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Mergim Cahani - High-Growth eCommerce Startups from the Balkans - Gjirafa - Kosovo - Stanford Engineering - Mar 12 2018


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Talk by Mergim Cahani, Gjirafa (Kosovo & Albania), at Stanford Engineering on March 12 2018, in our session: 'Kosovo|Albania & Germany : eCommerce Portals & InterCity Transportation Startups'.

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Twitter: @Europreneurs

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Mergim Cahani - High-Growth eCommerce Startups from the Balkans - Gjirafa - Kosovo - Stanford Engineering - Mar 12 2018

  1. 1. Mërgim Cahani Founder & CEO March 12th, 2018 European Entrepreneurship and Innovation Stanford University
  2. 2. About the region and Albanian speaking community 12M 4.5M World wide active internet users 7M Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro Albanian speaking people North America Kosovo Albania Macedonia Montenegro Albanian speaking Diaspora
  3. 3. About Gjirafa (1/2) VISION Build Internet Economy in Balkans Gjirafa is the fastest growing Internet Services company in Balkans 984.56% CAGR in the last two years • Albanian language search engine • A content and video stream platform • E-commerce company
  4. 4. About Gjirafa (2/2) TechCrunch “tackling the region’s search engine chicken and egg problem: much of the information that users typically search for doesn’t yet exist online” The Economist “It has prospered by filling niches deemed too small to bother with by the world’s internet giants”
  5. 5. Global landscape: similar regional successful companies (revenue >$3.7B)(revenue >$130M) (revenue >$1.25B) (revenue >$5.78B) Seznam in Czech Republic Yandex in Russia Naver in South Korea Yahoo! Japan
  6. 6. EUROPE Untapped region. One of the few places/markets that has not been unlocked yet, and has the greatest opportunity for exponential growth Market is bigger than it seems Gjirafa has validated the market, perfectly positioned with top brand reputation, with significant margins and impressive hockey-stick revenue growth Region ignored by tech giants BALKAN PENINSULA Why Balkans - emerging market
  7. 7. Gjirafa’s roots NYU Masters Project Self investment 50,000 $ Launched and failed Feb, 2013 StartupYard re-launched with a team October 2014 ROCKAWAY Investment December 2015 Region underserved in just about all consumer Internet services Gjirafa Team can execute up to 10x the cost efficiency as Google, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Yelp, for an equivalent-market-need effectiveness Not attractive enough for global players • Vertical growth the only option that makes sense for global companies or investment • Challenging and expensive to compete across a range of services
  8. 8. Gjirafa Products E-commerce Video streaming Online marketing Offline to online Search Maps, Street View, Hotel Booking Video Streaminge-commerce shop Electronics e-commerce shop Electronics e-commerce shop Online marketing CLASSIFIED
  9. 9. Gjirafa Lab • STARTUP FACTORY • ACCELERATOR • SEED FUND 18 MENTORS CONFIRMED international and local experts Mentors from, Google, Harvard, Lyft, Columbia University, Accenture, ASU, etc Trekandi is an online platform that helps users find the best financial offer for their needs. GJIRAFA OWNS 50% EQUITY.
  10. 10. Select Investors Rockaway Capital Leading VC in CEE with global presence Credo Ventures Management Leading VC in CEE with global presence ESTHER DYSON Executive Founder, Way to Wellville; Board member at Yandex Investor, Founder EDventure PHILIP STAEHELIN Serial Entrepreneur former MD at Roland and Berger, T-Mobile, Accenture, A.T. Kearny SEMYON DUKACH Former MD Tech Stars Boston BLERON BARALIU Serial Entrepreneur and top 30 under 30 wall street trader EVEN BERNTSEN Former MD at JP Morgan and State Street ONDREJ BARTOS Managing Partner at Credo Ventures
  11. 11. Growth in numbers REVENUE RANGE 0% $0-$25M $25M-$50M $50M-$75M $75M-$150M $150M-$500M 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 120% 140% 160% 180% 25th Percentile Median 75th Percentile 984.56% CAGR Gjirafa last 2 years (1) (1) How fast should companies be growing, as per TechCrunch analysis
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  16. 16. Thank you @MergimCahani Mërgim Cahani Founder & CEO