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1KEY Business Intelligence Reporting Software.
More user friendly and intuitive menus.
Reduction in analysis time for business users.
Provides freedom to end users for generating customized reports.
Improved accuracy and efficiency in decision-making.
More proactive understanding of business data.
Lets end users access and interact with reports without extra IT overhead.
Easy-to-use with minimum IT involvement

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  • 1KEY Advantages

    1. 1. 1KEY Data 2 Decision Why 1Key BI tool ? "If you don't have a dashboard you can't drive the car. Similarly Chief Marketing Officer CMO know the importance of measuring campaign performance and driving the strength of the brands" MAIA Intelligence
    2. 2. Why do we need Business Intelligence when we have an ERP? Companies that had previously relied on ERP or Excel spreadsheets for reporting indicated that using 1KEY BI enabled them to reduce personnel time associated with reporting by 50 to 90 percent. MAIA Intelligence
    3. 3. MAIA Intelligence
    4. 4. Because you r business involves transaction based Software products, you r organization reflect s the gap in information which creates a gap in your decisions MAIA Intelligence
    5. 5. Using our patented technologies we have the distinction to be the only Indian indigenously developed business intelligence tools by technocrats for Indian Corporate and Government MAIA Intelligence
    6. 6. Why 1KEY ? MAIA Intelligence
    7. 7. Why 1KEY ? Visualize key performance data effectively in graph format Convey performance results quickly with visuals Use scorecards & dashboards as gateways to first-order analysis & advanced analysis Monitor red zones & define threshold levels to set indicators & trigger alert deliveries Link individual KPIs to corporate goals MAIA Intelligence
    8. 8. Cascade scorecards & dashboards throughout the organization & across the value chain Deliver scorecards & dashboards via email, on a scheduled or alert basis Reach all individuals -from executive managers to new Associates Incorporate all enterprise data -financial and operational – from every business process worldwide Access personalized, secure scorecards & dashboard Why 1KEY ? MAIA Intelligence
    9. 9. Why 1KEY ? Green circle - positive variance (goal achieved) Yellow triangle - slight negative variance (goal just missed) Red diamond - large negative variance (goal missed) flashing red diamond - extreme negative variance (goal clearly missed) MAIA Intelligence
    10. 10. Why 1KEY ? Data complexity can turn into Banking simplicity Most banks manage the process with hundreds or even thousands of spreadsheets which typically leads to inconsistent plans, multiple errors , and significantly longer cycle times. MAIA Intelligence
    11. 11. Is your IT Infrastructure helping you achieve very common strategic objectives a) to increase fee income b) to stem attrition of high value customers. Why 1KEY ? MAIA Intelligence
    12. 12. 10 Hot reasons to get 1KEY BI Tool 1KEY connects to any backend database of ERP irrespective of the ERP. It even picks up data from Excel to create a strong data warehouse to generate MIS reports. 1KEY has powerful query, analysis, and reporting capabilities through an intuitive and highly interactive interface that lets users drill down, sort, filter, group, alert, schedule reports & then quickly monitor and navigate relevant information. It's easy to deploy, provides access to data locked in transactional systems, and leverages information from your existing data stores. It can generate rich formatted reports which can be further exported to Excel, HTML, XML, PDF etc. Why 1KEY ? MAIA Intelligence
    13. 13. 10 Hot reasons to get 1KEY BI Tool 1KEY framework forbids use of spreadsheets in meetings and presentations while ensuring better functionality performance & visually stunning reports. Widespread use of spreadsheets across the enterprise can create multiple versions of truthful data. 1KEY analytic functionalities with visually stunning reports will help business user's move away from spreadsheets and help MIS Managers generate report by connecting information among disparate applications. 1KEY framework give business user's opportunity establishes data quality competency centre. Establish the system with the data which has an audit trail with referential integrity and data integrity in place. Why 1KEY ? MAIA Intelligence
    14. 14. 10 Hot reasons to get 1KEY BI Tool 1KEY framework allows a remote user who is not connected to the data warehouse to get the report loaded with data and enable him to slice and dice the data. This flexibility of remote viewing is possible due to XML technology to export and import the reports with its metadata to the remote user who is not connected to data warehouse. 1KEY MIS reporting solution offers solutions to effectively manage data centric applications. 1KEY can handle data complexities and optimize it for on demand preventive and predictive analysis data which has complete referential integrity. Why 1KEY ? MAIA Intelligence
    15. 15. 10 Hot reasons to get 1KEY BI Tool Your existing SCM, ERP, CRM etc. are best for recording your transactions but not for generation of intelligent insight reports. Specialized reporting and analysis application 1KEY can expose your business users to all together new meaningful way of viewing data and analyzing data. 1KEY helps retain the MIS intelligence due to its framework and is reusable and can be shared across enterprise. Your business users using spreadsheets shares only the result of the MIS and not the intelligence gone in getting that result and it is difficult to share it across enterprise if spreadsheet is used. Develop and implement the reporting and analysis system in house using 1KEY frame work and roll out for all the business users of your enterprise. Why 1KEY ? MAIA Intelligence
    16. 16. 10 Hot reasons to get 1KEY BI Tool 1KEY eliminates the need to save multiple copies of a spreadsheet to reflect snapshot data at different points in time, and overcomes the challenges associated with changes to historical data that then cause the snapshot type spreadsheets to be incorrect. 1KEY continues to offer MIS Managers a big opportunity to help their organizations and clients better analyse their operations. 1KEY can help reduce the risk of reporting errors. 1KEY can ensure the systems are effective and efficient, and not too dependent on one person or human. Most important, you can make sure 1KEY MIS Reporting is answering the right questions. Why 1KEY ? MAIA Intelligence
    17. 17. Common Database with 1KEY predictive reporting Why 1KEY ? MAIA Intelligence
    18. 18. Organization with rich data but poor MIS reporting Why 1KEY ? MAIA Intelligence
    19. 19. Organization with 1KEY BI Tool Why 1KEY ? MAIA Intelligence
    20. 20. Perspector data - do not edit