Things to see in Germany


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Beautiful places in Germany.

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Things to see in Germany

  1. 1. Things to see in Germany When you come to Germany, dont miss these places.
  2. 2. Cologne Cathedral • The Cologne Cathedral is the symbol of Cologne and the center of the city. • A Christian religious building was standing on the site of the present cathedral already in the fourth century. • The first known church was the Carolingian cathedral, finished in 870. • In 1164 the relics were brought to the Three Kings from Milan to Cologne. By that time the cathedral was the official church of the Archbishop of Cologne and also one of the most important pilgrimage churches in Europe. • Therefore, a architectural change was necessary.
  3. 3. The Dresden Frauenkirche and the Academy of Art • The Dresden Frauenkirche was built from 1726 until 1743. • At the air raids on Dresden in the WW2 in February 1945, the Frauenkirche was badly damaged by the firestorm in Dresden. • The Church burned down on the morning of the 15th February 1945. • The reconstruction of the Frauenkirche was completed in 2005 after 13 years of rebuilding.
  4. 4. Brandenburg Gate • The Brandenburg Gate lies on the Pariser Platz in the district Dorotheenstadt in central Berlin. • It was built on instruction of the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm II by Carl Gotthard Langhans in the years from 1788 to 1791.
  5. 5. Castle Neuschwanstein • Seven weeks after the death of King Ludwig II, Castle Neuschwanstein was opened to the public in 1886. • The king had built the castle to leave the public life. • With over 1.3 million visitors, Neuschwanstein is one of the most visited castles in Europe. • It´s also known as the "castle of the fairy tale king".
  6. 6. The Zwinger • The city of Dresden is the home of the Dresden Zwinger, a baroque-style palace. • It was used as the Dresden orangery, the Dresden exhibition gallery and the festival arena of the Dresden Court. • The name "Dresden Zwinger" is derived from the original position between the inner and outer city walls.
  7. 7. Hamburg Harbour • The Hamburg Harbour is Germanys largest port and the third largest port in Europe (followed by the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp). • It is one of the nine largest container ports in the world. • In May, 1189 it was Frederick I., who founded the Hamburg Harbour. • It has been Central Europes main port for centuries and helped Hamburg to develop into a leading trading city in Europe.
  8. 8. Porta Nigra • As a former Roman city gate, the Porta Nigra is situated near the city of Trier. • The city gate is a famous landmark of the city of Trier and a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.
  9. 9. Würzburg Residence • The Würzburg Residence is a baroque building next to the city of Wurzburg. • The construction begun in the year 1719 and was completed in the year 1781. • The castle is one of the major works of the South German Baroque and is one of the most important residential properties of the late Baroque. • The building is part of the Unesco World Heritage Site. • As the most perfect work of art of the Rococo, the hall of mirrors was reconstructed in 1979-1987.