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Webinar: New York Renews


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Alex Tindal Wiesendanger and Lew Daly

Published in: Environment
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Webinar: New York Renews

  1. 1. NY Renews A Just Transition for New York State
  2. 2. What is NY Renews? A coalition of more than 140 energy, environmental, social justice, and community organizations across New York State.
  3. 3. What We’re Fighting For ● 100% renewable energy, making sure we support the communities most impacted by climate change and inequality ● A fee on corporate polluters that damage our health and wellbeing and climate and currently get away with dumping their costs on us
  4. 4. Climate & Community Protection Act (CCPA) ● Introduced in 2016 - has passed Assembly thrice and been held up by Republican leadership in the Senate despite having majority co-sponsorship ● Would move NY to 100% renewables by 2050 and 50% by 2030 ● Requires minimum of 40% of state energy funding go to benefit frontline communities most vulnerable to climate impacts ● Requires high labor standards for new energy-related jobs that receive state funding ● Requires all state agencies to evaluate the climate and equity impacts of their decisions
  5. 5. How do we fund a just transition to 100% renewable energy?
  6. 6. New York state must jumpstart the transition to 100% renewables with $7B annually
  7. 7. $35/ton would generate around $7B for NY every year - PERI study
  8. 8. Climate and Community Investment Act (CCIA) Generate state $ for clean energy & emission reduction Incentivize polluters to invest $ in clean energy Cut emissions & co-pollutants in overburdened communities Corporate polluters will pay a price for greenhouse gas emissions and co-pollutants that will come to approach the true “social” cost of pollution and these funds will be invested to…. OutcomesProcess
  9. 9. Climate Jobs and Infrastructure
  10. 10. Community Just Transition Fund
  11. 11. Worker and Community Assurance Fund
  12. 12. New York Energy Rebate Fund
  13. 13. Our Path Forward - Strategy To Win NY Renews
  14. 14. Goals For 2019 1) Pass the Climate and Community Protection Act 2) Introduce the Climate and Community Investment Act
  15. 15. Strategy To Win 2 ways to pass the CCPA: Include it in the State Budget Pass it through the Legislature
  16. 16. ● Passed Assembly 3x – 2016, 2017, 2018 ● Has been in Assembly’s Budget ● 2018: Majority support in Senate; didn’t get voted on ● 2019 goals: Pass in Assembly, pass in Senate, & move the Governor Strategy To Win
  17. 17. Grassroots Tactic 1: In-district constituent lobbying ● “No one in my district is talking about this. .” ● In district legislative meetings are one of the most powerful tools to move our legislators ● We want to meet with ALL our Assembly members and Senators this fall
  18. 18. Grassroots Tactic 2: Local Public Action Climate Justice Forums ● Local public actions across the state that focus on frontline communities ● Energize & educate communities ● Win commitments from local legislators ● Highlight local issues AND connect to the NY Renews platform ● Get local media attention ● Put local pressure on Governor
  19. 19. Grassroots Tactic 3: Statewide Mobilizations
  20. 20. Grassroots Tactic 3: Statewide Mobilizations ● January: State of the State direct action responses ○ In Albany and locally - ramp up pressure and demand action in coordination with the whole state ● February 5, 2019: NY Renews Summit in Albany ○ Direct call to the Governor and State Legislators to take action
  21. 21. How Business Leaders Can Help ● LTEs or Op-Eds to your local paper ● Meet with your local Assembly member or State Senator ● A letter from business leaders across the state in support of the CCPA toward the end of the year/beginning of the new year ● Join Climate Justice Forums in NYC, Long Island, Albany, Syracuse, or Buffalo
  22. 22. THANKS!