Dominate the Front Page of Google with these SEO Plugins for WordPress


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This is the first article in a 3 part series on SEO Plugins for WordPress designed specifically to help you increase your search engine rankings.

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Dominate the Front Page of Google with these SEO Plugins for WordPress

  1. 1. glo balbadasse m http://www.glo m/blo g/do minate-the-fro nt-page-o f-go o gle-with-these-seo -plugins-fo r-wo rdpress/Dominate the Front Page of Google with these SEO Plugins forWordPressWednesday, January 9th, 2013 at 8:16 am EditSEO plugins for WordPress that will help you dominate the front page ofGoogle!Article #1 of our 3 part seriesWatch this FREE video on how you can explode your business using a simple 8 step formula that will drivemassive traffic to your website.If you are not already using WordPress f or your website, then you may be making it more dif f icult to rank inthe major search engines. T his is due to WordPress being one of the best, if not the best bloggingplatf orms on the internet f or search engine optimization. Additionally, since it is an OpenSource application,there are thousands, if not millions of developers creating both f ree and paid plugins f or customizing yoursite.Read Jill’s Review of WordPress BY JILL DUFFY I occasionally have the pleasure of reviewing a product that I am so taken with that I adopt it for personal use. And on very rare occasions, it’s a piece of software or tool that I’ve needed for a while but hadn’t had the time to research and buy or download., the free blogging platform and hosting service, rolled into my life at precisely the right time. Experienced bloggers who want full and deep control over their sites need look no farther. It’s also the right tool for new bloggers who plan to invest in their blogs long term—you’ll learn more as you go, while still being able lay your foundation
  2. 2. immediately. Read the rest of the story….SEO PLUGINS FOR WordPressALL IN ONE SEO PACKAll in One SEO Pack Pro is a powerf ul tool f or managing your SEO. Packed f ull of f eatures and easy to use,it provides every WordPress user with a simple way to improve their search ranking! T his SEO Plugin f orWordPress is Free, but a pro version is available as well f or those who are looking f or premium support.T his plugin is simple to use and comes out of the box pre-conf igured to start SEO’n your site immediately.However, there are some tweaks you’ll want to make to improve the perf ormance. Below I have broken downthe plugin into 4 sections, and each section we will break down f urther into easy-to-do and tounderstand directions to help you get the most out of this amazing FREE plugin.Section #1 – META Tags & Keywords Plugin Status – T he very f irst thing you want to do, if you have not done so already, is to click on the Enable button next to Plugin Status. T hen scroll down to the bottom of the application and click on “Update options”. By doing this you ensure that the plugin is activated. Home T itle - T he Home Title is displayed in your browser header on your home page of your website. T his section can contain your business name, website, slogan, and a sprinkling of keywords. But you don’t want to put too much inf ormation in this area due to the limited space you have. Home Description - T his section should contain a brief description of your website that will entice surf ers to click on a link when they are searching f or keywords or phrases relevant to your website. It should also contain a keyword or two to help with SEO.
  3. 3. Home Keywords - T his is where you will want to add the keywords you are trying to rank f or. If you are not sure how to do keyword research, we will be adding another article soon with step-by-step instructions on how to f ind some badass keywords, and do it f or FREE. Oh… One more thing. You don’t want to overdo it with the keywords in this section, try to keep it between 5 and 20 word or phrases, no more.Section #2 Formatting T itle Formatting - T his section is used to f ormat your URL’s (Unif orm Resource Locator) into a readable string of characters f or humans and the search engines. Most importantly, make sure the Canonical URLs and the Rewrite Title check boxes are checked.Canonical Urls ensure that you don’t get penalized by Google f or duplicate content, specif ically your URL. Ifyou really want to take the time to learn what this check box does, I would suggest you read this post onGoogle Webmaster Central Blog called Specif y your canonical.TIP: Click on t he light blue t it les f or more det ails regarding each opt ion wit hin All In OneSEO.SEO Plugins f or WordPress
  4. 4. T he last two items in Section #2, you really don’t need to worry about. Just leave SEO f or Custom PostTypes unchecked and leave post and pages selected.Section #3 Misc. Items Google Plus Profile Sitewide Default - Add your Google+ prof ile link to this f ield to get your picture to display in Google’s search results. If this is a f eature you would like to turn on, then login to your Google+ account and go to Prof ile and privacy and copy your your URL. Example:
  5. 5. Google Analytics ID – Add in your Google Analytics ID. Example:(UA-12312312-1). Google Analytics is a very powerf ul f ree tool to track your site traf f ic and where it is coming f rom. Remaining Options in Section 3 – For the rest of the options listed in section 3, make sure your setting are just the way we have them above, which is pretty much def aulted. T he only one you will want to make sure is checked is Autogenerate Descriptions.Section #4 AlternativesSome may say may argue that this is one of the most powerf ul tools built within All In One SEO. T his sectiongives you the ability to write custom titles and descriptions to better promote your content. You are limitedto in this area, but it can be a highly ef f ective tool when used properly.We hope you f ind value in this article and it helps you in conf iguring one of the most powerf ul SEO pluginsfor WordPress. Please make sure to return to our site f or our next article on SEO plugins for WordPress.
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