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For quite a few years, I have used this outline to organize marketing campaigns, create web pages or so-called squeeze pages and many other marketing efforts. I first ran across this outline in the book, The Marketing Playbook: Five Battle-Tested Plays for Capturing and Keeping the Lead in Any Market by Jahn Zagula and Richard Tong. I have adapted it through the years to meet my needs, but essentially it has remained the same. The book explains the process in greater detail. However, the outline in itself offers a good description.

We are all enamored, with are tools, to include the latest canvases and maps. We always seek to find this deeper understanding or epiphany from creating a buyer persona, customer journey or stakeholder maps. These tools, though quite useful, are all strategic type tools. For me, I like to go in the weeds and work on more tactical projects. This is an outline after completing allows me to write copy, create buttons and add pictures very easily. It is what I call a tactical outline. I do want to mention that seldom have I used the Marketing Campaign Project Map without modifying it in someway depending on the client and their needs.

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Marketing Campaign Project Map

  1. 1. Business901 Project Name Objective Time Line The campaign your campaign to win your play soon/later Main Contact Decision Maker Participants Customer Team go to person/team who signs off influencers Sales Person Sales Team Your Resources Your Team main driver internal/external staff your resources to include vendors Case Yes, Stituation your assesment But, Gap your concern So, Insight to fill Gap your ambition Story Vision: Desired Future what you beliieve Mission: Role in what you commit to realzing vision Functional Emotional Social Values: Criteria from this perpective from this perpective from this perpective to fulfill Positioning X category the category you can win in What's your category Y-target the low hanging fruit you can win The Custome Need Z- differentiation the key thing you have over the other guy Uniqueness Message Promise the cake and eat it too you have to offer Tagline your invitation Secret Sauce your trademaked coolness Power of 3 Argument Features your awesome your awesome your not screwed up Benefits your best evidence of awesome your best evidence of awesome your best evidence of not screwed up Proof Name of your awesome stuff Name of your awesome stuff Name of your stuff that keeps working Voice: Tone & Manner The level of familiarity & info warranted by yur target's level of trust and knowledge Offer: Call to action Your most attractive next step Adapted from The Marketing Playbook by John Zagula and Richard Tong