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Create facebook page website


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how to create facebook page website

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Create facebook page website

  1. 1. Introducing theAmazing new facebook page “Mini Website” software tool
  2. 2. Create easily a 5 page“mini website with any color menu tabs you want
  3. 3. Easily Insert a Header of your choiceAny background color
  4. 4. Insert a video to your Mini website
  5. 5. Imagine for instance ifyou owned a business like a “Hair Salon” You could promote It on your Facebook page“Mini website” using the following features
  6. 6. You could show images of all Your hair styling techniques
  7. 7. Show a image of your salon entrance so yourcustomers know where to find it
  8. 8. Show images ofinside the salon
  9. 9. Let thecustomer meet your stylists And the salonowner - they willbe reassured of a good service
  10. 10. Show testimonials from your existing clients
  11. 11. Let the client know whatyour credentials are and where you trained and learned your skills
  12. 12. Let your client know Your opening hours Whether you offer a Discount via this websiteHave a webpage just on your Products range
  13. 13. Putting humor aside this is aserious piece of user friendlysoftware. In one stroke it has made customized facebook page templates obsolete! Create as many “miniwebsites” as you can handle. (No limits.)
  14. 14. This amazing new software requires NO technical experience, even a complete newbie can use it, All instructions are by Video Tutorials.“We learn more by what we seeand hear than by what we read”
  15. 15. Create as many facebook page “Mini websites” as you want. - You can even publish to your friends facebookpage, they just have to let you be “admin” of their
  16. 16. For a product that offersso much compared with others out there.
  17. 17. To find out more aboutthis new software clickon the link below in the description