Digipak analysis


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Digipak analysis

  1. 1. Digipak Analysis<br />Robbie Williams live at Knebworth<br />By James Lonergan<br />
  2. 2. RW within the red wings is Robbie Williams logo and fans will recognise the logo image and the initials<br />The tittle of the album is the most eye-catching part of this cover, and the main reason people will buy this album – it is highlighted to stand out and be seen.<br />The main image of the artist in front of a big crowd ( also with the use of “live” in the title) suggests the genre of this artist is rock – however fans will know him as more of a pop artist – this connotes as well as the advisory sticker that the artist is rebelling and changing genre<br />This is an image you’d expect to see on this album as the artist has developed this and used it as his personal logo.<br />The font used on this album is very big and bold, this suggests that this type of music is bold and loud which again suggests a rock album<br />The use of black and white in this pictures makes it feel special as if the picture is of an epic event – its also emphasizes the title on the album as it is highlighted in white.<br />Main conventions of a Digipak front cover are being used on this front cover such as, key font styles, images, stars/icons and the audience.<br />Thee use of this image shows Robbie Williams in the foreground with a very big crowd in the background, this suggests that he is a very popular artist and sells out all of his concerts, this connotes the album is a success which may lead to people buying the CD<br />Parental advisory sticker – this warns the customer that this product has strong language or may have offensive content.<br />
  3. 3. Conventions of the back cover include = track names listed, amount of tracks on the CD, running order of tracks, image, colour, logo of the artist and production details<br />The image is of the artist, in a room which seems to be a not so nice hotel room, this connotes the life of a rock star, as they travel from place to place. This links in with the feel of the album suggesting it is a rock’n’roll album<br />The spine has the name of the artist and the album. This is for the practical reason of when you are looking for it whilst its packed on a shelf. The font is simple and easy to read so it can be easily identified for that same reason.<br />The use of colour, similar to the front cover is black and white, this again gives the feel of an epic event, and as it is music, again suggests a great rock show. Linking in with the genre of music.<br />The font used in the back over of this album has a smudged effect and some is bolder then the other words, this emphasizes some of the words in each song title<br />The RW band logo, Robbie Williams initials followed by robbiewilliams.com ( his official website, where you can purchase all of his merchandise. The logo is neat and flowing which suggests the same abut the artist and his/her music<br />The production details: written in fine print as this is not a key thing for the customers. It consists of legal texts and details such as copyright, record labels and production teams names. And company names and addresses<br />