities, therapeutic arts,                                                   and individual counseling related to pre-vocational  and academic needs and activities of daily living.  Case management services available.          Eligibility:                      Chronically, mentally ill adults                                                   (Physician or Psychologist referral)          Payment;                        Medicaid billed when applicable; private insurance, self pay with sliding scale fees.                                                             Area Served:                  Watauga County and surrounding counties CHILD SERVICE COORDINATION  WATAUGA COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT                    Address:                         126 Poplar Grove Connector                                                  Boone, NC 28607          Phone:                            828-264-6635          Fax:                                 828-265-3101 or 828-264-4997          Email:                                        Contact:                          Millie Potts                    Hours of Service:          Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 4:45pm                                                   (extended hours 7:00am - 5:45pm as advertised)          Services:                         This is a voluntary participation program.  It assists                                                  families in identifying their needs and in finding and                                                  obtaining services such as special therapies, day care or medical care to meet those needs. It also provides families with a variety of information on topics such as growth and                 development, safety, nutrition.  The families are involved with developing the plan for services they need and want.            Eligibility:                      Families of  children up to age 3 who are                                                   at risk for developmental delays or    disabilities,                                                   chronic illness or socio-emotional disorders; and                                                   families of children up to age 5 with the above                                                           conditions that have been diagnosed.                    Payment:                        Medicaid billed for eligible clients; no charge for                                                   non-Medicaid clients                      Area Served:                  Watauga County residents CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT OFFICE            Address:                         938 W. King Street                                                   Boone, NC 28607          Phone:                            828-265-5371                                                  800-992-9457          Fax:                                 828-265-5418          Email:                               Contact:                          Gary Nohr, Supervisor          Hours of Service:          Monday-Friday,                                                  8:00am - 5:00pm          Services:                         Locate non-custodial parents; establish paternity;                                                  establish child support order; enforce child support orders                    Payment:                        $10-$25 sliding scale application fee for non-welfare recipients                    Area Served:                  Watauga, Avery and Mitchell Counties   CHILDREN'S COUNCIL of WATAUGA COUNTYWATAUGA COUNTY'S PARTNERSHIP FOR CHILDREN            Address:                         290 Queen Street                                                   Boone, NC 28607                    Phone:                            828-262-5424          Fax:                                 828-262-5422          Email:                              Contact:                          Jennifer Kearse, Executive Director                                                  Tracey Tardiff or Lee Marshall for childcare information                    Hours of Service:          Monday-Friday,                                                  8 am- 4:30 pm                    Services:                         Childcare resource and referral services; training for child care providers; (call for an information packet on choosing quality care);  As Smart Start administrator for Watauga County, works to improve the quality and availability of childcare and other services for children ages 0-5                    Eligibility:                      Children and families of Watauga County                    Payment:                        Services are free; donations are encouraged                    Area Served:                  Watauga County  CHILDREN'S HOME SOCIETY OF NORTH CAROLINA            Address:                         PO Box 14608                                                   Greensboro, NC 27415-4608          Phone:                            336-274-1538                                                   (1-800-632-1400)          Fax:                                 336 274-7347          Contact:                          Kenneth Tutterow                                                   Sandy Cook, Exec. Director          Hours of Service:          Monday-Friday,                                                  8:30am - 5:00pm          Services:                         Adoption services for families and children.                                                    Temporary Foster Care for children needing                                                   out of home placement.  Social Workers are                                                   available to come to Watauga County and can                                                  be reached through our toll-free number.                                                    Always available to answer  questions.                                                  Post adoptive services. Contract home                                                  assessment.          Eligibility:                      Anyone needing these services          Payment:                        No fees for Pregnancy Support services;                                                   sliding fee scale for some Adoption services;                                                   funding resources may be available for Foster Care.          Area Served:                  North Carolina          Website:                 COMMUNICATION DISORDERS CLINIC APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY           Address:                         ASU Box 32041                                                  Edwin Duncan Hall, Room 114                                                  Appalachian State University                                                  Boone, NC 28608          Phone:                            828-262-2185          Fax:                                 828-262-6766          Contact:                          Clinic Office          Hours of Service:          Monday-Thursday                                                  8:00 am - 5:00 pm                                                  Friday, 8:00 am-3:00 pm                  Services:                         Speech & language evaluations and therapy,                                                  hearing evaluations, reading evaluations, tutoring.Eligibility:                   Anyone needing the above services, from infants to                        adults.           