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BMI responds to changes in business conditions with actionable information


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Comprehensive Business Intelligence Application Addresses Data Analysis & Dynamic MIS, ad-hoc Reporting Needs of Brand Marketing India

1KEY BI helps BMI respond quickly to changes in business conditions with actionable information to users

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BMI responds to changes in business conditions with actionable information

  1. 1. 1KEY Business Intelligence Customer Case Study Comprehensive Business Intelligence Application Addresses Data Analysis & Dynamic MIS, ad-hoc Reporting Needs of Brand Marketing IndiaOverview 1KEY BI helps BMI respond quicklyBrand Marketing India to changes in business conditionsMumbai, with actionable information to usersJatin BhattHead IT ”Timely availability of data in the required formatBrand Marketing India for enabling decision making was a challenge forCountry or region our operational users. Taking informed decisionsIndia is the best method of providing your sales andIndustry marketing team with the edge in any marketRetail Brand Marketing place.” - Jatin Bhatt, Head IT, Brand Marketing IndiaI.T. InfrastructureEnterprise ApplicationsShopper 9 Established in 202, Brand Marketing India (BMI) is the holdingTally 9.ERPRetail Pro company for the Calvin Klein Jeans, Calvin Klein UnderwearDatabase and French Connection businesses in India. Within a shortMS SQLBtrieve span of over 3 years, BMI has opened over 100 points ofData Warehouse: sales across 13 Indian cities. In 2004, Vijay Murjani, MDSQL Server 2008 spearheaded the launch of Tommy Hilfiger, which became the most successful premium lifestyle designer brand within 2 years of its launch in the country. All of BMIs stores are designed to global standards and present in prime high street, mall and department store locations, thereby completing a truly world class shopping experience.
  2. 2. “1KEY BI enables our Challenge and analysis. Timely availability of information in required reporting format Old data of Retail Pro up to March 2010users to easy access was stored in Btrieve. Whereas now BMI and presentation has empowered business users to take pro-active andinformation on brands was using Shopper 9 in one single much accurate decisions.and products that was company for different subsidiaries and brands. Accessing old data which wasjust difficult to make scattered in different tables of Btrieve was Why 1KEY BI BMI chose 1KEY because it had the lowestavailable before. Now a challenge. So reports like Trend analysis, cost of entry, rapid development with all trade analysis using the old as well as thedecisions are made new data was becoming a challenge. the user-friendly reporting and analysis features our users wanted. 1KEY‘s ease oftaking the true BMI was using standard reports of Retail use, flexibility and scalability has enabled Pro & Shopper 9. But those were notprofitability of the enough specially from the periodic us empower the business users with a BIproduct into account comparison point of view, where they tool. It gave us a higher level of business intelligence (BI) capabilities that:and not just margin, as wanted comparisons between two years on the two data sets in one single report  Able to easily connect with existing Tallywe would have done e.g. how has been sales trend vis-à-vis & Shopper & Btrieve warehouse data  Provide deep insight in YOY informationtraditionally.” sales, how has been sales vis-à-vis stock  Facilitated information-sharing among ratio. To make such MIS reports and ad- our operation staff so they could better - Jatin Bhatt, Head IT hoc data analysis available with slice & monitor inventory & sales in their dice, drill-down, drill-through like Brand Marketing India appropriate contexts functionalities to the users, was becoming critical. This would help measuring brand, store performance and productivity. Evaluation parametres After an evaluation of competing BI Solution products, BMI selected 1KEY for BMI opted for 1KEY BI solution to process enterprise-wide reporting analysis. BI tools current and past business transactions to were evaluated based on its ability to:  Analytics with Btrieve & new Shopper 9 know exactly what happened previously and compare with the current numbers. BI data & Tally in BI with ease of Use  Cost Effective Solution was connected to warehouse built from  Cater to reporting analysis old Btrieve data, new Shopper data and Tally.ERP 9 data. requirements of top management as well as operational users With BI, business users can now run Year  empower the business users to build on Year periodic reports which they use to their own reports from the base cube prepare manually in spreadsheet and  slice-n-dice the info for further analysis were taking days earlier. They are now able to track changes in inventory Implementation Plan movement by region and product category. Initially, the project began with creating a They can also now analyze product data warehouse for R-Pro and Shopper performance by outlet, region, to enable them to more effectively manage brands data. Since no direct connectivity was toward profitability. available for Btrieve, periodic data was exported in spreadsheet to be dumped in BI has come at a cost-effective price-point, SQL. On the other hand, Shopper 9 had a powerful tool in the hands of our different database for different operational users for ad-hoc MIS reporting companies.
  3. 3. “1KEY provides an So the old & new data was mapped in BI has now become BMI’s enterprise Company, brand, type, category, gender, standard reporting and analysis platform.easy-to-use, integrated style, season, bar code, etc. using SQL The required reports were created in areporting and analytics queries (Zone). While creating DW, in all 8 month time from 1KEY. BI is not just aplatform that provides parameter levels were mapped. One technical and one functional expert from corporate-wide management information system, but is also a tool to support andour end users greater each area were involved in the facilitate executive insight. We implementation of BI. Return On Investmentlooked at other Functional areas targeted for the BI The IT team at BMI is excited about thecompeting offerings, implementation were for across the efficiencies they are realizing by brands BMI deals into viz. Calvin Klein,but preferred 1KEY’s Jeans, CKU, French Connection (FCUK), standardizing on for enterprise monitoring, reporting, and analysis. 1KEY BI was costend user experience Glares & Fragrance effective and hence has turned to form aand easy connectivity. BMI’s top management was directly great value proposition for BMI. The IT team is very much confident to achieveWe’ve found it to be involved in designing the report format ROI within the very first year ofextraordinarily feature- and layout. They gave the inputs which implementation of BI. helped in generating value added” Reports from BI are directly delivered to Partial List of Reports - Jatin Bhatt, Head IT the company’s executives and top Reports produced from the BI are now management for the eagle view of delivered directly to the companys Brand Marketing India enterprise. executives. BI makes information available from a wide range of The project which started in August 2010 departments at BMI, such as: was successfully completed in mere 2 months’ time. A three days training was  Expense Cost Centre-wise reports for given to BMI and they could start using BI. finance managers from Tally data. It is well appreciated by the 25 business Earlier such reports were being users of BMI from across finance, manually consolidated in spreadsheet merchandise and brand. The user which were time consuming and error- community will expand to almost all prone. domains and most of the employees by  Branch Stock Transfer Bills from 1KEY the end of 2011. Reporter (Static Reporting) for Head OfficeFor More Information Benefits  Sales & Purchase Analysis with 1KEYFor more information about BMI found that the best way to protect View for two-dimensional analysisMAIA Intelligence products and solutions, their current & earlier capital investments  Purchase Stock Summarycall Sales Information Center at: was by investing further into managing its  Stores Stock Comparison Statements(+91) 022 668 88 999 or e-mail us at: most valuable asset-‘information’.  Week on Week comparison To access for stock, sales, gender-wise, store-information using the Website: BI gives BMI the freedom to be proactive wise, etc. with 1KEY Cube for and innovative instead of always reacting dimensional analysis to market movements. BMI is expectingThis case study is for informational purposes only. MAIAINTELLIGENCE MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN this to continue to drive the companyTHIS SUMMARY. ahead of its competitors.Document published FEBRUARY 2011