SmartUnity Building Automation System


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SmartUnity BAS - middleware for Beckhoff-based automation solutions for buildings

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SmartUnity Building Automation System

  1. 1. Ultimate Automation Framework on BECKHOFF platform Automation Framework PRESENTATION
  2. 2. SmartUnityBAS mission Ultra-Fast and simple PLC development (parameterization vs programming) Integrated development tools (adapt your control program within seconds, analyze errors, debug online) Run HTML5 visualization out of the box Best hardware real-time platform (Beckhoff)
  3. 3. SmartUnityBAS fuctions SmartUnityBAS framework provides visual object-oriented parameterization of any Beckhoff PLC instead of FBD, ST or any other IEC 61131-3 language (CoDeSys) programming and HTML5 visualization
  4. 4. SmartUnityBAS Structure TwinCat PLC (IEC 61131 runtime) SmartUnityBAS Control Engine (control program) I/O mappingWindows Embedded Web-server SmartUnityBAS Web Engine HTML5 User Interface SmartUnityBAS ProjectBuilder (all-in-one Engineering tool) Beckhoff CX1000 CX2000 CX5000 CX8000 xml configuration file (automation) xml visualization file
  5. 5. SmartUnitBAS applications Industrial Automation Building Automation (room automation HVAC automation lightning automation energy management automation security automation gateway applications custom applications)
  6. 6. SmartUnityBAS speed development Example: Creating the PLC program with autonomous intelligence for the project with 1000 signals takes several hours and is developed by an engineer (not a programmer)
  7. 7. SmartUnityBAS parameterization Visually and engineer-friendly configure: Actions Triggers Conditions Scenarios Communications Timers, PIDs and schedules Alarms and Logs HTML5 visualization
  8. 8. Customization TwinCat PLC (IEC 61131 runtime) SmartUnityBAS Control Engine I/O mapping SmartUnityBAS ProjectBuilder (all-in-one Engineering tool) xml configuration file Custom IEC-61131 control program TwinCat development framework PLC control program link TwinCat PLC (IEC 61131 runtime)
  9. 9. SmartUnityBAS Control Engine SmartUnityBAS Control Engine – is an open source IEC 61131 pre-programmed control program that acts like a state-event machine Its behavior is based on the configuration file that is generated by the ProjectBuilder software
  10. 10. ProjectBuilder (Engineering tool)
  11. 11. ProjectBuilder (Engineering tool)
  12. 12. ProjectBuilder (Engineering tool)
  13. 13. SmartUnityBAS supports • All Beckhoff I/O • LON • KNX • MODBUS TCP/RTU • DALI • RS232/485 • Ethernet TCP/IP • OPC • Wago I/O (Modbus) • Profibus
  14. 14. Visualization Run out of the box HTML5 visualization on an PLC-intergrated web-server or develop own HMI using any SCADA/BMS software
  15. 15. References SmartUnityBAS is the core of the Best Intelligent Building in Russia with more than 2500 signals over control + 30 more sites
  16. 16. Key benefits Up to 10 time less effort for programming Real time debugging and data logging 100% independence on “programming style” Up to 5 times less effort for site maintenance Free configuration software No CoDeSys (TwinCat) programming Real-time runtime (I/O response times < 100 μs) Out of the box Visualization
  17. 17. Who we are? Certified Integrator in Building Automation
  18. 18. Automation Framework Where to download? Questions?