Payment:                        Sliding fee scale according to gross income and number in the family.  Availability of services is not dependent upon ability to pay.  The Clinic can bill Medicaid and private insurance.           Area Served:                  Watauga and surrounding counties.  CONSUMER CREDIT COUNSELING SERVICE OF WESTERN NC            Address:                         50 S. French Broad Ave.                                                    Suite 227                                                   Asheville, NC 28801          Phone:                            800-737-5485; 828-255-5166          Fax:                                 828-255-5129          Contact:                          Celeste Collins, Director                                                   Laurie Knowles, Education Coordinator          Email:                                                                       Hours of Service:          Call for an appointment.  A representative is in Boone                                                  on the second and fourth Fridays of each month.           Services:                         Counseling/education for individuals and families     on budgeting and money management, avoiding bankruptcy, homeownership, debt repayment programs, reverse mortgages, debt collection and consumer rights.           Eligibility:                      Anyone needing the above services.                                                            Payment:                        Individual counseling services are free.  $25 initial donation and $5/month requested for debt repayment program, but not required. Financial wellness workshops for groups on a variety of topics $75/hour plus travel expenses.            Area Served:                  17 western most counties of NC.    CROSSNORE SCHOOL, INC.            Address:                         PO Box 249                                                   Crossnore, NC 28616          Phone:                            828-733-4305          Fax:                                 828-733-3250          Email:                              Contact:                          Dr. Phyllis Crain, Executive Director                                                  Steve Gordon, Human Resources Director          Hours of Service:          Office:  Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm          Services:                         Emergency care services, 90 day, grades 7 - 12;                                                  Long term care if family reunification is not a viable                                                   option and the child needs a stable group environment; Preparation for adult living, ages 16 - 21.          Eligibility:                      Abused, neglected, and dependent children of NC;                                                   primarily those in the custody of the Department of Social Services.          Payment:                        County Board Rate as approved July 1994;                                                    sliding fee scale for private placements          Area Served:                  All NC counties  DEVELOPMENTAL EVALUATION CENTER (DEC)(Children’s Developmental Services Agencies of the Blue Ridge)          Address:                         150 Den-Mac Drive                                                   Boone, NC 28607          Phone:                            828-265-5391          Fax:                                 828-265-5394          Email:                                                                       Contact:                          Robin Winkler & Melissa Gray,          Hours of Service:          Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm`        Services:                         DEC is a state agency serving children from                                                   birth to 21 years  with suspected or diagnosed                                                   developmental disabilities. DEC staff provides                                                   multidisciplinary assessments and works with parents,                                                   health care providers, and teachers in developing an understanding of the child's specific needs. DEC will provide services or referrals to address those needs.            Eligibility:                      Children birth to 6 years primarily;                                                  also small number of school age children                                                   referred by Watauga County Schools          Payment:                         Medicaid, insurance and sliding fee                                                   scale; assessment services for                                                                                                    children 0-5 are delivered at no charge.          Area Served:                   Ashe, Alleghany, Avery, Watauga,                                                    Wilkes, Yancey and Mitchell counties DOWNS SYNDROME SUPPORT NETWORK                     Address:                         209 The Meadows                                                  Boone, N. C. 28607                                                                                  Phone:                            828-262-6444 day M-F                                                  828-264-2861 evening                    Contact:                          Cathy McKinney                                                  209 The Meadows                                                  Boone, NC 28607                                                  e-mail:                    Services:                         Informal support network for families of children with Downs Syndrome.                                                              Eligibility:                      Families of children with Downs Syndrome                    Area Served:                  Watauga, Avery & Ashe CountiesEMPLOYMENT SECURITY COMMISSION                                                   (Watauga County Job Link)          Address:                         207 Winklers Creek Road, Suite I                                                  Boone, NC 28607                          Phone:                            828-265-5385          Fax:                                 828 265-5410          Contact:                          Azalee Simandle                      Hours of Service:          Monday-Friday,                                                   8:00am - 4:30pm                    Services:                         Job listings for anyone wanting a job, or a better                                                  job; unemployment insurance claims; labor market                                                  information;  employment counseling; information                                                  and services for veterans, disabled, youth or                                                   disadvantaged; job development                                                            Eligibility:                      Anyone eligible.          Payment:                        No charge for any service                    Area Served:                  Watauga, Avery, Mitchell & Yancey Counties                   EPILEPSY INFORMATION SERVICE                     Address:                         Wake Forest School of Medicine                                                  Department of Neurology                                                  Medical Center Blvd.                                                  