Writing an effective business plan


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Find out what makes an effective business plan. Attract investors, business partners and other key business stakeholders: Visit http://www.business-plan.co.za

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Writing an effective business plan

  1. 1. Developing and Writing an Effective Business Plan Can Be Very Difficult Business PlanningDeveloping and Writingan Effective BusinessPlan Can Be VeryDifficult
  2. 2. Developing and Writing an Effective Business Plan Can Be Very Difficult Business PlanningFor strategic insights on how you can develop a business plan that will get you thefunding and business support you deserve, Click here.While Business Planning may be a difficult task, especiallyto do it well, it doesnt mean that you shouldnt do it. Itsbenefits far outweigh its challenges. However, if you havea good Planning Process, then the difficulty of theplanning task is mitigated and often minimized.Business Planning is the Hard Part...If the Biz Planning Process is Comprehensive and wellexecuted, then the Planning Process itself will often bemuch harder than the actual running of the company.Wouldnt you like to get the hard part of running thecompany out of the way upfront? Wouldnt you want toensure the absolute best chance to succeed with yourcompany? Wouldnt you want to be highly profitableverses marginally profitable? Of course you would. But todo so takes a lot of hard work, making the intangible (i.e.an idea, a new project, a new business venture), tangible.
  3. 3. Developing and Writing an Effective Business Plan Can Be Very Difficult Business PlanningBorrowing from the success of others in creating andexpanding successful companies, can really give you a legup in the difficult Process of converting the unknown intoan executable, successful venture. This is why I wrote aBusiness Plan Workbook as it takes a lot of thatguesswork out of the Biz Planning Process, giving youyears of experience in not just building successful plansbut actually implementing those plans into successfulcompanies. A good business plan workbook simplifies thecomplicated Biz Planning and Building Process into simple,doable steps which build on one another into the buildingblocks of a successful company.Knowledge and Know-How...Good Biz Planning comes from lots of hands onexperience. Overcome that experience factor by utilizing aproven Planning Process.
  4. 4. Developing and Writing an Effective Business Plan Can Be Very Difficult Business PlanningDefine the Unknown...Without an effective business plan in place, you are justthrowing darts at a board with your eyes closed. A goodPlanning Process defines the unknown into an executableplan. Otherwise, you are simply guessing. Business is hardenough- take the mystery out of it. It is exceedingly hardto define the unknown without a system in place to worktoward known opportunities, threats, competitors, marketchanges, market variables, business models and so on. Aneffective Planning Process embraces the unknown andcreates the future- a future of probable success.Inexactitude is a guarantee in Business...Not everything can be predicted. However, by having asystem in place to deal with this inexactness allows you tomore effectively address challenges that come up.Inexactitude costs your company money. An effectiveBusiness Plan puts systems in place within your Companyto quickly deal with the unexpected occurrences,minimizing your "learning curve" expenditures.Additionally, a Plan can test the merit of a Strategic Tacticor Program to deal with a potential problem before
  5. 5. Developing and Writing an Effective Business Plan Can Be Very Difficult Business Planningimplementation, again, minimizing your learning curveresource allocation. A good business plan process orworkbook will help you effectively deal with theunpredictability of a company and the inexactnessinherent in business development.Frank Goley is a business consultant and works for ABC Business Consulting. He is an expert indeveloping, writing and implementing business plans, funding plans, marketing plans, strategicplans and business turnaround plans. He is author of the Comprehensive Business PlanWorkbook and the Business Success Strategies Blog.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Frank_Goley