1KEY Query Builder


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1KEY Business Intelligence Reporting Software with Query Builder.

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1KEY Query Builder

  1. 1. We help you to take Decisions On Demand MIS… MAIA Intelligence
  2. 2. Vital Information for Meaningful Decisions… MAIA Intelligence
  3. 3. Now Affordable Intelligence is feasible MAIA Intelligence
  4. 4. T a k e a t o u r… Introducing My Desk… MAIA Intelligence
  5. 5. My Desk gives report categories with various domains Request new reports & maintain a log of the same
  6. 6. Request window for new reports
  7. 7. T a k e a t o u r… Introducing Domain Manager… MAIA Intelligence
  8. 8. Creation of New domains
  9. 9. After Domain creation multiple data servers can be configured to build reports across disparate database
  10. 10. An essential feature of a dynamic report is passing runtime values as parameters
  11. 11. Configure parameters for a report
  12. 13. 1KEY allows to create Query templates and then to inherit the same in any of the reports increasing re-usability
  13. 14. Country selection as a parameter to be passed to get a selective output
  14. 17. T a k e a t o u r… Introducing Report Designer… MAIA Intelligence
  15. 18. Configure & Design any report with 1KEY report writer
  16. 19. Set Level properties to obtain desired hierarchy in a report
  17. 22. Add any number of Columns under a Level Column properties to give maximum flexibility at design time
  18. 24. Column data type can be set at design time
  19. 25. Sorting Order at design time can be set
  20. 26. Freeze columns for flexible viewing
  21. 27. Group Summary details information can be defined for individual column
  22. 29. Column required for pivoting can be selected here for design time
  23. 30. Default settings for single summary or multiple summary for a column
  24. 31. Summary type can be set for cube reports
  25. 32. Default group interval settings both available at design & run time
  26. 34. T a k e a t o u r… Introducing Query Builder… MAIA Intelligence
  27. 35. Design queries for user defined data retrieval
  28. 36. Select domain & data server
  29. 52. T a k e a t o u r… Introducing User Manager… MAIA Intelligence
  30. 53. Create new user accounts & configure domain for the new user
  31. 54. Select roles for giving access rights
  32. 56. Login with the new user login details
  33. 57. The new user account is configured & accordingly the profile has being assigned