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Human Resources Employee Engagement Statistics


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2010 will be a year when businesses that address employee engagement issues will see greater profitability and better shareholder return. There is no question that employee attrition is a danger this year, the question is, what are you doing to re-engage.

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Human Resources Employee Engagement Statistics

  1. 1. Did You Know?
  2. 2. 24% of your team members say they don’t see their managers enough
  3. 3. 58% of your team are worried about their benefits
  4. 4. 84% of your managers don’t know how to accurately measure their team members
  5. 5. 32% of your team doesn’t know their next move in the company
  6. 6. 32% of adult US workers listen to music at work on an MP3 player or similar device; 79% say it improves their job satisfaction and/or productivity.
  7. 7. 46% of new hires leave their jobs within the first year.
  8. 8. 63% of those who do not feel treated with respect intend to leave within two years.
  9. 9. 56% of women feel that at one time or another they have been disadvantaged in the workplace because of their gender.
  10. 10. Now You Know?
  11. 11. How will your company UNLOCK your team’s potential?