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The importance of marketing a small business or any other business for that matter cannot be overstated. Discover how to strategically market your business. Visit http:/ for great insights.

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Site Build It - Overall Value Review

  1. 1. Online MarketingSmall Business - SiteBuild It - OverallValue Review
  2. 2. Find solutions to your business problems. Click hereOnline Marketing Small Business - Site Build IT! - Reviewof Value DeliveredI am frequently asked to comment on different companiesand the value they give compared to what they charge.Todays review is of a company with the unlikely name ofSite Build It! I rate it as follows:1. Education and Training: If I was going to use oneword for this, it would be "overwhelming" There arethousands of pages in 8 different free ebooks that coverevery facet of online marketing.Frankly, I found it rather intimidating. On the other hand,I have to say it is nice to see a company over deliveringfor a change. So, keep in mind that if you ever sign up
  3. 3. with these folks, you are in for a complete education. Nota bad thing, I suppose.2. Ease of Use: The site is massive, but it is really easyto navigate.3. Quality of Customer Service: This one I have to givethem a 2 thumbs up! Theyve responded to requests forinformation, solution to problems and some morequestions quickly and professionally.4. Price: It is pricey at $299 a year. On the other hand,there are much cheaper hosters for your small business,but you get very little to go with it. You have to buy a lotof extras to do a decent job of your site. Site Build It! nowhave a monthly payment plan also. Makes the cost morepalatable
  4. 4. 5. Up Time: There are few web hosting companies nowthat cant guarantee almost 100% uptime and Site Build Itis the same as the others.6. Tools: This where this company really shines. Theirkeyword, brainstorming, site page building and manyother tools really blow me away. I have many tools frommany companies over the years and theirs are the best.Best of all, they are free, part of the package you sign upfor.Can you see why it is so important to gauge the 5 itemsabove and use this list to compare any company you arelooking at?I would rate Site Build It! a 9 out of 10 to build youronline marketing small business with.Find solutions to your business problems. Click here
  5. 5. About this AuthorBy the way, do you want to see what others have achieved for themselves online from home using acompany that far exceeds all the requirements cited above? View my short video Source: