Cafe business plan - financial projections


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Cafe business plan - financial projections

  1. 1. Cafe Business Plans - Financial ProjectionsCafé Business For the best insights on Business PlanPlan – Financials, finding good investors clickFinancial hereProjections
  2. 2. Cafe Business Plans - Financial ProjectionsWhen creating your financial projections for your cafe,save time and hassle by starting with an existing Excelfinancial model that just needs adjustment to reflect yourspecific business. Given that, here are a couple key areasto consider on which most of the other numbers willhinge.Foot TrafficUntil your cafe becomes a destination through the work ofyour promotion strategy, it is safe to say that your primarybusiness will be some a percentage of the foot traffic thatpasses by on the street, assuming you are on a city streetwith sidewalks. To look at revenue this way, you need toknow the foot traffic per week during a normal workweek, and how this number changes with the seasons orwith holiday weeks over the course of a year. Next, youneed to make an assumption of a percentage of this foottraffic that will enter your cafe during business hours. To
  3. 3. Cafe Business Plans - Financial Projectionsbase this in some reality, look at the percentages thatenter a similar business. To be more exact, subtract fromthat number the customers who sought out the examplebusiness specifically. Finally, you need to decide on theaverage order size per customer who enters, taking intoaccount those who enter and do not buy at all. Slightvariations in the foot traffic assumption, the percentagewho enter, and the average order size will mean hugevariations in your revenue projections, so be sure toexplain how all three numbers are grounded in reality.Service CapacityYour space needs, salary costs, and ability to generaterevenue with your cafe will depend in large part on thenumber of servers you plan to have operating at a giventime. Take into account that a server cannot servecustomers nonstop from opening to closing as there willbe a need for resupplying, phone calls, breaks, and clean-
  4. 4. Cafe Business Plans - Financial Projectionsup. You should nevertheless have an idea of how manyaverage orders a server can fill in an average hour tocreate a reasonable maximum service capacity for yourcafe. Make sure to relate the service capacity you willhave to the orders per hour you expect from your foottraffic in the first year. You may want to adjust the servicecapacity by adding additional servers or time-savingequipment like a POS system if you expect more than youcan currently handle, or to give servers additionalresponsibilities if you believe they will be idle at first.For the best insights on Business Plan Development,finding good investors click here