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Andrus Viirg - Estonia Overview - Enterprise Estonia Silicon Valley - Stanford Engineering - Mar 11 2013

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Andrus Viirg - Estonia Overview - Enterprise Estonia Silicon Valley - Stanford Engineering - Mar 11 2013

  1. 1. Estonia in Silicon Valley Andrus Viirg Enterprise Estonia Silicon Valley March 11, 2013 @ Stanford Engineering
  2. 2. Javier de la Torre, CartoDB Every Meteorite That Has Hit Earth Since 2300 BC
  3. 3. Meteorite hit Kaali crater, Estonia 1000 BC: a direct meteorite hit on Estonia (Bronze Age), the island of Saaremaa (isle of land), Kaali crater Greek mythology - Ultima Thule - Phaeton and the Chariot of the Sun
  4. 4. Republic of Estonia 1918-1940 1991 ..... Member of EU, NATO (2004), OECD (2010) E Population: 1.36 million Territory: 17 464 sq mile in the EURO zone from Jan.1, 2011 GDP: 28 billion USD GDP per capita: 21 000 USD (2012 estimates)
  5. 5. Estonia?  a (low tax) Nordic country • flat tax rate of 21% • NO TAX on reinvested profits • Sweden & Finland main business & investment partners Estonia's capital Tallinn - (david jones) LES ECHOS/Worldcrunch  e-Estonia: tech entrepreneurs paradise • e- & m-banking; e-voting; e-tax board... • birthplace of • cyberdefence: NATO Cyber Defence Center + • home of EU IT Agency HQs
  6. 6. slide shared by Robin Wauters during Seedcamp Week in London (sept.2011), where out of 20 companies 4 Estonian startups presented and two 2 became finalists. and this happened again in 2013 . Companies to watch: Estonia produces a disproportionate number of startups per capita
  7. 7. Not only e-Estonia Oil-Shale industry (mining, chemistry, oil extraction) – 90% of Estonia´s power needs – 4% of Estonia`s GDP – By 2016 shale oil production should reach 22,000barrels per day over half of which will be EURO 5 compliant ULSD diesel (would cover fully the retail needs for diesel gasoline in Estonia) (Estonia) Jordan: developing a 460MW oil shale fueled power station (operational by 2017) USA: acquired 100% of OSEC (Oil Shale Exploration Company) shares and became the owner of the largest tracts of privately owned oil shale properties in Utah. Enefit is planning to construct an oil shale oil plant with a capacity of 60,000 barrels of shale oil per day at full production (first phase operational by 2020).
  8. 8. Electric Mobility Program for Estonia  500 electric EVs for Government fleet + incentives for consumers  EV fast charger network  Technology supplied and built by ABB (Switzerland)  The payment and billing platform provided by NOW!Innovations (Estonia) Estonia: first country to operate a nationwide Electric Vehicle (EV) fast chargers network Every main road in Estonia has a DC fast charger at approximately every 50-60 km (165 chargers set up by February 2013)
  9. 9. • set for launch early April 2013 (from ESA site in French Guiana) • around 100 students and scientists (Tartu University; Tallinn Tech) have contributed to creation of the roughly one-kilogram satellite (nearly six years in the making). • the satellite was used as the basis for 40 research projects and three doctoral theses. • main function in space to test electric solar sail technology developed by Finnish researcher Pekka Janhunen
  10. 10. Global Estonian days ESTO 2013 San Francisco, June 28-july 1, 2013 June 28, 2013 • Skype phenomenon and Tallinn as one of the startup capitals of the world • Estonian Ballet Night in San Francisco
  11. 11. European Innovation Academy Tallinn, Estonia July 8-26, 2013 Latitude59 July 25-26