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Frank Salzgeber - ESA TTO - From Comets to Startups - Stanford Engineering - Mar 7 2016


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Talk by Frank Salzgeber, Head, Technology Transfer Programme Office, European Space Agency - ESA (Estec, NL), at Stanford on March 7 2016, in our session: 'From Comets to Startups :: Building Europe's SpaceTech Entrepreneurship Ecosystem'.

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Frank Salzgeber - ESA TTO - From Comets to Startups - Stanford Engineering - Mar 7 2016

  1. 1. space  solu*ons®  ESA  space  solu*ons   DOWN  TO  EARTH   ESA  Technology  Transfer  Programme  Office   22/01/2016   From  Comets  to  Startups   Building  Europe’s  SpaceTech  Entrepreneurship  Ecosystem   Frank M. Salzgeber Head of Technology Transfer Programme Office European Entrepreneurship & Innovation Stanford Engineering @franksalzgeber March 7 2016
  2. 2. ESA’s locations Washington Houston Kourou Maspalomas Santa Maria New Norcia Perth Moscow ESRIN (Rome) Oberpfaffenhofen ESOC (Darmstadt) EAC (Cologne) Salmijaervi (Kiruna) ESTEC (Noordwijk) ECSAT (Harwell) Toulouse Brussels Cerebros ESA HQ (Paris) Redu Malargüe ESA sites Offices ESA Ground Station ESA Ground Station + Offices ESA sites + ESA Ground Station ESAC (Madrid) ESA  OPERATIONS
  3. 3. ESTEC  (NL)   Europe’s  largest  space   centre,  technical  heart  of  the   European  Space  Agency  
  4. 4. ESTEC  (NL)   Europe’s  largest  space   centre,  technical  heart  of  the   European  Space  Agency    
  5. 5. Just  rocket  science   Ariane  5  and  Soyuz      
  6. 6. 14th  March  2016     Next  stop  Mars  -­‐  #ExoMars     – ESA is one of the few space agencies in the world to combine responsibility in nearly all areas of space activity.
  7. 7. Telecommunications and connecting people
  8. 8. Galileo   Navigate  Europe  
  9. 9. Connecting Europe Space  Debris  
  10. 10. Moon Village Ready for the gold rush?
  11. 11. InternaNonal  Space  StaNon  
  12. 12. A_rare_cloud-free_view_of_Ireland_Great_Britain_and_northern_France.jpg Providing shelter Crisis management Earth Observation is more than Big Data
  13. 13. TECH  TRANSFER  AT  ESA    
  14. 14. TECH  TRANSFER  AT  ESA    
  15. 15. TECH  TRANSFER  AT  ESA    
  16. 16. STATUS  IN  2006   5     BROKERS       BUSINESS   INCUBATION   BROKER   NETWORK   1   CENTRES   8new   start-­‐ups  p/y         200+   TRANSFERS       EO     Copernicus   SME   IAP   AMBASSADORS     App  Camps     BUILDING  THE  EUROPEAN  SPACETECH  START-­‐UP  ECOSYSTEM  
  17. 17. BUILDING  THE  EUROPEAN  SPACETECH  START-­‐UP  ECOSYSTEM   14     BROKERS         Investment   training     EBAN   VCs   BUSINESS   INCUBATION   BROKER   NETWORK   ESA  PATENT   PORTFOLIO   150     invenNons   covered       by  450  patents   16   CENTRES   130  new   start-­‐ups  p/y     400+     SUCCESSES     300+   TRANSFERS   Studies   Demonstrators       EO     Copernicus   SME   IAP   AMBASSADORS     App  Camps   CompeNNons   Prizes     INVESTMENT   SUPPORT   Other  ESA     Offers    Int.  Space  TT  Offices    20  Biggest  EC  TT  offices      29  UniversiNes   15  Research  centers   16  Agencies    160  Incubators  and  Accelerators   TT  for  Fusion   1000  external  Experts    150    BAs  Networks   In  50  countries    2  Mentor  networks    4  VC   Networks   1  Family  office  network   Industry  partners   TODAY  
  18. 18. ESA UNCLASSIFIED – For Internal Use Building on national excellence Growing outside of Europe
  19. 19. Buying  a  satellite  today  
  20. 20. Time is money Invest in seed Space     and  the     Adams  Family  
  21. 21. Global  Space  Sector   Evolve  or  die  out  
  22. 22. Ilone  Burley   AdministraNve   Assistant  /  PA   Mercedes   Sanchez   Patents   Lluc  Diaz   Technology   Transfer   Niels  Eldering   Business   IncubaNon   Stefan   Gustafsson   Business Incubation   Bruno  Naulais   Business   IncubaNon   Frank     Salzgeber   Head  of  TTPO   Angelika  Daniels   Events  &   ExhibiNons   Priel  Manes   MarkeNng  &   CommunicaNon   Aude  de  Clercq   Investment   Ma]ers     &  Patents   Nuria   Hernández   Patents   Thomas  Bouvet   Technology   Transfer   THE  TEAM
  23. 23. “The  space  you  need  to   get  your  business  off  the     ground”  
  24. 24. “The  space  you  need  to   get  your  business  off  the     ground” #franksalzgeber