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bounzd product tour


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bounzd is an enterprise inbound voice platform that connects people with businesses instantly on web.

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bounzd product tour

  1. 1. On Cloud telephony and analytics platform that connects people with businesses instantly
  2. 2. Enable People- business voice interactions from all over web Websites Landing Pages Online Ads Social media SMS/ Module Apps Forms
  3. 3. Why Bounzd? • Average increase of 275% in engagement & Increase in online sales conversion by 175% • The concept of convenience in align with Generation Y behavior • Leverage the existing traffic to create better leads by reducing abandonment and website drop outs • More than 70% of the lead to a business is lost due to the timing in getting connected with the potential customers. • BounzD ensure instant connectivity with such customers • A customer not connected in 5 minutes is a lost potential. 71% of Internet Leads are wasted
  4. 4. BounzD For the people (Built for Your customers)
  5. 5. BounzD widgets that acts as online toll free
  6. 6. custom widgets for various business scenarios
  7. 7. custom widgets for various business scenarios
  8. 8. custom widgets for various business scenarios
  9. 9. BounzD Business interface Detailed dash board with overview of activities
  10. 10. BounzD Business interface Detailed dash board with overview of activities
  11. 11. BounzD Business interface Insightful reports with call records
  12. 12. BounzD Business interface Messages : Offline , non working hours interaction
  13. 13. BounzD Business interface Agent set up : Set agents and intelligent routing within seconds
  14. 14. BounzD Business interface working hours set up to activate various offline alerts
  15. 15. BounzD Business interface business call routing on cloud; 10+ options of intelligent routing
  16. 16. BounzD Business interface Enable BounzD in marketing campaigns
  17. 17. BounzD Business interface Analytics : What made your phone ring
  18. 18. Analytics & Call tracking Web doesn’t even need numbers for call tracking 3. Unique Conversion 2. Sources to Sources 1. Call Callvs Returning Calls 6.Web Visitors to Calls 4. Keywords tracking 7. Conversion Funnel 5. Geo Mapping & Analysis 8. Calls by Day of Week
  19. 19. New at Bounzd  Efficiency analytics • • • • Call handling efficiency of enterprise Marketing effort assessment Agent efficiency ; Call metrics Marketing channel efficiency on inbound calls  Salesfon: Agent interface on Smartphones • • • • • Listen to your customers on BounzD smart App Live info of visitors User Data information collection CRM feeds Social profile reporting  Forms to Call (Salesfon) • Connect with the potential customers who fill your contact form instantly
  20. 20. Awesome integrations Custom integrations to hundreds of applications like
  21. 21. And companion of 100+ trusted customers
  22. 22. At a glance  Intelligent routing  Inbound call analytics  Agent login and Live feeds  New age toll free  Instant connectivity with NO waiting time Integrations  Inbound Call analytics