Marketing with A3 Overview


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This is an overview of using the A3 Lean Problem Solving Tool for Sales and Marketing. It also provides a quick overview of the book Marketing with A3s.

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Marketing with A3 Overview

  1. 1. A problem well-stated is a problem half-solved. - Charles Kettering
  2. 2. What is an A3?• A3 reports are named A3’s because they fit on an A3-sized sheet of paper, which the same size as the 11 x 17 or (2) 8½ x 11 sheet(s) of paper.• Purpose is to document on one page, the results from the PDCA cycle.• 4 Types of A3s • Problem Solving • Proposal • Status • Informational
  3. 3. Why in Marketing?• Helps Sales and Marketing to start thinking as a problem- centric team.• Helps to start telling stories and provide meaning to your marketing• Uses A3 to discover why you are doing certain things.• Provides a visual story to define what sales and marketing actually accomplishes.• Teaches problem solving, the Lean way.
  4. 4. I like to think of an A3 as a mini-PDCATeam: Date: Countermeasures:Title/Theme:Background/Definition: Implementation:Current Conditions:Target:Determine Cause/Analysis: Follow-up:
  5. 5. In the Lean Marketing House,we use A3s for each of the foundation blocks or the marketing tactics that support the house. Web Ezine Mailers Brochure Pricing Presence Social Press Speaking Advertising Referral Media Release
  6. 6. Using A3 in our Marketing Tactics• Develops a continuous improvement culture• Develops our Sales and Marketing Team• Provides a process linkage for Customer Focused activities.• Forces us to go to Gemba to solve problems• Provides historic records of decision making throughout the process• Develops a Knowledge Capturing mechanism supported by data
  7. 7. Sample A3s are included in book: Direct Marketing Inbound and Outbound Calls Training Program Outline Sales Communication on a Promotion Gap Analysis of an Annual Advertising Campaign Churn Rate Gap Analysis Increasing Consulting bookings Gaining Control of Internal Costing structure Business Plan Analysis for Industrial Segment Increase in Workshop Attendance Increase in ROI of present Marketing Activities
  8. 8. Table of ContentsChapter 1 Marketing with A3 IntroductionChapter 2 Transforming to Marketing with A3sChapter 3 What is an A3?Chapter 4 Using A3 in your Marketing ProcessChapter 5 Types of A3Chapter 6 Description of the Components of the A3Chapter 7 Tools used in A3Appendix A A3 TemplatesAppendix B A3 Examples
  9. 9. Visit the Marketing with A3 Website: • Sample A3s • A3 Podcasts • A3 Community • A3 Experts • A3 Book Recommendations
  10. 10. Available on Amazon: • Kindle • CD Rom • Ring boundAvailable on Barnes & Noble: • NookAvailable on Business901: • PDF – Instant Download
  11. 11. Marketing with Lean Program Series1. Lean Marketing House Overview2. Driving Market Share3. Marketing with PDCA (coming soon)4. Marketing with A35. Marketing your Black Belt (coming soon)
  12. 12. Visit the Business901 Website Information on Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Kanban and how they relate to Marketing.• Over 80 Free eBooks• Regular Blog Posts• Podcast with Celebrated Authors, Industry Practitioners and Leading Thought Leaders Our Mission is to bring Continuous Improvement to Sales and Marketing.