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Coach your team to success: Tips for Team Building Through Coaching


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Lead your team to peak performance through coaching. The CEO Rule is, you lead people you manage systems. This presentation offers tools and ideas for using coaching to lead your team to greater success and productivity.

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Coach your team to success: Tips for Team Building Through Coaching

  1. 1. Coach Your Team to Success:Strategies for Building Your Team andMaking Every Player Strong
  2. 2. The Usual Ways1. Survival: What teamwork? Youre on your own!2. Family: Teamwork is doing it the way that grandfather wanted it done!3. Power: Teamwork is easy - just do what I say!4. Establishment: Teamwork is doing it by the book!5. Success: Teamwork follows the Golden Rule: Whoever has the gold makes the rules!6. Consensus: Teamwork is being nice to each other!7. Systemic: You were team leader yesterday, today you make the coffee!8. Global: If it doesnt save a whale - its not worth doing!
  3. 3. Coaching is Different! What is Coaching? Who Has a Coach? What Does a Coach Do?
  4. 4. Examples of Coaches The Football Coach The Golf Coach The Life Coach The Business Coach The Manager Coach The Employee Coach
  5. 5. The Coach’s Role“A River Without Banks Is a Large Puddle” (source unknown) Establish the Destination Define Success Set Boundaries Motivate the Player/Team Reward Effort Discipline as Needed
  6. 6. The real difference in coaching is about believing in someoneand then taking actionto help that person be his or her very best.
  7. 7. Vision + Communication = Leadership Aim for the Bulls-eye Make Sure Everyone Sees the Target Make Sure Everyone Knows How to Hit the Target
  8. 8. Vision is Not an Idea, It is a Destination Leading People Means Putting them In Motion Movement Allows Adjustment
  9. 9. WillingnessA Motivated – Needsb All Star Training, support, resources, practice, Capable – Needsi motivation, Lost Causet encouragement, incentive, etc.y
  10. 10. The People DevelopmentProcess Training = Providing the Knowledge and Skills Base to Allow for Success Mentoring = Skills and Behavior Improvement Through Observation and Encouragement Coaching = Leadership, Accountability, and Motivation to succeed
  11. 11. The Coaching Session Coaching is both science and Art  Science = Understand the Past  Art = Coach For a Successful Future Measure the Past  What Do You Measure?  How Do You Measure?  What About Bad News? Impact the Future  Next Time  What Do You Need?  How Can I Help?  What is the Next Measure?
  12. 12. Rules for Coaching Coaching is Regular and Consistent Keep Time Team Member Performance is the Focus Initiatives Must Be Recorded and Tracked (Coaching Journal) Every Initiative is There By Mutual Agreement
  13. 13. Roles and Responsibilities Manager’s Role  Create the Agenda  Secure the Calendar  Lead the Discussion  Provide motivation, encouragement, perspective, advice, etc. Team Member’s Role  Track and Monitor Success Toward Goals/Objectives  Prepare Measures and Reports Prior to the Session  Maintain the Coaching Journal
  14. 14. Coaching The Team Communicate Goals, Objectives, Standards and Expectations.  What the Coach Believes Is Generally Self-Fulfilling  People Respond to What you Measure  Consistency is the first sign of integrity. (Victory if possible, Integrity at All Costs) Attitude is Everything  Bad News Welcome Here (There is no such thing as a minor mistake)  Next Time is More Important Than Last Time Expect, no Demand Excellence  Practice is Required (But Don’t Practice Mistakes)  Regular Best is An Every Day Goal  Follow Up to Achieve  Be Ready for the Audible Popularity is Temporary, Respect is Timeless