Winston-Salem,                                                  NC 27157-1078                    Phone:                            1-800-642-0500          Fax:                                 336-716-9489          Email:                              Contact:                          Pat Gibson                    Services:                         Toll-free line offering information on all aspects of                                                  seizure disorders; information packets available; patient & family education; teen-age group counseling; educational programs available for professionals.                                                            Eligibility:                      Persons with epilepsy and their families; professionals and the public                    Payment:                        Most services are free                                Area Served:                  Nationwide  FAMILY SUPPORT NETWORK OF THE HIGH COUNTRY (PARENT TO PARENT)            Address:                         150 Den Mac Drive                                                   Boone, NC 28607          Phone:                            828-262-6089          Fax:                                 828-265-5394          Email:                              Contact:                          Kaaren Hayes           Hours of Service:          Call anytime (there is an answering machine)          Services:                         Provides support to families who have children with special needs or chronic illnesses, and to families who have experienced the death of a child. Matches families with other families who have had similar experiences. Provides families and professionals with information about specific disabilities and illnesses, and with referral to state and national resources.                     Eligibility:                      Families who have children (of any age)                                                  with special needs and the professionals who support those families.          Payment:                        All services are free & confidential                                                            Area Served:                  High Country AreaFELLOWSHIP HALL, INC.                     Address:                         PO Box 13890                                                   Greensboro, NC 27415          Phone:                            336-621-3381                                                   1-800-659-3381          Contact:                          Mike Whaley, Director of Outreach Services          Hours of Service:          24 hours per day          Services:                         Comprehensive addiction services.                                                   Medical detox; inpatient treatment,                                                  partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs.  Other services include a relapse track, cocaine track, family program and aftercare.          Eligibility:                      Chemically dependent adults (18 and over) ,                                                  Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center          Payment:                        Most insurance and self pay          Area Served:                  Referrals come from all over the southeast           Website:                                                                  FIRST IN FAMILIES                                                  (First Things First)          Address:              820 State Farm Rd.                                       Suite E                                        Boone, NC 28607          Phone:                828-262-3382          Fax:                     828-262-0899          Email:                 Contact:              Paul Rauscher Services:          Assists families who have a family member with special needs;                                              may provide small grants to purchase special supplies or                                     pay emergency expenses.          Eligibility:           Families of  Ashe, Avery, Wilkes, Alleghany, and Watauga                                      with a household member with a disability                                                   FOSTER PARENT INFORMATION/DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES                     Address:                         Dept. Of Social Services                                                  132 Poplar Grove Connector, Suite C                                                  Boone, NC 28607                    Phone:                            828-265-8100                    Contact:                          Roberta Yates          Email:                                        Hours of Service:          Monday-Friday,                                                  8:00am - 5:00pm                    Services:                         Information on how to become a foster parent.                                                  Provide pre-service training and home studies.          Eligibility:                      Those interested in becoming foster parents.                    Payment:                        No charge for information                    Area Served:                  Watauga County   4-H OF WATAUGA COUNTY                               Address:                         NC Cooperative Extension                                                   971 West King Street                                                  Boone, NC 28607                    Phone:                            828-264-3061          Fax:                                 828-264-3067          Email:                              Contact:                          Karee Mackey                    Hours of Service:          Monday-Friday,                                                  8:00am - 5:00pm                    Services:                         Provide " Learning by Doing" experiences through clubs, special interest and school enrichment activities and events.  Some activities include poster contests, camps, workshops, retreats and many other fun, educational activities.                    Eligibility:                      Youth ages 5 -19 years old                    Payment:                        Membership is free; Events and activities have various fees                    Area Served:                  Watauga County GIRL SCOUTS                     Address:                         409 Summer Haven Lane                                                   Blowing Rock, N.C. 28605                    Contact:                          Lynn Norwood                     Phone:                            828-295-4748                    Hours of Service:          After school hours and weekends                    Services:                         Provide programs to encourage and enable                                                   girls to become responsible and resourceful citizens.                    Eligibility:                      Girls ages 5 - 18 years                    Payment:                        Donations accepted                    Area Served:                  Watauga County                                                   Part of 7 county regionGLENBRIDGE HEALTH CARE & REHABILITIATION                     Address:                         211 Milton Brown Heirs Rd.                                                   