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Indian Bus Industry B2B Directory by BusEnquiry (Integrated Bus Solutions)


Published on is an exclusive platform bringing together the Bus and Special Purpose Vehicle Industry of India. A first of its kind initiative to encompass all about Bus and Special Purpose Vehicle industry. It has been designed to work as a cyber age medium that will bring together all Bus businesses and end customers under one roof. The set-up is to provide a wide spectrum of services in all phases of Bus Industry through Internet with the support of present day Information technologies, via its B2B and B2C platforms.

The promoting team with a ‘Can-Do’ attitude behind this project has ambitious targets. Initially the spaces at this portal may look uninhabited but the day is not far off when it will become highly populated. Enterprises entering at this juncture would have their signages getting more mileages i.e., the pioneering advantage. In fact, the bus and special purpose vehicle industry has got an extremely large base in India. The blend of favorable government policies, low cost manufacturing capabilities, steady demand and the technical advancement in the industry has certainly lured the investors and enterprises across the borders to turn their heads to India as a very large potential base. In the recent development, many global operators either have made their set ups in India or are in the process of setting up. shall act as a gateway for such Global companies who are looking for a strategic tie up with Indian companies.

  • Eventhough there are plenty of b2b websites, the global b2b trade portal website is really very informative for business people and its free for all countries and they have 7 trillion pages with 250 coun tries connecting 7 million cities. just view and make use of it to expose your business products and services to the global market.
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Indian Bus Industry B2B Directory by BusEnquiry (Integrated Bus Solutions)

