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bounzd: Powerful online leads by accelerating inbound calls


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bounzd: Powerful online leads by accelerating inbound calls

  1. 1. GetPowerful Leads as Online Calls from your visitors Accurate Call Tracking on Cloud with Click to Call All rights reserved | © Waybeo Inc
  2. 2. An inbound call is 3X powerful than a web form filled lead* = 3X Serious Buyers prefer to Talk to Sales Lines than filling forms Source: BIA Kelsey Group Study
  3. 3. But still using “dumb” toll free numbers In the digital world? Call us: 1 800 123456 X
  4. 4. Try “Click to Call” widgets A smarter and intelligent option X
  5. 5. WHY
  6. 6. A Visitor needs to stop his browsing, reach his phone and then dial your number. The Call reaches a “Non Sales-Ready” Reception or to a boring Call Center IVR. The more waiting, the more unhappy your customer is. Why displaying numbers are just not enough? Visitor Pain Points A Visitor Calling a Business Prefers  Talking to a Real Human.  Right Answers to accomplish goals quickly.  Needed Information than those available in web.
  7. 7. Business Pain Points Why displaying numbers are just not enough? 91% OF CUSTOMERS SEARCH ONLINE FOR BUSINESS’ CONTACT NUMBER. ARE ALL THOSE VISITORS TALKING TO YOU? 2 out of 9 inbound calls are missed by businesses on average Due to improper call management, these calls never get saved in CRMs or any marketing software. Delay in calling back a web lead reduces conversion chance by 1/21 If a sales person attend a web lead within 5 minutes than in 30 minutes, the chance of lead qualification can be increased by 21 times. All marketing analytics are incomplete without call tracking. You can track Clicks. But what about Calls made by visitors which are more powerful. No Idea, Right? Online sales can be increased by 175% with Call marketing If all online channels and campaigns are well integrated with proper call to “call” actions, more powerful leads can be generated.
  8. 8. How Bounzd Gives an Average Increase of 250% in Customer Engagement?
  9. 9. Powerful Call to “Call” actions for Web and Mobile
  10. 10. Visitor’s Browsing Behaviour Based “Call Triggering” Analyses your visitor’s browsing behaviour and prompts him to Call you with Attractive Call to actions
  11. 11. Motivates visitors to Call you while they try to exit from your website. Convert Your “Abandoned Visitors” as “Powerful Calls”
  12. 12. One Click Call from your E-mails Our Call Binded E-mail Campaigns Improves Conversion rate by 4.5X* For a known Contact of yours, we avoid the pain of reaching landing pages, typing numbers, dialing from phone etc and makes it super easy to call you.
  13. 13. Auto Dialler for Web Form Filled Leads But Do You Know? If a Web Lead is called back within 5 minutes, Conversion chance is 100x Bounzd Automates Calling Back your Web Leads. Gives a 21X Increase in Lead Qualification Rate On Average a Sales Team takes 42 hours to Call back a new lead.
  14. 14. Get Calls from Your Social Fan Pages
  15. 15. Get Calls Directly from Your Online Ads Improve Ad Conversion Rate by 78%
  16. 16. And your visitors can call you using Any device from Any where on a click
  17. 17. How bounzd helps your business? Can talk in a Click via browser (Preferred Contact option by 81% of our Visitors) Calling is now a Browsing experience Filters the call based on visitor browsing data, history & you can provide personalized calling experience Knows Why & How the Call is made Intelligent Routing & Less waiting Reduces waiting time by removing IVRs. Finds the most able person based on  Location  Needs & Skills Set  Departments  Working Hours Every call with caller details are saved and synced with CRMs and your marketing tools. Call Records get saved on cloud Accurately tracks which keyword or Ad campaign generates calls for you. Great Call Tracking & More revenue
  18. 18. Identifies the Right Person to connect Based on Visitor Browsing Data | Predefined Call Routing | Time | Location and more Your Call Center Agents Your Office or Department Phones Bounzd Cloud Telephony System Sales Person’s Mobile Voicemail Box Visitor
  19. 19. Call Established 00:00:12 Visitor Available Person with Matched Skill Yes Jane, We are the leaders in XYZ services in #yourlocation Hey, I’m Jane Doe…. Do your company provide “XYZ” services? Bounzd Cloud Telephony System Agent Can see Visitor’s  Current Web Page  Browsing History  Keywords  Source OR Referrals  Location Live caller info for easy selling
  20. 20. Call Ended 00:07:34 Visitor Available Person with Matched Skill Get More Happy Customers and More Sales Ok, I can purchase using my credit card. Thank you so much. Always a Pleasure. Happy Purchasing from Bounzd Cloud Telephony System
  21. 21. As a Marketer You get much more like Instant Call Alerts to Mail Listen to Call Recording Complete Call Reports Intelligent Call Analytics Campaigns/Keywords - Calls Tracking Robust Marketing Reports that integrate data from web visits, email responses, inbound calls, and sales conversions
  22. 22. Improve Lead Generation from all Channels Website HomePage Google Text Ads Email Campaign Image Ad Banners Landing Pages No:ofLeads Extra Leads with Bounzd
  23. 23. No Credit Card Needed | 30 Days Free Trial 10 MILLION+ CALLS GENERATED SO FAR, FOR MORE THAN 300+ CUSTOMERS Sign Up Now