Childrens film evaluation 1


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Childrens film evaluation 1

  1. 1. By Jake Cotton
  2. 2.  In my children's opening sequence, I ensured our video contained all the conventions of a real media product. An opening sequence will usually contain;  Title Sequence  Credits/media company  Introduction of main character  Establishment of location  Theme tune/sound track  Introduction of film narrative  Introduction of film genre
  3. 3.  In Erik the Viking, it starts off with a title sequence showing viewers the title of the video. The following clip shows viewers which media company produced the video. The first clip of any characters is one of Erik The Viking himself, the main character fighting his way down the stairs. It then also shows the location in which the video is filmed in. Whilst all these conventions are happening, the main soundtrack is being played over the back ground, this music shows what kind of film it will be as it is a fast paced soundtrack. Eric the Viking is a fantasy-action which is clear at the beginning of the film.
  4. 4.  In Erik the Viking different sound is used, two soundtracks are used and character voices are used to. Also, sound effects have been used to create effect.  Different camera shots are used, high angle, low angle and zoom are mainly used and we ensured the 180 degree rule was used to ensure it made sense to the audience  Whilst editing, our main feature was slowing down the battle between Erik and his imaginary friend. We also used jumpshots and cuts in order to allow the video to run smoothly. No additional lighting was used when filming either and Final Cut was used to edit.
  5. 5.  We aimed our video at younger children aged between 6-12 as I feel it will appeal to them because of the music and the action involved. There is also some comedy in the film which young children will find quite funny. Its clear our video is a fantasy as having an imaginary friend which you can see is not possible. This shows that the video is fantasy based  This age group will end to like the fantasy-action based video because at that age they will act in a similar way, have imaginary friends and play fight with friends. The swordfight at the start of the play will really appeal to 6-12 year olds because they enjoy acting in very similar ways.  There is no real stereotyping in our video, no character is represented in a particular way.
  6. 6.  The most well known children film distributors is Disney. Many high quality films are distributed by Disney and have since become the most well known childrens film distributors around. Disney have made films such as Bolt, Meet The Robinsons and Chicken Little. Pixar have also distributed some top selling childrens films such as Toy Story, Wall.E and Ratatouille.
  7. 7.  Film distributors interested in my product would be the likes of Pixar because like many films they distribute, Erik The Viking is an action based film.
  8. 8.  The audience we originally wanted to aim our product at were teenagers. We wanted to combine comedy and action but as we got further into filming we realised we needed to change our target audience as we set our age group too high. We lowered the age to 6-12 and we feel we have met the aim well. The fantasy for the younger side, the action for all and the comedy for older side of the age group.  Our classification would be a ‘U’. The film is aimed at the younger generation so there is no swearing, no real violence and no sexual scenes. A child aged 4 and above would be able to watch our film and enjoy it.
  9. 9.  The specific areas in which our film attracts our target audience is the sword scene in which Erik The Vikings imaginary friend is training Erik to become the most powerful Viking around. The clip has an intense soundtrack over the top and involves slowed down footage to add effect. This particular part attracts viewers because it is fast paced and includes some quality action footage which the audience want to watch.
  10. 10.  During the making of Erik The Viking, we had to use certain equipment we have not used before for example, the first piece of technology we were given was a video camera. It was hard to find all the corrects buttons we were looking for but after a while we knew what we could do with the camera.  Also, to make audio, we used a program called Garage Band. At first it was difficult to navigate our way through the program but after a while we adapted and got some quality sound effects and music for our Video.
  11. 11.  In our preliminary, there was not much change in footage, all camera shots were similar and the clip was very boring. We learnt from this and made sure we had lots of different shots and ensured the audience wouldn't get bored. Other improvements include editing as in our latest video there is more of a smooth flow where as in our previous video it looked bad and cuts were done poorly.  The preliminary helped up produce a better final prouduct as we know which areas we needed to pay specialist attention to, in order to improve our final video. I believe Erik The Viking was a success, it was funny in areas, the audience seemed to enjoy it and it came together well after a slow start.