Overcome your fear will change your LIFE!


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Overcome your fear will change your LIFE!

  1. 1. Overcoming Your FearWill Change YOUR Life Carly Delly
  2. 2. Overcoming Your Fear Will Change YOUR Life Carly Delly
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  4. 4. ContentsOvercoming YOUR Fear will change your LIFE 1
  5. 5. Overcoming YOUR Fear will change your LIFEJanuary 22, 2013Do you know that overcoming your fear will literally change yourlife? Do YOU want to know the real secret that will allow youbasically take YOUR fear and PUNCH it Right in the nose? Thanthis is… …for YOU! Ask yourself this question? Do you love whatyou do for a living? If your answer is no, than why in the heck areyou still doing it! If you take your time to think about it the answerwill be clear: FEAR. Yes indeed FEAR is the only reason why youstay in JOB that you hate, why you still with a partner that youdespised or why you never asked your boss for a raise. We wantthe finer things in life for ourselves, our kids and our family; yet, weare conditioned by society to believe that we should resignourselves with what we have. Ladies and gentleman this is pure BS!YOU deserve the finer things in life. When I decided to becomeself-employed and get out of the corporate world, no one wanted 1
  6. 6. me to go. My boss sat me down and he recounted his story. Heexplained how he made millions and lost it all and the path I’mchoosing is really dangerous and unsecured! HE recounted a storyof a dog (I don’t really remember the animal) that had a bone in hismouth while walking next to a river. He looked at his reflection in thewater and saw a BIGGER bone. The dog did not understand thatthe bone he is seeing is just a reflection of what was in his mouth.He let go of the bone he had in his mouth and jumped in the riverafter the bigger one. The moral of the story is that the dog losteverything because he was not SATISFIED with what he alreadyhad. This kind of fear tactic is classic, but I did not budge and smileand said that I know the RISKS and I’ll take my chances. I left thecompany and this was the best decision I have ever made in myentire life. 2
  7. 7. Follow those following steps(pun intended) and change your LIFEright away: Read inspiring books daily and Listen to inspiring audiosdaily Pray and meditate daily(if you’re atheist, just meditate daily)Learn something new daily Give something daily Be YOURSELFdaily Read inspiring books daily and Listen to inspiring audiosdaily Have you ever been inspired before, either to change yourbad habits, lose weight or make more money? Than whathappened, are you truly better off than before you got inspired?Most people would say no to that question and the only reason isthat as a human being we need to consistently be inspired! This iswhy we must read and listen to audios DAILY! We shouldcontinuously let our internal fire burning so we don’t get discouragedwhen going for our dreams. This step is essential if you truly want to 3
  8. 8. change your life for the better and it will also help in overcomingyour fear. Reading is great for your mind as you get to spend timewith the only person that truly matters, YOU! I don’t care if you onlyread 2 pages or 3 a day, it’s a start. Do it every DAY! Listening tosuccessful people daily help you connect with a coach or mentor. Italso helps you to learn from another human being who was whereyou are at right now and how they were able to change their life forthe better. Read: Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill or anythingelse he wrote To crush your FEAR read: The conquest of fear byKing William and Benjamin Basil (this book is written by a Christianand the English is kind of ancient but it literally help me master myfear!) Listen to: Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, Bob proctor,Anthony Robbins and others Pray and meditate dailyThis is truly important and some people may ignore this advicebecause they think spiritual practices are just crap. Let me tell youthis, my friend, this is the most important step you can do foryourself that will truly help with overcoming your fear. It will literallychange your life. When praying don’t be afraid to ask for MONEY!Life is a balance of everything. YOU need health, wealth, piece ofmind, hope and applied faith (ACTION), Love, romance, patienceand wisdom. Thus, ask for all of them! Mediation with help you 4
  9. 9. connect with the higher self. The one that you were meant to be. It’llchange your life people, DO IT! Don’t take my word for it, do someresearch and see how many successful people meditate. If not all ofthem most of them do. Learn something new daily As a leader Iusually push people under me to learn daily. Learn about yourfriends, your family, your job. Learn from leaders around you, likeyour boss, his boss or other people you like and appreciate. KeepLEARNING and don’t stop. This will change your life! Givesomething daily When people hear me say this, they usually replythat they don’t have, so how can they give? Really? You’ve gotplenty to share! You are an incredible person with incredible gifts.Did you know that s simple good morning with a nice smile canchange a person’s day? Matter of fact it can save a person’s life.Change your attitude, love people, and share everything you’vegot. If you have some money, donate a bit. This will come back toYOU a thousand fold GUARANTEE! Be YOURSELF daily Just doYOU. This is a pretty powerful thing to do. Don’t let other people tellyou who you’re supposed to be. Just be who you are. Don’t try tochange yourself just to please someone else. Be who you are, don’tcare what other people think about you and the world will open up toyou! Overcoming your fear is easier than you might think. Keepreading educate yourself, follow the steps I outlined and trust mewhen I say this, YOU will not only overcome your fear, but you willCHANGE your Life! And if you are interested in making a lot ofmoney and are willing to change, not only your financial life but,your entire being, join my mastermind team a we grow and make aload boat of money together! Click HERE and let’s make thingshappen! Maybe you dont think you deserve financial freedomMaybe you believe in working for someone else for the rest of your 5
  10. 10. life and I respect that. But, if youre truly tired of being undervaluedmake this change today and be part of my team ! 6