The business profitability difference


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Strategic insights on how to increase business profitability, improve return on investment through strategic business and marketing plans. Find out how you can create value for your clients and ultimately boost profits. Check out

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The business profitability difference

  1. 1. The BusinessProfitabilityDifference
  2. 2. The Business Profitability Difference Turnaround your business! Strategically attract investors, create value for your clients and boost business profitability. Click hereFor every woman owned company that is successful, there arethree or more who are not. Whats the difference? It just mightbe the difference in the mindset of the woman business owner.Most business women who start their own company do sobecause they are looking for more interesting ways to use theirmind and their talent while allowing them the freedom to maketheir own choices. Indeed, thats one of the advantages ofbusiness ownership. But, if the business isnt profitable it wontlast very long.Interestingly, intelligence and talent seem to have nothing to dowith success, as many a woman business owner, who ended upshutting down their business, can attest.Edith Piaf, one of Frances greatest singers who at one time livedon the streets, once said, "Money? How did I lose it? I never didlose it. I just never knew where it went."
  3. 3. The Business Profitability DifferenceIf you find yourself with this financial dilemma youre certainly notalone.The problem for many of us business women is that we weretaught early on that making money was not "nice". It came fromour puritan roots and has been passed down through thegenerations. Surely youve heard "money is the root of all evil".The question is ... do you believe it?Many women also feel they dont have a right to make a lot ofmoney. A woman owned company 40 years ago was considerednothing more than a hobby. Television during that era convincedus that "father knows best" and it is the man of the house whoshould be the breadwinner of the family.You may hold any of these hidden beliefs without even beingaware of it. That is because the roots of our beliefs go very deep,and while we may not be consciously aware of these thoughts, itis possibly the reason you are not experiencing businessprofitability.
  4. 4. The Business Profitability DifferenceSo what can you do to improve your business profitability andsuccess as a woman business owner?Take action. Heres how:Identify how you feel about money and if its your beliefs that arekeeping you from making the kind of income you want and need.To find out if its your mindset about money that is holding youback, ask yourself how you feel about people who have money. Ifyour reaction is a slightly negative or uncomfortable feeling, digdeeper. Observe what thoughts pop into your head withoutjudging them. You may begin to see a pattern of negativethoughts that you have associated with money.Now, give yourself permission to let go of those thoughts. Realizethat how you feel is what keeps you from reaching your potentialin business. Begin to recognize that money is nothing morethan paper. It can do us no harm and it certainly is not evil. It iswhat people do with money that makes all the difference. Askany woman owned company what they do with their profits andthe majority of the time they will have a favorite charity orcharities they support financially. Realize that having money is
  5. 5. The Business Profitability Differenceactually good. It provides us security, enjoyment and the abilityto make a difference for othersUse self-talk to improve your confidence and change your beliefs.It takes serious effort to change beliefs but, if youre seriousabout success, you will find a way to do it. As you begin toquestion your beliefs, understand that what is past is OK. Its allyou knew. Dont beat yourself up over it for your past financialmistakes. Instead, look at this as a great learning experience.Self-talk is used by NLP experts and many positive thinkers as away to improve peoples lives. We all experience self-talk even ifwe dont realize were doing it. Why not self-talk on purpose?Once we become aware of our internal dialog about money wecan begin the journey to improve our business profitability. Tellyourself every single morning when you get out of bed "It is OKto make money and today Im going to work on it". When you goto bed at night, remind yourself of all youve done that day tohelp you improve your financial picture and congratulate yourself.Youll sleep better too.Get more informed about business finances. Have a workingknowledge of how assets and liabilities affect your bottom line.Many financial companies have free literature that teaches how to
  6. 6. The Business Profitability Differenceread a balance sheet and a financial statement so that youunderstand more about your financial picture. You may also findthis information online. In addition, you need a financial plan foryour business just like you need a financial plan for yourself. Thisis the step by step action plan based on where you are today andwhere you want to be in the future. Its a roadmap for yourpersonal financial success and your business profitability. Ifyouve never done a financial plan you can get started witheFinPLAN, a financial planning software that is easy andinexpensive to do it at home. It will not only teach you how tothink about money, but get you started on the path to financialfreedom.Analyze your product or service, your sales, and your expenses,then decide where you could improve. Take a look at yourproduct. Is it one you believe in? Do you really feel good aboutwhat it can do for others? If not, youll find it hard to sell so itmight be time to look around for something else. If you dobelieve in your product or service, then its time to look at yoursales. How many prospects are you reaching per day? Is itenough? If youre uncertain about how to increase the numberof prospects you reach or how to close them, you might consider
  7. 7. The Business Profitability Differencegetting some training. Find more information on how to start andgrow a profitable women owned company at WomenCorp. Next,look at your expenses. How much does your product cost whenyou include the cost of your labor, office rent, utilities and travel?Is there a way you can change that picture to reduce expenses orincrease your price to cover them?Enjoy the results! When you focus on improving your profits youcant help but improve the long term potential for your business.And remember to congratulate yourself and acknowledge youraccomplishment.In Jack Canfields "The Power of Focus" he shows how just byfocusing on what you want and reviewing it regularly, you willbegin to see it appear in your life.Remember, the past doesnt matter. You can recover and be onyour way to improved business profitability in a matter of months.But without action, nothing will happen.
  8. 8. The Business Profitability DifferenceSo get started today. With the right mindset, you are half waythere to having a successful woman owned company thateveryone admires and will provide you a source of great incomeand immense satisfaction. Turnaround your business! Strategically attract investors, create value for your clients and boost business profitability. Click here
  9. 9. The Business Profitability DifferenceRox Batson is the founder of WomenCorp Magazine, dedicated to helping women inbusiness start and build successful woman owned companies. Find more informationon how to start and grow a profitable business at http://www.WomenCorp.orgArticle Source: