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Landing invest

  1. 1. Your strategic partnerInvestment products for local companies
  2. 2. IntroductionBarcelona Business LandingBarcelona Business Landing is a consulting agency specialized in the internationalizationprocess, that brings support to international companies that want to develop their business inSpain and Europe and local companies in their process of exportation and internationalizationCapabilities> Multicultural and multidisciplinary team>International commerce, investment, strategy consulting and events experience>Multisectoral experience> Analytical and strategy oriented aproach: directed to targets> Global focus: Global partners network
  3. 3. Foreign investment opportunitiesThe current economic crisis opens an opportunity tothe foreign investment. The financial capacity of some Because of the crisis and the lack ofmarkets (most of all emerging countries) allows local bank credit, the Spanish enterprisesbusiness to access large pools of capital. need to look for foreign financial alternatives to bring viability to their projects or find profitable way outs. A lot of investors have already detected this necessity in the companies and are aware that now is a good moment to invest and acquire, especially in Spain, the European peripheral country that offers the most business volume offers. The depreciation of the euro is attractive to international investors, both strong countries like the U.S. and for emerging countries, hoping to buy assets cheaply.
  4. 4. Opportunities for your companySearch of foreign investorsBarcelona Business Landing looks for the bestforeign investors for your company, whether to investin it or to acquire it.Through a strategic analysis, an acquire investorprofile and international reach, multiply your businessopportunities to successfully close a deal.• Project customizations to maximize results in shorten cycles.• More than 15 years of experience• Wide network of business contacts and institutional• Access to investment funds and private equity Barcelona Business Landing gives investors practical guidance to all projects• Local and international partners network based on goals. Therefore, the success of each action is palpable and measurable.
  5. 5. Products for local businesseLocal business investment products [+]Barcelona Business Landing offers two investment products oriented to facilitate the sale ormerger of your company, or external funding.M&A Merges and Acquisitions Company evaluation and search of buyers or companies to merges or jointventuresInvest Search of international investors Search of foreign investment. Industry specialized investors Your strategic Partner in Barcelona
  6. 6. Products for local businessesLocal business investment products [+]Implementation phases for mergers / acquisitions and funding search are verysimilar: Fase I: Fase II: Fase III: Evaluation + Kick Off Investor identification Deal clousing • Acceptance of terms and • Potencial investors • Negotiation conditions identification • Due Diligence • Internal analysis of the • Initial contact and • Drafting of final investment company and it’s needs meetings agreement and closing the • Investor profile definition • Detailed information deal • Offert FASE 1 FASE II FASE III Your strategic Partner in Barcelona
  7. 7. Other services to companies Market Intelligence Preliminary studies Business Support Market studies Export plans Market evolution tracing Product adaptation Business agendas Partner selection Business tours (congresses /clusters) Costumer prospecting Export outsourcing Comunication strategy Congress and event management Logistic Support Landing “Agenda Barcelona” Investment analysis Translation and Landing strategy interpretation Legal and tax support Relocation Company relocation Human resources
  8. 8. Local partnerships: We support: Barcelona Business Landing was created with the vision of promoting economic and social development as part of a global network of consultants who, from their different locations, cooperate and enhance their settings.
  9. 9. lej Thank you Alejandra Yuste Tel. +34933005619 Barcelona Business Landing C.Llacuna 162-164 Barcelona - Spain