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The New Lean Marketing Lab


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The Lean Marketing Lab has moved from a Ning site to the website. With the move, training programs and other exclusive content has been included.

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The New Lean Marketing Lab

  1. 1. We are CONNECTING!
  2. 2. Lean Sales and Marketing is essentially a knowledge transfer system; its a training system on how to define knowledge gaps and close them.
  3. 3. Lean Sales and Marketing approach is to leave your customer be theprofessor, the Sensei, who will take you through a certain number ofexercises (their decision making steps), the customer leads.
  4. 4. Lean Sales and Marketing is targetedto certain kinds of organizations whoactually enjoy learning. Who arecommitted to continuous improvementas opposed to just doing things andrunning things as they are.
  5. 5. What makes Lean Sales and Marketing different is the system. Thesteps of Lean S & M are simple: 1. Go and see the initial practice (Gemba), the user. 2. Form a working vision from the user experience, an ideal situation of where the USER wants to go. 3. Visualize the users process. If you do that, its obvious to see what your next reaction should be and when to trigger it.
  6. 6. Lean Sales and Marketing is incredibly powerful.
  7. 7. You cant write and teach Lean Sales and Marketing. It is a Learn by doing approach.EDCA PDCA SDCA
  8. 8. Purchase Marketing with Lean Book Series andreceive free membership to Lab1. Lean Marketing House 3. Marketing with A32. Marketing with PDCA 4. Lean Engagement Team
  9. 9. Being a Lab Member includes: • Over 160 Free eBooks • Regular Blog Posts • Free Tools • Discussion Groups • Podcast with Celebrated Authors, Industry Practitioners and Leading Thought Leaders • Lean Sales and Marketing Training • Lean Training for Sales and Marketers • Lean Service Design Training Our Mission is to bring Continuous Improvement to Sales and Marketing.