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  1. 1. BUSINESSINTELLIGENZEMI N FR A S T R U C T U R EFA C TSHEETBusinessIntelligenzeM is a leadingmobile development outsourcingcompany. Deep industry and businessprocessKnowledge, a partnership approach,comprehensive service offerings and aproven track record enablesBusinessIntelligenzeM to deliverbusiness value to the world’s leadingcompanies. BusinessIntelligenzeM ispassionate about building a marketleading company valued by our clients,employees, business partners, investorsandDIFFERENTIATORS• Deep domain expertise• Business value focus• Operational excellence• Partnership approach• End-to-end Sr. offeringsGLOBAL PRESENCE••• Las Vegas, USA New Delhi, India Business value focus Your Mobility Starts here!!! Getting It Done and Getting It Released MOBIANGLE I N FR A S T R U C T U R E FA C T SHEET We are - an Idea Factory - a User Experience Cultivator - a Development Powerhouse Our Solutions Are - Foundational - Incredible to Experience - Built to Last our core competencies center around the following services: • Mobile Strategy & Technology Consulting • Data-Driven, Professional User Experience Design • Rapid, Cross-Platform Server and Client Development
  2. 2. Technology at work for you C O N N E C T I N G Y O U R B U S I N E S S TO T H E T E C H N O L O G Y R E S O U R C E S Y O U N E E D BusinessIntelligenzeM is one of the foremost Mobile Software development firm based in India that have been catering to the needs of a global clientele. Our unique approach of converting ideas into lively products made us a • Mobile S t rat egy & front runner in developing formidable mobile applications. We are dedicated to provide the industry with the best Technology Consult ing services, expertise, and related specialized skills and thus help produce high quality products. Our teams of Originally, Mobiangle was, at its committed professionals have years of experience in developing Mobile Software. We believe in aligning people, process and technology with our strategic approach. By developing a center of excellence, Mobiangle aims to propel essence, a design and development the adoption of best practices among organizations. shop. However, it quickly became apparent that • Vast Experience that includes completion of over 50 mobile apps in the last 12 months and our forecast is to cross 100 apps by June 2011 our team members were serving as • Extensive experience in creating Enterprise consumer facing web applications. This experience aids in Mobile Strategy Directors for many giving mobility to existing web applications of our clients. Today, Mobile Strategy • Ability to work across all mobile platforms • Flexibility to work and provide various engagement models – these includes fixed bids and long term Consulting is a big part of what we engagements do. • Global presence with offices in United States, Europe, India and AfricaP RO JE CT MA NA G E ME NT Wowed by the Cloud. Presenting from mobile devices or the web. Anytime and Anywhere.In cases where www.businessintelligenze.comclients prefer a T E CHNI Q UE S A ND B E S T P RA CT I CE S • Dat a-Driven, P rof essionalhands-off, linear, F O R DE LI V E RI NG T HE B E S T P O S S I B LE User E xperience Designor sequential E X P E RI E NCE F O R E A CH MO B I LE DE V I CE .approach, we COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE User Experience (UX) is just not anemploy a application’s design, but UX of atraditionalwaterfall The business differentiation for an organization is the mobile solution is the intersection ofdevelopment customization of its software to maximize its business the Information Architecture, Usercycle ensuring processes. That is how an organization will beat its Interface Design, and Client/Serveradhesion to competitors. An organization should not have to Development – and a positive UX isstrict project change how it executes its processes because the critical in any context.deadlines and software they purchased will not allow them to do itfeature that way. Software should change to meet anspecifications by organization’s needs and not the other way around.utilizingseparate teams OUR PHILOSOPHY We do not believe we have a 9 to 5 job. Our customers Locations: span across the US and the world. As such, we work • Rapid, Cross-P lat f orm when they do and if they want us to be onsite or in United States of America 6225 S. Mojave Rd. Suite B Las Vegas, NV 89120 S erver and Client person we will be there for them. T: +1 702 433 3063 Development South Africa We focus exclusively on mobile 2nd Floor, West Tower, Maude Street, Sandton – 2196 T: +27-11-881-5703 development and only interested in the platforms and technologies that India make sense for our clients. As a 208, 2F Elegance Jasola District Centre, New Delhi- 25, , India T: +91 11 4060 1234 result, our development team is highly specialized.