  2. 2. “Interactive and digital technology doesn’t necessarily do a lot of things new, but it does all things better, faster, more cost efficiently.” Patrick Duparcq, Kellogg School of Management“No matter how much you spend on it, a web site is invisible until somebody links to it” Eric Ward, Link Marketing Consultant
  4. 4. INDIAN BUS INDUSTRYAT A GLANCE• Growth in volumes is forecasted• Industry is getting consolidated• Many new players entering Indian Bus Industry• Increased opportunities in International markets• Fully Built Vehicles Vs Chassis to Body Business Model• New Policies being framed by the Automobile Authorities for product standardization and passenger safety.
  5. 5. INDIAN BUS INDUSTRYAT A GLANCE• Growing trend in adaptation of Superior technology and specifications• India and China gearing up to become the Manufacturing Hub for the World• The penetration of buses in India is very low compared to other Asian countries • The number of buses per 1000 population in India is 0.7, whereas China has 6.7 and South Korea has 26,the highest in the world.• Tremendous scope in Business of Bus Body Aggregates /Components to the Bus Manufacturers
  6. 6. EXPECTATIONS FROM THEINDUSTRY PLAYERS• Make your presence felt• Stay updated with the changing market trends• Create New Market Segments • Domestic • International• Move away from a Pushing strategy to a Pulling strategy• Stay adept with the latest developments and technologies in the Bus Industry
  7. 7. PARADIGM SHIFT WWW ISTHE WAY FORWARD!As per IWS (Internet World Stats), up till March 31, 2011• There has been a significant increase (44%) in Internet usage in Asia alone• The web usage in China tops with a humungous 52%, followed by India and Japan with 10.7% and 10.6% respectively• Besides, the regions of Europe and North America lag behind with 22.7% and 13%, accounting for internet usage The above facts indicate that Asia is truly home to web savvy individuals making the most of this marvelous invention i.e. Internet.
  8. 8. POWER OF WEB BUSINESSSIGNIFICANCE• Research proves 93% of all buying decisions commence with an online search• E-Service is the buzz word for success presently with business enterprises going the web way• Rapid success of e-Commerce has led to coming up of e-Supply Chain and e-Services where businesses sought internet to differentiate themselves• Organizations are increasingly adopting ‘e-Strategies’ as above to rise up the market Curve in terms of customer satisfaction as well as profits
  9. 9. SUCCESS STORIESB2B PORTALS• There has been huge success of B2B portals in India• Having a wide and remote reach, these e-commerce platforms have helped businesses go beyond boundaries• e-business and e-commerce is the present and future of the market more than ever before. EXAMPLES
  10. 10. BUSENQUIRY.COM, A SOLUTIONWITH A DIFFERENCE• B2B horizontal portals work as general mediums to showcase all kinds of businesses, products and services• on the other hand is sectioned exclusively for the Bus industry and focuses solely on the same offering better results
  11. 11. WHAT BASIC VALUE DOESBUSENQUIRY.COM BRINGS• Informative• Generates Business Enquiries• Keeps you well Connected with Indian and International Bus Markets
  12. 12. Cloud Computing - Internet (Data and Information) Target Customers in Domestic and International Markets : -Bus Body BuildersProduct / Service - Bus Manufacturers - Bus Parts Manufacturers - Bus Operators - International Buyers Members of of Bus Bodies / Kits / Parts
  13. 13. BUSENQUIRY.COM, WHO SHOULD BEASSOCIATED WITH IT Bus Parts Bus Body Builders / Traders Manufacturers Manufacturers Consultants Automobile Agencies Service Providers
  14. 14. WHAT’S IN FOR YOU ALL?
  15. 15. FOR BUS FABRICATORS / PARTSMANUFACTURERS• Find Buyers & Suppliers from the Huge Data Base.• Showcase your New Products under Bus Review / Product Showcase Sections for immediate attention to generate more inquiries• Daily updates News on Indian and International Bus Industry• Get an opportunity to move to International Markets.• Brand Image building
  16. 16. FOR BUS OPERATORS• Get spotted by the General Clients looking out to hire Buses/Coaches etc. for Tours etc.• Excellent and Only platform where you could Buy or Sell second hand buses – eliminating middleman and therefore hefty commissionsCONSULTANTS ANDOTHERS• Promote your Brand and create awareness about the services being offered
  17. 17. INTERNATIONAL BUYERSAND SERVICE PROVIDERS• International Bus Manufacturers looking out for possible tie ups for Indian Bus market can comfortably source the prospective partners through this site• Many Overseas Bus Manufacturers are looking out for outsourcing bus body components from IndiaBUYERS OF BUSESAND OTHER VEHICLES• This will be a platform for various customers like : • Schools • Bus Operators • Other Institutes looking out to buy a Bus or related vehicle
  18. 18. OTHERBENEFITS• Online Catalogs for effective presence: Strongly recommended for all the Bus Fabricators and Key Components Suppliers• EMAILERS facility• Periodic Newsletters for updated information• Trade leads and structured inquiries• Reminders for the upcoming Bus Events• Links to the Key sites related with Bus Industry• Strong SEO of this Portal will give a direct advantage to its Members.
  19. 19. EXPECTED VISITORS OFTHIS PORTAL• Mainly Mid & large time Bus Body Builders• Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturers• Chassis Manufacturers• Bus Operators• State Transport Undertakings• Overseas Importers of Bus products from India• Bus buyers – Schools, Colleges, Institutes etc• Clients looking out to source Second Hand Buses• Overseas companies looking to venture into Indian Bus Industry• Events organizers / Trade Shows and others
  20. 20. SERVICES PROVIDED BYBUSENQUIRY.COM• Online Database under various Categories• Bus Aggregates Showroom• Bus Models Showroom• Online Catalogs• Online Web pages• Banners and Links• Bus Industry Daily News• Second Hand Bus Sales• Important Contact Details• 24x7 Customer Care Services• Emailer Alerts to the Listed Members the moment they have an inquiry
  21. 21. BUSENQUIRY.COM :PROMOTIONAL TO GAINMARKET VISIBILITY• SEO (Search Engine Optimize)• Regular Advertisement in Auto Magazines mainly – CV and Motorindia• Press reports• Online Advertisements• Links with various related Domestic and International Associations like – IABM, and others
  23. 23. INTERNATIONAL BUS PORTALS Portuguese Chinese Dutch UK German Indian
  24. 24. Mission : To take the Indian Bus Industry to its next step via digital platform To avail the Early Bird advantage CONTACT US AT : MOBILE : 09971900303 / 09999933368 EMAIL US AT : THANK YOU