Boone, NC 28607                    Phone:                            828-264-6720          Fax:                                 828-264-9023          Contact:                          Allison Labonte                                                                                  Hours of Service:          24 hours per day,                                                   7 days per week                    Services:                         Skilled nursing care; speech, occupational and physical therapy, and assisted living.                    Eligibility:                      Elderly population, persons needing around-the-clock nursing care                    Payment:                        Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance                    Area Served:                  Northwest NC and Northeast Tennessee GOVERNOR’S ADVOCACY COUNCIL FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES           Address:                         2113 Cameron  Street,                                                   Suite 218                                                  Raleigh, NC 27605                    Phone:                            887-235-4210;                                                     1-800-821-6922                    Contact:                          Allison Breedlove                    Hours of Service:          Monday-Friday.                                                  8:00am - 5:00pm                    Services:                         Provides information regarding the                                                  Social Security Disability Program & SSI                    Eligibility:                      Disabled North Carolinians                    Area Served:                  North Carolina  GRANDFATHER HOME FOR CHILDREN           Address:                         PO Box 98                                                   Hickory Nut Gap Road                                                  Banner Elk, NC 28604          Phone:                            828-898-5465 or 898-5393          Contact:                          Jim Swinkola, Executive Director;                                                   Bob Houck, Associate Director of Program                                                            Website:                         Hours of Service:          Year round residential care.                                                   Offices open Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm          Services:                         A private agency affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA) that provides love and healing to children, youth and families who have been hurt by emotional, sexual or other abuse.  Our Christian staff work with children to resolve the hurt so that they can again live with a family.  If a child cannot be reunited with the family of birth, an adoptive family or another community living arrangement is the goal.  Provides support services to help families remain together free of abuse.           Eligibility:                      Children ages 5-18; most referred from social                                                   service agencies and area mental health programs throughout NC, some referred from private counselors          Payment:                        Foster Care, SSI, AFDC, Medicaid           Area Served:                  Children throughout NCHABITAT FOR HUMANITY                     Address:                         P.O. Box 33, DTS                                                   711 George Wilson Rd.                                                  Boone, NC 28607                    Phone:                            828-268-9545                      Contact:                          Judi Scharns          Email:                                        Hours of Service:          Monday-Friday, 1:00-5:00 p.m.                    Services:                         We are a group volunteer organization                                                   which builds homes for low income                                                   families throughout Watauga County.                    Eligibility:                      Low-income families living in Watauga County.                                                   Anyone can volunteer          Payment:                        Donations welcome          Area Served:                  Watauga County HABITAT FOR HUMANITY – RE-STORE Address:                                  711 George Wilson Rd.                                                   Boone, NC 29607 Phone:                                      828-268-9696Contact:                                   Casey PondEmail:                                      info@restoreboone.comHours of Service:                    Tuesday-Saturday,  9:00-5:00 PM HEAD START FOR WATAUGA COUNTY                     Address:                         312 Clint Lewis Road                                                   Boone, NC 28607           Phone:                            828-262-3221                    Contact:                          Lina Church             Hours of Service:          Monday-Thursday, 8:30am - 2:30pm                                                   Friday 1/2 day 8:30am - 12:00pm          Services:                         Preschool education          Eligibility:                      Low income/ special needs children 3 & 4 years old          Payment:                        None; volunteer work at center by parent is appreciated but not required          Area served:                   Watauga County HEALTH CHECK OF WATAUGA COUNTY            Address:                         126 Poplar Grove Connector                                                  Boone, NC 28607            Phone:                            828 264-6635, ext. 129                                                            Fax:                                 828 265-3101          Contact:                          Elaine Adams, Health Check Coordinator           Hours:                            Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.           Services:                         Helps improve access to preventive health care for children and youth enrolled in Medicaid.  (for information on Medicaid eligibility and applications, contact Pansy Moody at the Department of Social Services, 265-8100)          Eligibility:                      Children and youth ages birth to 20 years who are served by Medicaid.          Payment:                        No charge          Area Served:                  Watauga County  HEALTHY CAROLINIANS TASK FORCE WATAUGA COUNTY                     Address:                         155 Furman Road, Suite 7                                                   Boone, NC 28607                    Phone:                            828-268-8961          Fax:                                 828-264-7916          Email:                              Contact:                          Gillian Baker           Hours:                            9:00 a.m. –5:00 p.m.                                                                                   Services:                         The task force seeks to create new community                                                   programs and strengthen existing programs that improve the health of our community through interagency collaboration and community action.            Eligibility:                      The community          Payment:                        No charge for services.                    