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Coupons Codes, Best Offers and Services India -


Published on – Find coupons codes, hot deals, best offers, education consultant, best e-commerce store, real estate consultant and more top services in India.

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Coupons Codes, Best Offers and Services India -

  1. 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY WHOAREWE? Backed by India based Angel Investors, is now India’s leading cashback and coupon portal. It is an extension of our company in the India, Business2Mart Business2Mart is one of India’s largest operators of rewards, cashback and voucher websites. In an year, Business2Mart has acquired lacs of users and enabled transactions worth millions. The members we have acquired are highly engaging and transact very often. We now have tenancy opportunities where you can book promotions and reach our member database. The cost we charge is very nominal and will cover design expenses as well. We will also assign a dedicated AM to ensure your campaign performs well. Please refer to the next page for pricing and details of exposure opportunities.
  2. 2. HASSLEFREE On-Site Exposure Opportunity Tenancy For A Year Tenancy For A Month Homepage Banner 1 Rs.5,000/- NA Homepage Banner 2 Rs.4,000/- NA Homepage Banner 3 or 4 Rs.3,000/- NA Sticky Header marketing across site NA Rs.5,000/- Pop-up advertisement across site NA Rs.5,000/- Homepage logo Rs.2000/- NA Pick of the day NA Rs.1000/-
  3. 3. EXPOSURE OPPORTUNITIES DEFINED GREATEXPOSURE Homepage banner – Price ranges from Rs. 5000 – Rs. 3,000 for a yearly The most noticeable place on the homepage of our site is the carousel banner. There are 4 banners in the carousel which performs really with over 3,000 click outs in a week 1001x300
  4. 4. EXPOSURE OPPORTUNITIES DEFINED GREATEXPOSURE Sticky Header Marketing across Rs.5,000/month We add a strip on the top our site exhibiting an offer shared by you. This will remain constant no matter where you go on our site. Be it T&C’s, About us or any store page as well. We keep the text of the strip as you want, this has performed really well for us and we’re sure that will do for you too.
  5. 5. EXPOSURE OPPORTUNITIES DEFINED GREATEXPOSURE Pop-up advertisements across Rs.5,000/month We will add push-message pop-ups on our site promoting the offers shared by you. This is highly engaging and is displayed throughout our site. This can contain text as well as image of certain products or creatives that you want.
  6. 6. EXPOSURE OPPORTUNITIES DEFINED IMMENSELYPERSISTENT Pick of the day: Rs. 1000 per month The most repetitive spot on It is available on category pages, search results, Hot offers and is recommended by Business2Mart for our members.
  7. 7. BOOK YOUR EXPOSURE NOW! LET’SGETSTARTED Contact us now to book in promotions. We strongly recommend to book your promotions in advance. We are confident we can build a long term and mutually beneficial relationship Contact our Management Team for any further clarification: Primary contact: Arun Kumar Partnerships Head India: +91 9810-614-243 Co-Founder Kundan Kumar Business2Mart India: +91 8802-077-606