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High Performance Teams


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The Strength-Based Track at ASQ Charlotte Annual Convention is using a unique approach that is based on a positive skills framework and a collection of rich and interactive festivities. We have been busy working with the facilitators of the breakouts to provide valuable information. Our goal is to harness not only the knowledge of the facilitators, but to open up a dialog with the conference participants sharing ideas. This variety of perspectives will be captured in the twelve interactive breakouts in a strength-based collaborative style of learning. This is the slide deck for the Positive Team Session.

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High Performance Teams

  1. 1. Strength Based Organizational ChangeHighPerformanceTeamsby Joe Dager
  2. 2. Using Quality as a TopicHow can Quality be partof everyday work?
  3. 3. QualityNeeds to have a process forimprovement.PDCASix SigmaTrizISOMalcolm BaldridgeQuality CirclesBPRTaguchiKaizenA3 (PDCA)
  4. 4. It’s simply about gettingfrom point A to BWhat provides direction?
  5. 5. Intuition Based or
  6. 6. Data Based
  7. 7. Process >> PeopleQuality must become part ofeveryday work thruCollaboration
  8. 8. QuallaborationQuallaboration is a term coined by Jim Benson co-author ofPersonal Kanban
  9. 9. Teamssolve problemsbetter thanindividualsHow do you engage?
  10. 10. Why is it tough to engage?• Focus is challenged• Communication is inconsistent• Lack of Predictability• Risks
  11. 11. I usePOTA method many learned in college!
  12. 12. ProgressOwnershipTransparencyLater refined into 3 Simple Habits of a Highly Effective Team by Andy Harjanto
  13. 13. What isProgress?GapsCurrent toFuture
  14. 14. Future StateSmall Mistakes are repairable
  15. 15. Organize Tasks indoable chunksThis Week Next Week NextMonth
  16. 16. OwnershipDo you fight for ownership or is it managed?
  17. 17. It’sthatleadingthing
  18. 18. People will go above and beyond..if part of solution
  19. 19. Transparency
  20. 20. Transparency• Not welcomed in mostorganizations• Creates Work• Responses• Letters• Additional responsibilities• Recordation
  21. 21. Teamwork is an individualskillYou must take• Progress(proficient)• Ownership• Transparent
  22. 22. Follow the 2 Pizza Rule- Amazon, Jeff BezosMake it manageable
  23. 23. Smaller Groups• Informal communication• Better assignment of tasks• Easy Manageable Tasks• Increase participation• Reduces Info needed to be processed• Provides Clear Line of Sight
  24. 24. QuallaborationStarts with You
  25. 25. Gemba Walk
  26. 26. Objections• Brainstorm reasons tosay “no” to the ideaRephrase• Each objection as a“how to” overcomethat objectionBrainstorm• Ways to overcomeeach objectionSelect• Actions we cando ourselvesIntellectualJudoTake Action: DOIntellectual Judo
  27. 27. Team Kanban
  28. 28. Strength Based Organizational ChangeHighPerformanceTeamsby Joe Dager