Area Served:                  Watauga County  HEBRON COLONY                     Address:                         356 Old Turnpike Road                                                   Boone, NC 28607                    Phone:                            828-963-4842          Fax:                                 828-963-4735          Email:                                        Contact:                          Rick Conant                    Hours of Service:          Monday-Saturday,                                                  9:00am - 5:00pm          Services:                         A non-profit organization that provides a 10 week                                                   program which points the students to a study of God's Word and encourages the development of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.                    Eligibility:                      Men 20 years old and older who have alcohol and/or other drug problems                    Payment:                        No charge for services                    Area Served:                  No residency requirement          Website:                HIGH COUNTRY AMIGOS            Address:                       Crowder’s Creek Office Building                                                 820 State Farm Rd.  Suite E                                                 Boone, NC 28607          Phone:                           828-264-2930          Fax:                               Same as phone number; phone line switches over to fax           Email:                           Hours:                           9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday           Services:                       Provides information and referrals for support services for Hispanic/Latino residents, including English classes, women’s groups, translation assistance, emergency assistance, and the times and places of area church services offered in Spanish.          Eligibility:                    Available to all residents of the High Country.           Payment:                      No charge for services.  Donations of money and services are accepted to help expand and improve the services we provide.  HIGH COUNTRY DIABETES SUPPORT GROUP            Address:                       Watauga County Health Department                                                126 Poplar Grove Connector, Suite A          Phone:                           828-264-4995                                                828-264-3061          Contact:                        Laurie Cimino, Watauga County Health Dept.                                                 Margie Mansure, NC Cooperative Extension           Hours:                           Meets the first Thursday of each month 12:00-1:00 p.m.          Services:                       Provides information on diabetes, and on care and treatment options for persons with diabetes, from guest speakers with experience and expertise in diabetes.  Family members and other support persons are also welcome to attend.            Eligibility:                    Available to all residents of the High Country.           Payment:                      No charge for services. HIGH COUNTRY HOSPICE                     Address:                         136 Furman Road                                   Boone, NC 28607                    Phone:                            828-265-3926           Fax:                                 828-264-2125          Email:                              Contact:                          Becky Thomas          Hours of Service:          Monday-Friday,                                                  8:00am - 4:45pm          Services:                         RN visits to home; social worker assessment and assistance, volunteers for families, emotional support, and bereavement services, including Camp Sunshine, a bereavement summer camp for children, on-call RN.          Eligibility:                      Terminally ill patients (6 months or less)          Payment:                        Hospice Medicare/Medicaid only to eligible patients, private insurance          Area Served:                  Watauga County  HIGH COUNTRY UNITED WAY            Address:                         PO Box 247                                                   Boone, NC 28607          Phone:                            828-265-2111          Contact:                          Jenny Miller                                                  Executive Director          Email:                              Services:                         Provides financial and operational support to                                                   designated local and statewide agencies.                                                    Also provides information concerning available services of these agencies.          Eligibility:                      Serves the community through member agencies          Payment:                        Donations welcome          Area Served:                  Watauga, Ashe & Avery CountiesHOPE PREGNANCY RESOURCE CENTER            Address:                         PO Box 3316                                                   232 Furman Rd.                                                  Boone, NC 28607                    Phone:                            828-262-3951;  828-265-HELP          Fax :                                828-265-3008          Email:                             Contact:                          Brian Lowe,                                                   Executive Director                    Hours of Service:          Monday- Thursday, 7:30am-6:30pm                                                  Friday by appointment only                                                            Services:                         Guidance and Christian support for women who                                                   are experiencing crisis pregnancies; including pregnancy testing, educational facts and options, housing & clothing, childbirth & prenatal classes, support, referrals and counseling.                    Eligibility:                      Any women in an unanticipated, stressful pregnancy.                                                    Services are also available to her family and the father of the baby.                    Payment:                        No charge for services                               Area Served:                  Watauga, Ashe and Avery CountiesHOSPITALITY HOUSE OF BOONE AREA INC.                     Address:                         302 W. King Street                                                   Boone, NC 28607                    Phone:                            828-264-1237          Fax:                                 828-265-2541 (shared line, please call before sending a fax message)                    Contact:                          Lynne Mason                                                  Ian Mance          Email:                                        Hours of Service:          8:00am - 9:00pm                    Services:                         Community meal - 5:30pm daily; short-term homeless shelter; sleeping place; winter shelter; support services                    Eligibility:                      Individuals (male & female) 18 years or older, families who are homeless                    Payment:                        No charge for services  HUNGER COALITION OF WATAUGA COUNTY                     Address:                         141 Health Center Drive                                                   Boone, NC 28607                    Phone:                            828-262-1628          Fax:                                 828-262-0649          Email:                              Contact:                          Compton Fortuna                    Hours of Service:          Monday-Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm                    Services:                         Emergency food assistance to individuals and                                                   families in crisis situations; supplemental food assistance to selected families; assistance to families in emergencies needing heat, utilities etc.;                                                    prescription medicine provided through pharmacy project.                    