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Intelligent Solutions For

             Business Problems
              BI provides a very intuitive, interac...
switching over to BI to not only     SMBs wanting to deploy BI to       investments by providing visual

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Intelligent Solutions For Business Problems - SME World Financial Express


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BI provides a very intuitive, interactive and highly visual interface that would help small and medium sized businesses in most cost-effective way, feels Sanjay Mehta, CEO, MAIA Intelligence.

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Intelligent Solutions For Business Problems - SME World Financial Express

  1. 1. Intelligent Solutions For technology Business Problems BI provides a very intuitive, interactive and highly visual interface that would help small and medium sized businesses in the most cost-effective way, feels Sanjay Mehta, CEO, MAIA Intelligence B usiness Intelligence (BI) is one of the most sought after solutions in the world of business, especially in those businesses that require curve, and with their existing IT infrastructure maturing, there has been a corresponding rise in deployment of applications, especially those that render ad also talk to their existing databases. In short, BI can help SMBs to analyse and process information from different sources. sites to be networked and hoc analysis using spreadsheets. It may not be evident, but it business operations to be Businesses are aware of the fact is equally true that SMBs like integrated across states/nations. that most of the conventional large enterprises produce tons of As far as the Small and Medium software currently being used important data. Though the Sized Businesses (SMBs) in are outdated and are slow, often amount of data produced by India are concerned, the concept unreliable for strategic decision them may seem negligible vis-à- is gradually picking up and is making purposes. Considering vis large corporate houses, in expected to grow in the years to the fact that most SMBs are majority cases it has been found come. Researches undertaken engaged in varied business that SMBs lack requisite by several prestigious agencies practices there is a growing analytical abilities to make best have indicated BI to be one of realisation that they need to do use of the data generated. the high priority engagements a lot more data mining and data Traditionally, SMBs were seen to for CIO’s in India and abroad. analysis to take informed be hunting for affordable BI, but Until few years ago, BI was decisions. The very fact that BI today we see a paradigm shift in considered to be a business tool is capable of interacting with their approach as they have accessible only to the large multiple applications and can begun to realise its criticality as conglomerates considering the provide reports and analysis on a decision making tool. SMBs sheer enormity of investments a single screen gives BI an are realising that generating one was required to make. Not unbeatable edge vis-à-vis complicated spreadsheets on a anymore! With several service conventional low-end business sustained basis is highly time- providers entering the BI software. As for those SMBs consuming and manpower domain, today, a host of tailor- who are presently using financial intensive process. SMBs, made BI solutions are available accounting and inventory especially those in the mid- off-the-shelf for SMBs at a price management packages like Tally, market segment (100-999 that would not pinch them. It is they can also harness the power employees) who are on the look- widely known that SMBs in the of BI which could not only out for a more effective and country are moving up the IT facilitate connect with them, but efficient alternative are 14 NOV2008 - JAN2009
  2. 2. switching over to BI to not only SMBs wanting to deploy BI to investments by providing visual technology comply with the regulatory stay competitive. Undoubtedly, reporting and guided analysis for requirements, but also to there is a huge demand for business users. Presently, BI increase the decision-making affordable BI solution. software is aimed at business abilities of their managers, front Nowadays, SMBs also have users within their existing desk executives and back-office access to bundled solutions for transactional applications. BI staff. BI as well as their enterprise provides a very intuitive, The scope of traditional BI application. Several OEM interactive and highly visual aimed at the large players were partners have taken proactive interface that lets users see limited to large enterprises and steps to integrate BI technology problems, both summary and tailor-made to the requirements for functions like Web details, in a very understandable of 5-10 users, whereas today intelligence, data analytics and way. BI product users can operational BI tools empower dashboards. SMBs in the retail quickly comprehend and SMBs to make informed sector are leading the use of BI navigate vast amounts of data decisions by leveraging to develop the right pricing using BI. knowledge and best business models and insights into BI is the buzz in the SMB practices. Operational BI is for customer buying patterns. In Segment, where the need for SMBs who are seeking better the manufacturing domain, solution is increasing. SMB’s decision-making power, SMBs can now use BI to get have now started to adopt BI statutory and regulatory better visibility into inventory software to help meet their compliance with standards. and supply chain operations. As business objectives. BI today has Companies can also use BI to for SMBs in the health and been made affordable and consolidate and co-relate insurance sectors, they can use easily scalable for companies information securely in single BI system to encourage having narrow budgets. window from multiple employees to focus on strategy Operational BI favours SMB’s systems and disparate data rather than simply creating and with its cost effective price sources. Normally, it has been distributing transactional point. Moreover, it is easy to found that unstructured way of reports. implement BI with a few reporting, results into By and large, the SMB experts, but rolling out to The SMB market for BI continues to remain untapped, prime reasons being affordability and scalability unforgiving data errors. market in India for BI continues thousands of users within the However, with operational BI in to remain untapped, prime enterprise and beyond is very place, SMBs can now rely on a reasons being affordability and difficult. With operational BI, wide range of computer scalability. Understandably, organisations get a low - TCO, generated reports designed to SMBs need MIS reporting tools quickly deployable, easily facilitate decision-making. which is not only affordably manageable, integrated end-to- Operational BI enables data priced, but also easy to learn, end BI with stunning analytics. traceability for audit purposes; use, deploy and maintain. The The importance of BI to SMBs and SMB users can trace the BI applications amongst SMB underlies the sense of urgency data source of any piece of users in India are growing at an for many of these firms to make information. exponential rate. BI products better use of their enterprise Of late, there has been a can help to unlock the full data for enhanced and faster gradual rise in the number of potential return on a SMB’s IT decision making. NOV2008 - JAN2009 15