Emerging Mobile Marketing Jobs


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Emerging Mobile Marketing Jobs

  1. 1. Emerging Mobile Marketing Jobs Emerging Mobile Marketing JobsTake This Opportunity To Dominate Almost Any Niche Market Simply By Tapping IntoThe Popularity Of An Ever-growing Revolution In Business.. The Mobile Medium! NowIncludes Extra Bonus Reports, Pro Video Home Study Course Plus Much More. ClickhereMobile Marketing is a booming industry right now and that is only expected to growexponentially in the future. As with any newly developing market, the jobs that are required tocarry out the tasks do not yet exist or need to be tweaked from previously existing positions.People will need to either move from related positions into the new jobs or become educatedand trained from the ground up to fill these spots. As the marketplace continues to develop,more people will be necessary to fill various strategic and creative positions. Some of thesejobs will be more necessary than others and will become high demand positions subject to ahealthy dose of competition between firms to retain the best and the brightest. The followingfour positions are jobs that are emerging in the new mobile marketing landscape and willbecome regular positions in many organizations in the near future.What Are The Types Of Mobile Marketing Jobs1. Mobile Marketing StrategistA Mobile Marketing Strategist is the person that makes the key tactical decisions in the mobilemarketing campaign. Essentially, the project manager, the person in this position will need tohave a great deal of knowledge about the marketplace and mobile marketing strategy andimplementation. This person doesnt just make recommendation for strategy, they need to havethe expertise to make recommendations and guide the client on decisions throughout the entireprocess. This includes guiding them towards the best application development and vendorengagement options for their campaign. In addition, a position like this will require strong
  2. 2. Emerging Mobile Marketing Jobsmarket research skills and the ability to digest large amount of industry and market data intoactionable recommendations and best practices. The Mobile Marketing Strategist position is avery demanding position that calls for a high level of expertise. Despite the pressure a positionlike this will cause, the rewards are also just a high.2. Mobile Application DeveloperA Mobile Application Developer is the person that creates the applications for the mobileplatform on which the campaign will be deployed. There are two basic types of mobileapplication development, so a developer should be familiar with one or both of the processes.The first is taking existing applications, for example web applications for use on a computerthrough the internet, and converting that application into one that can be used through a mobilephone. The conversion process is not as easy as it might initially sound and requires multipletechniques to accomplish. A new user interface must be designed and implemented, thoughthe back end processes may stay very similar. The second is to develop an entirely new mobileapplication for use with the mobile marketing campaign or advertising effort. A new mobileapplication will be required for each new platform that the application will be deployed on, suchas the iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. The developer must be skilled in several programminglanguages, specifically Java, HTML, Flash, and the C programming languages are the mosteffective and in demand when developing applications for mobile marketing campaigns onhand-held devices.3. Social Media ManagerThe Social Media Manager position can vary from organization to organization. In general, thisis the person that will be managing the day-to-day operations of the mobile marketingcampaign. While the strategist devises the overall plan and methods of conducting thecampaign, the social media manager will be in charge of ensuring those instructions arefollowed through. Another aspect of the Social Media Manager in some organizations will be tomanage the social aspects of the mobile web properties. Mobile campaigns are increasinglybecoming two-way streets, with consumers sending information back to the company as well asthe company sending advertisements and information to the consumer. In addition, mobilecampaigns lend themselves to social interaction and this must be managed to make sure thatthe interactions stay in line with the vision and intent of the campaign and are not derailed.4. Media Buyer
  3. 3. Emerging Mobile Marketing JobsOne of the main ways of conducting a mobile campaign is by purchasing advertising on analready existing mobile advertising network. Companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsofthave developed their own advertising networks and this composes a considerable part of theirincome. Making keyword purchase decisions can be a critical choice when developing a mobilemarketing campaign, as the keywords should be relevant and engaging to the consumer. Inaddition, the ads should be placed in the network with relevant content to the target audience toincrease their engagement with the campaign. This responsibility lies with the media buyer.The jobs will be on the cutting edge of emerging mobile marketing jobs and will becomecommonplace in organizations trying to develop or maintain a mobile presence. Statistics showthat more people own mobile devices than credit cards. It is only a matter of time before allbusinesses large and small realize that they will need to develop a presence on the mobile weband start hiring for these positions. Right now the mobile marketing field is wide open with noone company claiming dominance. As the field becomes more developed then it will be moredifficult to move into these positions as the requirements will be higher than ever. Now is thetime to develop the ability and knowledge to compete in the emerging mobile marketing jobmarket.Your business can flourish by getting some information on mobile advertising. What better wayto reach your customer than to use a device that over 85% of the US population uses: cellphones.Check out www.trendsinmobilemarketing.com/mobile-advertising/ for the best online tips foreverything related to mobile marketing. Mobile is an emerging media with new rules and ways tooptimize for maximum exposure and ROI. With the right resources you can be ahead of thecurve vs. your competition and oust them with the latest mobile marketing tactics.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Chris_Carol
  4. 4. Emerging Mobile Marketing Jobs