Eligibility:                      Clients in need of emergency food and energy assistance; self or agency referrals                    Payment:                        No charge for services                    Area Served:                  Watauga County, Ashe, Avery          LA LECHE LEAGUE OF BOONE                     Address:                         204 Thaxon Lane                                                         Boone, NC 28607                                                  Meeting Place: Grace Lutheran Church                    Phone:                            828-264-4995                    Contact:                          Daphney Tucker                                                            Hours of Service:          Meets 3rd Wednesday of each month at 10:00 a.m., currently meets at Grace Lutheran Church                     Services:                         Breast-feeding counseling & support, and lending library                    Eligibility:                      Pregnant women, breast-feeding mothers and nursing babies          Payment:                        No charge for services                                                   $30 membership optional                    Area Served:                  Watauga County and surrounding area          Website:                         LEGAL AID OF NC                     Address:                                                   171 Grand Boulevard                                                  Boone, NC 28607                    Phone:                            828-264-5640;                                                  1-800-849-5666 (for clients)          Fax:                                 828-264-5667          Email:                             Contact:                          Denise Lockett                    Hours of Service:          Monday-Friday;                                                  9:00am - 5:00pm                    Services:                         Services range from legal advice to full                                                   representation in litigated cases and on appeal.                    Eligibility:                      Low-income persons or groups in the seven county region; low income is defined as income not exceeding 125% of the poverty level                     Payment:                        No charge for services, but donations are accepted                                                 and are tax deductible                    Area Served:                  Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Mitchell, Watauga, Wilkes and Yancey CountiesLITERACY COUNCIL OF WATAUGA COUNTY                     Address:                         Meets at Watauga County Library:                                                   140 Queen Street                                                   Boone, NC 28607                    Phone:                            828-264-8784 (library)                                                   828-265-2963          Contact:                          Beth Mueller          Hours of Service:          Services scheduled as appropriate for client needs and availability of volunteers.                      Services:                         Individual tutoring and reading instruction for both native English speakers and persons speaking a foreign language; available from 1st grade to adult.                    Eligibility:                      Any Watauga County resident.                     Payment:                        No charge for services.                     Area Served:                  High Country Area          Website:                         Watauga County MARCH OF DIMES - APPALACHIAN VALLEY DIVISION                     Address:                         209 Queen St.                                                   PO Box 2105                                                  Morganton, NC 28680          Contact:                          Tonya Eldreth,                                                  Division Director          Phone:                            828-437-8397          Email:                             Hours of Service:          Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm, except summer hours 8:30 –5:00 Monday-Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon Fridays           Services:                         Voluntary health agency whose mission is to improve                                                   the health of babies by preventing birth defects and infant mortality.  Through its Campaign for Healthier Babies, the March of Dimes funds programs of research, community services, education and advocacy.          Eligibility:                      Agencies, schools, health departments, hospitals or                                                   any individuals that are addressing the problems of maternal & child care          Area Served:                  Avery, Burke, Caldwell, Henderson, McDowell, Polk, Rutherford, Mitchell, Watauga & Yancey Counties          Local Events:                High Country Walk America (Spring)                                                 Walk chair – Tanya ELdreth – 828-437-8397                                                  Bowling For Babies (Fall)                                                  Celia Trivette – 828-264-4530 MARRIAGE AND FAMILY CLINICAPPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY           Address:                         Dept of Human Development & Psychological Counseling                                                   Room 102, Edwin Duncan Hall                                                   Appalachian State University                                                  Boone, NC 28608          Phone:                            828-262-2055 or 262-6045          Fax:                                 828-262-2128          Contact:                          Karen Caldwell or Jon Winek           Hours:                            Monday-Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Services:                      Couples and family therapy for a wide range of issues,                                      including depression, anxiety, adjustment, separation                                       counseling, stepfamily therapy, and pre-marital                                       counseling.  Child and adolescent therapy services                                       also available.           Eligibility:                   Anyone needing these services. Payment:                    A sliding scale fee is used.  No one is denied services                                     due to inability to pay.                    Area Served:              North Carolina and Tennessee MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH WATAUGA MEDICAL CENTER            Address:                         PO Box 2600                                      