Small Business Start Up Grants


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Small Business Start Up Grants

  1. 1. Small Business Start GrantsSMALL BUSINESSSTART GRANTS Plan for success Click here
  2. 2. Small Business Start GrantsFind out how you can start and grow asuccessful business. Click hereIf you have come up with a new idea or just want tofinally start that business of your own, finding thecapital you need to get started may be the thinggetting in your way. It is no secret that many newbusiness ventures fail because of insufficient startingcapital. Well, you will be pleased to know that thereis help available for startup businesses. In order tosupport the development of new business, thegovernment and various organizations offer grantsto new or expanding businesses. While this maysound very generous, it only makes sense since it isin the best interest of the country, and otherbusinesses as well, to encourage new enterprises byinvesting new venture capital; thus giving life to the
  3. 3. Small Business Start Grantsdreams of entrepreneurs and continuing to promoteadvancement in business and technology.Finding the right grant for your new business is animportant first step and may be the only way to getyour business operational. You will be surprisedonce you start down his road that it is not as painfulas you may have imagined. There many resourcesalong the way to guide you through the process.When figuring out your starting costs and the typefinancial assistance you will require, you need toconsider many different factors. Grants arespecialized and your specific needs dictate the placeyou should look. Location, future plans, and totaldollars needed are all factors in deciding which type
  4. 4. Small Business Start Grantsof funding you will need and which source is thebest bet for your business. There are many SmallBusiness Start Up Grants available at the local level,the state level, and the federal level. There are alsogrants provided by industry and large corporations.Doing thorough needs assessment will help youdetermine where to start looking.You not only need to know where to apply for agrant for your new business, but you also need tolearn how to apply for the grant once you find asource. There are online sites that give freeinformation to those looking for grants for a startupbusiness. Many of these sites take will take youthrough the entire process, including requiredresearch, business types, business plans, startupcosts, business licensing, taxes, and funding.
  5. 5. Small Business Start GrantsFor any grant to be considered an application mustbe filled out and written requests and descriptionsmust be provided. You will need to put in writingyour business proposal, a summary of yourbusiness, grant justification, a project description, ayearly budget, your qualifications, and anyoutsourcing that may be done.There are places that you can visit on the Web thatwill educate you in the process of applying for agrant. There are also sites that will teach you how towrite a grant application step by step.The Business Grant Steps Management is one suchplace. They can assist you in learning how to spend
  6. 6. Small Business Start Grantsyour time, writing business proposals, assessingyour companys needs, getting business clarity, andlearning how to avoid scams.Another site you may want to check out is calledWomen Owned Business Grants. This site isdesigned especially for women starting their ownbusiness, whether a home-based business or anoffice-based business. The site gives manysuggestions as to where to look for governmentfunding. It also provides information on start upideas, setting up small business management.Another place to check out is called Small BusinessInvestment Company or the SBIC Program. Since1958, this program has provided approximately $30
  7. 7. Small Business Start Grantsbillion in both loans and equity investments to90,000 small businesses since 1958. They representa successful partnership between the FederalGovernment and private investors. There are SBICoffices nationwide. Each SBIC defines its own areaof interest, specializing in specific industries orlocations. Some of the most well-known businessesin America got their startup money from SBIC, AppleComputer and Staples for instance. Specialized SmallBusiness Investment Companies, SSBIC, specializein applications from economically or sociallydisadvantaged new businessmen.Another well-known source of new business capitalis The National Association of Small BusinessInvestment Companies, also called NASBIC. This isanother venture capital organization, actually, the
  8. 8. Small Business Start Grantsoldest organization its kind. Any startup businessowner may be wise to checkout out this source as away to acquire the necessary funding for their newenterprise.
  9. 9. Small Business Start GrantsEvery year, the government--local, state, and federal--gives away millions of dollars to peoplejust like you for business ideas. Leon Edward shares information on government funding,Federal, State ,Local Grants , where to find start up grants, sources, free grant money CD, howbest to fill out applications, grant management step by step tips, setting up a business steps athis website A Free Legitimate Home Based Business Report and Free Internet Business Library withOnline Business Ideas, Free Training Newsletter at Leons Home Business Websitehttp://www.homebusinessit.comLeon Edward Helps people to start, grow legitimate Internet Based home business income withbusiness structure, small business legal service information, step by step guides and onlinebusiness training articles, reviews, marketing blog and newsletter... with legitimate businessideas and opportunities as top BBB rated home businesses, turnkey internet business, a 3 stepsto internet income business proven MLMs, even a start free work at home program.Article Source:
  10. 10. Small Business Start Grants