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Why do I need Business Analysis CBAP Certification


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Why should You get the CBAP Certification? This is one question that every CBAP taker asks at one point or another. Here are few points you can explore.

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Why do I need Business Analysis CBAP Certification

  1. 1. Adaptive Processes Consulting, +91.1 800 3070 2040 (Toll Free)
  2. 2.  Personal Growth and Recognition  Increased Salary (As Per Survey)  Wide Business Analysis Network  Better Execution  Professional Development @Adaptive Processes Consulting 2014
  3. 3.  The great thing about is the community of CBAP - meeting other BAs equally passionate about the profession. Finding out what other BAs are doing in the Industry, bouncing my ideas off others, and having discussions and even debates about BA topics. Acknowledgement within your professional group that you must need. @Adaptive Processes Consulting 2014
  4. 4. @Adaptive Processes Consulting 2014 Beside picture shows it all. An average CBAP salary difference is ~$5000 - $10,000. To get a certificate you only need to spend $300 - $450
  5. 5.  As per the IIBA, there are 3700+ CBAP active in their portal.  Worldwide recognised certification.  Access to the wide range of online resources.  Collaboration with active members. @Adaptive Processes Consulting 2014
  6. 6. @Adaptive Processes Consulting 2014 When it comes to business analysis, organizations face many challenges: • finding the right people, • getting them on the right projects/tasks, and • ensuring that they do the work as effectively as possible. Professional certification helps organizations in identifying, hiring and retaining qualified BAs, and ensuring their staff is using industry standard business analysis techniques.
  7. 7.  The work required to seek professional certification such as getting the right opportunities for work experience, studying for the exam, etc. are beneficial to BA professionals, and represent a significant opportunity to recognize senior BAs for what they have accomplished. @Adaptive Processes Consulting 2014
  8. 8. Adaptive Processes Consulting 4th Floor, Sai Durga Enclave 1099/833-1, Marathahalli-Sarjapur Outer Ring Rd, Bangalore-560103, Karnataka. Land Mark- Near Citrus Hotel, and Shell Petrol Pump Tel:+1 (800) 3070 2040 Email : Website : @Adaptive Processes Consulting 2014