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Can Lean Help Predict The Future - 2


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Is your marketing system creating the forward thinking that you need? It is just not using predictive analytics. It is also developing the mind-shift that forecasting, recognizing trends should be a large part of your efforts.

The cliche I have used for years is that the role of marketing is just not getting the message out, it is just as much getting the message in. Putting the ideas of a futurist such as Amy Webb into practice can be a good start.

The ideas Webb discusses in her book has helped me refine a few of my methods. It has helped me develop a better practice routine in spotting trends. I believe it gave me a better feel for future opportunity. Not everyone will incorporate it the same way. But how powerful can it be if you can develop a way of “work” to incorporate the future in everyday work? And, the more you practice the better you get.

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If you are not familiar with the Lean terminology:

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Can Lean Help Predict The Future - 2

  1. 1. Pressure Test Your Actions What if the action you choose to take on a trend is wrong? SDCA: Adjacencies are nurtured Create Scenarios and Strategies Build scenarios to create possible futures and accompanying strategies PDCA: Cluster & experimenting till obvious connections take place. Calculate the ETA Interpret the trend and ensure that the timing is right. PDCA: Engage based on evaluation to include differences. Ask the Right Questions Determine whether a pattern really is a trend. SDCA: Define our core, our why to move forward. Does it make sense? Use CIPHER* Uncover hidden patterns by categorizing data from the fringe. EDCA: Organize Experiments for Exploration Find the Fringe Cast a wide net creating a map showing nodes & relationships between them. CAP-Do: Seek to understand boundaries Can Lean Help Predict the Future? The Signals are Talking Lean Thinking Can Lean Help Predict The Future? The Cascading Effects of Lean in Your Marketing Author Amy Webb (The Signals Are Talking) states: • The future doesn’t simply arrive fully formed overnight, but emerges step by step. It first appears at seemingly random points around the fringe of society, never in the mainstream. • Over time they fit into patterns and come into focus as a full-blown trend: a convergence of multiple points that reveal a direction or tendency, a force that combines some human need and new enabling technology that will shape the future. Below is Webb’s 6-step process and my application of Lean Thinking to it. *CIPHER: Contradictions, Inflections, Practices, Hacks, Extremes, Rarities