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Tomaz Frelih - Hekovnik - Slovenia - Stanford Engineering - Jan 28 2013


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Published in: Technology
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Tomaz Frelih - Hekovnik - Slovenia - Stanford Engineering - Jan 28 2013

  1. 1. Helping entrepreneurs change theworld.Tomaz Frelih - CEOEuropean Entrepreneurship & Innovation (ME421)Stanford EngineeringJanuary 28 2013@hekovnik / @tomazfrelih Ljubljana Technology Park Slovenia
  2. 2. University education isbrokenWe have seen no meaningful change inover 500 years.
  3. 3. We need effective newapproaches and businessmodels that make sense ...
  4. 4. At first:Storming sessions on Artificial IntelligenceCommercialization of knowledgeState of mindRainbow Silicon Valley Connection
  5. 5. Learning by Time Doing Pressure Targeted ProgramsLearning by Mutual Coaching Grading
  6. 6. Targeted Programsstart: from an idea to anMVP, get: users or sales,and prepare for invest:ors inSilicon Valley
  7. 7. Learning by DoingThe toolbox is framed through workshopswhere founders use the tools and present theirwork to each other.Your startup is the homework.
  8. 8. Learning by coachingStartups at the same stage share theirexperiences. They are living in an ecosystemsurrounded with live case studies.Everyone coaches everyone else. Always.
  9. 9. GradingEveryone gives grades and constructivefeedback on everything* all the time.Yes, theres an app for that. *(team presentations, usefulness of written comments, mentor lectures, mentor comments).
  10. 10. PressureMeasure everything! Light stress and emotionincrease retention. Keep a timer and keepthem to the point. Real life is stressful, startupsare mega stressful.How do you prepare for that?
  11. 11. Early adoptersStartups provide the smoothest entry pointbecause they understand mistakes and treatfailure as a lesson.To build an entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  12. 12. So far100++ startups through our programs30++ BoundBreaker startups in Silicon Valley5M$++ investments
  13. 13. And nowWe are testing the solution, in search of ascalable business model. Yes, we arebootstrapping.
  14. 14. HorizonAn entrepreneurial ecosystem utilizing the potential of engineers in New Europe. A Silicon Valleystartup house and fund for New Europe.Effective learning technologies for a new kind of university.@hekovnik / @tomazfrelih