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Nubu paper review


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Funny slides. Me & My group partner try our best but can't fix all of work that we proposed.

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Nubu paper review

  1. 1. Nubu Paper Review WebApp
  2. 2. Group Members Nuttapon Kongkitimanon Miss Bu Saw
  3. 3. Motivation ● Cloud application ● Frontend challenge ● Need some tools for Research
  4. 4. Objectives Nubu Paper Review Webapp ● Collaboration on reviewing papers and conducting research online. ● User can make highlight notes and all kind of collaborations in reading and materials preparation
  5. 5. Objectives Nubu paper Review Webapp Cont. ● User can get easily a lot of knowledge in the same place of privileges. ● User can post his or her published papers.
  6. 6. Workflow
  7. 7. Nubu WebApp Structure ● Content ● Technology
  8. 8. Content ● Publications or Papers , file from the google drive. ● Annotations created by each paper owner. ● Collaborations contain relationship between users ● Sessions stores the relations among Users, Papers, Collaborations, and Annotation.
  9. 9. Technology ● Nubu WebApp build on Google Drive API using PHP. By building on Google Drive API ● It provides excellent features for sharing , searching and document conversion.
  10. 10. Main Data Model ● ● ● ● Papers Annotations Collaborations Sessions Everything keep in a file based(on Google Drive) because the way Google Drive API work that way. Using Javascript framework, jQuery to enhance the annotations and UI.
  11. 11. Main Data Model
  12. 12. User Authentication ● User need their own google account ● User need to get users permission to access Nubu paper review webapp.
  13. 13. User type Nubu Paper Review WebApp Session initiator ● Session initiator is the only moderator in the system ● Session initiator holds mode privileges than the session collaborator Session collaborator ● session collaborator can make annotation only on the papers that he or she was assigned.
  14. 14. Lessons Learned ● unfamiliar API and new language, ● estimating the required effort and thus setting the scope is difficult. ● Tools such as version control and continuous integration are necessary for collaboration.
  15. 15. Lessons Learned Cont. ● Changing the language for implementation wastes a lot of time, so study of most suitable language should be done early in the beginning of the project. It should take suitability of the language for the task and familiarity of developers of it into account.
  16. 16. Project results ● Framework ● Technologies ○ Oauth 2.0 ○ Google API ■ Google AU ■ ○ pdf.js
  17. 17. Problems ● Put technologies together ○ pdf from Drive API ● Rendering pdf ● Hacking pdf.js
  18. 18. Thank You !!!