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Billboards and its types used for marketing purpose.

Published in: Marketing
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  1. 1. Billboard media Bushra Aziz 111152
  2. 2. Billboards  A large outdoor board for displaying advertisements  Found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads
  3. 3. Types of billboards  Painted billboards  Digital billboards  Mobile billboards  Walking billboards
  4. 4. Painted billboards  The image was projected on the series of paper panels that made up the billboard.  Using oil paints, artists would use large brushes to paint the image.
  5. 5. Digital Billboards  A digital board is a billboard that is created from computer programs and software.  Digital billboards can be designed to display running text, display several different displays from the same company, and even provide several companies a certain time slot during the day.
  6. 6. Mobile billboards  Unlike a typical billboard, mobile billboards are able to go directly to their target audience.  They can be placed wherever there is heavy foot traffic due to an event – including convention centers, train stations, airports and sports arenas
  7. 7. Walking billboards  Walking Billboards are what we refer to as our Mobile Backpack Display Units which are equipped with LED Lights to illuminate the Ad at night and can be viewed from traffic that is going by.
  8. 8. 3D bilboard
  9. 9. Advantages of billboards People Will See It • They are highly successful at capturing people’s attention from a distance because of their huge size. • They are placed along highways and busy streets, you'll be guaranteed that people will see your advertising • Billboard advertisements normally stay up for a set period of days or weeks, so people will easily memorise.
  10. 10. Customized Placement  you can specify which locations you want to use
  11. 11. Disadvantages  Messages Must Be Brief • Text must be brief because billboards placed by the roadside must only have less than a paragraph of text • Long-term Commitment • Billboard companies often have businesses enter into contracts that involve long-term commitments this is because it takes a lot of time, energy and money to constantly change billboard ads.
  12. 12. Conclusion  Billboard  Different types of billboards  Advantages and disadvantage  Trend of 3D billboards